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This is not a book about the songs that changes the life of various musicians It is a book about the author It s my fault I didn t examine the book closely enough when I bought it so I was anticipating essays from musicians about the songs that sparked their journeys as songwriters I was even hopeful that I could use a few of these non existent essays as models or mentor texts for my students Alas I can not review the book I was hoping for I must review the book I actually read Boilen is bona fide He lives and breathes

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and he done so for decades He embodies fandom with access I thoroughly enjoy Tiny Desk Concerts And I Found The Arcane Trivia And Desk Concerts and I found the arcane trivia and of this book interesting I reveled in the introduction and liked learning about Boilen s professional pathways and personality But I didn t intend to buy a book about Bob Boilen Each chapter presents a recording artist as filtered through Boiler s fan oggles The author s voice drowns out those of the artists he titles chapters for conseuently the project seems self indulgent My preference though it has fallen out of vogue particularly where music and journalism intersect is for writers of interview based pieces to keep their shadows from eclipsing the subject of the spotlight s aim Unfortunately I d just finished John Doe s excellent Under The Big Black Sun before reading this so I can t help comparing the two Where Doe basically hands over each chapter to LA punk artists and lets them write their own stories from their own perspectives Boilen feels the need to force his own life experiences and thoughts into each artist s chapter over and over again I et it He created NPR s All Songs Considered and I respect that But how many times does he have to interject his own personal history and life story and creative spin into the book It s not like anyone is buying the book to hear about the record store he worked at again again Just let the artists talk they re capable of communicating on their own The whole exercise comes off as egotisticalAlso some of the artists are just too obscure to be interesting I m a huge fan of indieunderground music but even I was bored by several featured artists Definitely not something I d recommend This book is as much about Bob Boilen as about the artists he interviews He is a character in every chapter either in his interaction with the singer or by presenting a bit of his own history I found this a bit over the top I enjoy the kind of writing I often see in Rolling Stone reviews and I was expecting that here but this has a little too much Boilen in it I would have liked to see some additional popular artists here instead of the large number of newer alternative artists Boilen showcases these kinds of artists in his music series so they are accessible to him Overall I did appreciate that the artists he interviewed came up with uite a few unexpected songs that they feel changed their lives Most interesting composer John Cage s homage to the Spike Jones and the City Slickers version of the William Tell Overture That s the Spike Jones with the sound effects and the rapid playing orchestra who in this song tells the story of a horse race won by view spoilerBeetlebaum hide spoiler Bob Boilen hosts All Songs Considered an. Bob Boilen’s book ets at something real and rare about the power of music New York Times Book Review From the beloved host and creator of NPR’s All Songs Considered and Tiny Desk Concerts comes an essential oral history of modern music told in the voices of iconic and up and coming musicians including Dave Grohl Jimmy Page Michael Stipe Carrie Brownstein Smokey Robinson and Jeff Tweedy among others published in association with NPR MusicIs there a unforgettable song that changed your lifeNPR’s renowned music authority Bob Boilen posed this uestion to some of today’s best loved musical legends and rising stars In Your Song Changed My Life Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin St Vincent Jónsi Sigur Rós Justin Vernon Bon Iver Cat Power David Byrne Talking Heads Dave Grohl Nirvana Foo. ,
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are people ve vaguely heard of and whose music I ve out but they re by no means beloved outside of Pitchfork s sphere of influence By the author s own admission some of these people sell few albums That being said Your Song Changed My Life offers interesting insights into the creative process I m listening to some of the artists as I write this and trying to figure out how it is that Aretha Franklin factors into Cat Power s stuff Power was incredibly moved as a Young Girl Seeing A Performance girl seeing a performance the ueen of Soul from 64 Also wondering how Van Etten was influenced by PJ Harvey as Taking Chances washes over me Copper Lake Secrets great track One criticism there wasn t enough variety in the artists Would ve loved to have rappers or metal heads thrown in forood measure but you can t fault the author for not straying from his comfort zone Bob Boilen has written a timeless book I can t wait to revisit these stories again and again and againI was so excited for this book as soon as I found out about it sometime last year I m a longtime All Songs Considered and Tiny Desk Concert fan I Brooklyn's Song go to Bob Boilen for all my new music After reading it I can safely say that this is my new favorite book I loved every single page every single story I m working on a longer review that I ll post closer to the release date and I m hoping that I ll be able to organize my thoughts and fangirling into something coherent Just know this it s about how music has changed Boilen s life as he is talking to musicians about the songs that chan I rushed to purchase this book as soon as it came out I am a pretty avid music historian and I am a regular listener to Bob Boilen s podcast All Songs ConsideredAs indicated by the 2 star rating I was disappointed by this book The book features 35 musical artists from different eras and musicalenres Some are very well known others pretty obscureThe ideas behind the book sounds promising but the stories that were told were not very interesting Boilen clearly covered favorite artists of his and injected himself and his opinions very heavily throughout the book I would rather have heard from the artistsThe chapters are short and follow a pattern I read a few chapters at a time throughout the past month in between reading lengthier novels I forced my way to the end of this as reading this became of an endurance test than a source of entertainmentBob Boilen is such an interesting Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide guy He knows his stuff and attends over 500 concert shows per year This book does not represent his best work Not exactly the book it sells itself to be profiles of thirty five artists beloved is a stretch hadn t heard of a handful of them that often touch on influences Rarely is it what the title and subtitle seem to imply artists talking in their own words directly about formative experiences with music That being said it wasn t a terrible disappointment I feel like Iot a playlist of some songsalbumsartists to look up after reading I learned that Bon Iver has an Indigo Girls lyric tattooed which is kind of amazing I learned that Josh Ritter was married to Dawn Landes and I learned that Michael Stipe s favorite song is Birdland by Patti Smith which may prove to be useful in my plan to et him to marry Ur Song Changed My Life illustrates the ways in which music is revived restored and revolutionized It is also a testament to the power of music in our lives and an inspiration for future artists and music loversAmazing contributors include Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin Carrie Brownstein Sleater Kinney Portlandia Wild Flag Smokey Robinson David Byrne Talking Heads St Vincent Jeff Tweedy Wilco James Blake Colin Meloy The Decemberists Trey Anastasio Phish Jenny Lewis Rilo Kiley Dave Grohl Nirvana Foo Fighters Yusuf Islam Cat Stevens Sturgill Simpson Justin Vernon Bon Iver Cat Power Jackson Browne Michael Stipe REM Philip Glass Jónsi Sigur Rós Hozier Regina Carter Conor Oberst Bright Eyes and others Courtney Barnett Chris Thile Nickel Creek Punch Brothers Leon Bridges Sharon Van Etten and ma. D the Tiny Desk Concert series on NPR As such he comes into contact with a lot of musicians This book centers "around inspiration Nearly everyone who performs andor composes for a living has a story about "inspiration Nearly everyone who performs andor composes for a living has a story about one song the one that made them realize I can do this or That s it That s what I want to do Some artists David Byrne for instance have trouble narrowing it down to one and that s fine Boilen isn t insistent on "a definitive answer but rather trying to spark a conversation Through " definitive answer but rather trying to spark a conversation Through book we learn all sorts of fascinating bits of musical history Some of the artists interviewed in this book are well known than others I certainly didn t recognize all of them As with many music books you wish it came with a soundtrack It would be so nice if when a song is mentioned you could actually hear that song Most of these are probably findable online but it s not uite the same as having them instantly to hand while reading At the very least you ll be taking notes of music to search for later The author Bob Boilen is the host and creator of NPR s online music show All Songs Considered This book is a compilation of interviews and collected biographical information that I presume was collected during the preparation for his show The radio program began in the year 2000 and this book was published in 2016 thus most of these musicians are still alive and active in their fieldThe interview uestions concentrated on what songs and other artists inspired the interviewee in the early years of their musical development to devote their lives to a music career The answers were varied and wide ranging and their replies often reinforced the concept contained in the BOOK S TITLE THAT THERE WAS s title that there was song that Changed my lifeI never listened to All Songs Considered and I have been almost completely out of touch with popular music since the 60s and early 70s I sort of lost interest after the Beatles and Peter Paul and Mary faded from the scene It should logically follow that there is much I could learn from this book Unfortunately this book consists of thirty five short biographies and reading them has much the same effect as a book of short stories The various stories tend to become intermixed in the mind of the reader and it s difficult to pull out a central theme or message from the bookThe only artist featured in this book that I recognized was Cat Stevens However some of them are or have been associated with bands whose names I do recognize For example I did not recognize the name Jimmy Page but I had heard of the band Led Zeppelin which he founded The following is a list of the musical artists featured in this book with links to their respective Wikipedia articles Jimmy Page Carrie Brownstein Smokey Robinson David Byrne St Vinent Jeff Tweedy James Blake Colin Meloy Trey Anastasio Jenny Lewis Dave Grohl Cat Stevens Sturgill Simpson Justin Vernon Cat Power Jackson Browne Michael Stipe Philip Glass J nsi sgeir Trausti Hozier Regina Carter Asaf Avidan Valerie June Conor Oberst Courtney Barnett Pokey LaFarge Kate Tempest Ian MacKaye Lucinda Williams Josh Ritter Chris Thile Leon Bridges Sharon Van Etten Fantastic Negrito The title is a tad misleadingHowever one can see why the publisher ran with it to wit prominent musicians The rest of em. Fighters Jeff Tweedy Wilco Jenny Lewis Carrie Brownstein Portlandia Sleater Kinney Yusuf Islam Cat Stevens Colin Meloy The Decemberists Trey Anastasio Phish Jackson Browne Valerie June Philip Glass James Blake and other artists reflect on pivotal moments that inspired their workFor Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy it was discovering his sister’s 45 of The Byrds’ “Turn Turn Turn” A young St Vincent’s life changed the day a box of CDs literally fell off a delivery truck in front of her house Cat Stevens was transformed when he heard John Lennon cover “Twist and Shout” These are the momentous yet unmarked events that have shaped these and many other musical talents and ultimately the sound of modern musicA diverse collection of personal experiences both ordinary and extraordinary Yo.

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