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Ou really get to see Brooke grow from a young girl forced into adulthood too early to the incredible woman that she grows into being circumstances being what they are And she is an amazing character I couldn t help but have a picture of Lady Antebellum in my mind when I read this book and I will probably never hear The Devil Went Down To Georgia or Strawberry Wine again without thinking of this book Very clear crisp writing nice etail in the sex scenes and Stolen Magic (Stardust, definitely some interesting twists to the menage relationships that were new and refreshing andefinitely ifferent Loved it Get your Kleenex ready if you read itI needed a towel HolyEffingShitif I could give this book 10 stars I would Bravos kisses and kudos to you Ms McClendon for giving this book to the worldOkdeep breathI m trying to organize what I want to say but that only makes me forget things I want to say but that only makes me forget things I want mention and makes me have the grammar of a 5th grader so I m just gonna wing itThis bookaffected me It really id On so many levels It literally has EVERYTHING I love about a fantastic book Let me name off the wonderful things it includedAlmost no spelling or word errorsthat seems to be an issues with well written books latelyMusicthe music world is interlaced within this book so well I can t even stand it The songs they reference in the book are well known so you can listen to them as you read or at least reference them to get into the characters headspace at that time It Pistols for Two definitely adds to the emotion you feel when reading Youon t have to be a country fan to appreciate the theme but you have to love music and appreciate the southern way of lifeHumorIf a book is nothing but the heavy stuff it can feel overwhelming I found myself so engrossed in the book that I was randomly laughing and Stronger didn t even realize it I LOVE sarcastic banter with the characters and this book had it in spadesLove and RomanceDear Lordyid this book have it On all kinds of levelsLove between family members and siblings love in a menage relationship love for ones self love for your best friends love for ones you ve lost It was incredibly touching and moved meThe Tears Sweet Jesus Loss (Gus Dury, did I cry with this book I try to nevero spoilers in reviews and you can get an overview of the book in the blurb for it but this book had me like snotty all over crying at one point My The Last Rite (Danilov Quintet, daughter even voiced her concern when she saw me sniffing behind my kindle LOL It s a good release soo not go past about 40% without tissues handyALPHA FREAKIN MALES Holy crapyou have all the alpha males you can possibly choose from in this book Ex Marines Country Music Stars I mean DAMNand they are fan your panties hot to bootAnd finallythe SEX These alpha males have some irty little mouths in The Bedroom And They bedroom and they ALL about pleasure for their ladies Loving their woman up hard and putting her first It was just pretty amn hotThe way the book played out a long journey for the characters in my opinion reminded me of the book Taking Chances The plots were nothing alike but when I was reading this one that book somehow came to mind It was just an incredible story filled with erotic ialogue love loss country music hope grief and love again I would recommend this book to EVERYONE It will efinitely stay with me for a long while. E a price like anything else Finding the love of her life she embraces the realization of all her Love You To Death (Detective Ruby Preston, dreams Only toiscover some on't last foreverEven when love gets lost along the way it always finds its way homeA hot country romance from Always the Good Girl Shayne McClendon. Yes to Everything

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This book was awesome I came across it by chance looking for a book for a reading challenge and got lucky This book was well written great story and awesome characters I will warn you that this book will have "You Crying But It Will Also Make "crying but it will also make laugh sigh and you will not be able to put it Fitness for Living down I started it and finished it in less than aay It is Love Is Blind definitely not your typical menage book but a book that gives you a little bit of everything I hope you enjoy it as much as Iid PS Grab a box of tissues You will need them This is not for the Faint Of HeartsThis Was A of heartsThis was a Read Emotionally for meIt starts out with Brooke Auditioning for a place in the band Broken BroncoHer talents get her catapulted into stardom and fame She plays second fiddle to nobody and is a talented artist We are guided effortless through the changes in her life and the lives of those closest to her You share in their Successes failures loves and losesShayne has filled the characters with such rich body you will swear they are out there today living there lives There are many hot Erotic scenes and each one uniuely ifferent than the other These scenes connect the characters emotional and physically These scenes are full and rich with Passion and esires They are exactly what the characters long for and leave you wanting for yourselfI may be biased for saying this but i have read almost everything this young author has produced and have yet to be The World in the Curl disappointed Shayne is talented and vested in her writings She has a gift forrawing you in and feeding you with elightful surprises and turns of eventsI say this watch her grow keep your eyes on her Shayne is turning out wonderfully full bodied Erotic tales and you will want to invest in every single oneI highly reco WOW I thought this was such a sweet book then I kept reading I laughed and I cried my way through this book I loved the characters maybe it is something about identical twin boys This is my first book by this author but most certainly not my it is something about identical twin boys This is my first book by this author but most certainly not my This is a must read Ok so this is one of those books you can t go into too much etail because any little thing can give the whole book awayI must say I loooooooooove Brooke She is absolutely perfect and a breath of fresh air She is just stunning Everything about her is inspiringHer sibling are adorable Shayne McClendon you have A Personal Influence done such a wonderful job letting us get emotionally invested with all the characters in the bookeven her best friends and their significant othersI mean this book just completes you You are able to share a little bit with each character si I loved this book It is my fav from her so far This author just gets better and better everytime I turn around This book will make you cry laugh groan cryand cheer Thanks Shayne for writing such another great book Have you every read a book that youidn t want to put Americas First City down at all Well this is one of those books I started it while at work and hated everytime I had to stop and answer the phone This is a must read by a great author If you like to read Shayne s books theno your self a favor and grab this one If you haven t read any of her books then take a chance on a great read I keep going back to this book and rereading parts of it it s that good So far I ve read it 13 times I have read. Need a couple of hot cowboys some badass Marines and a story that makes you keep reading until the last page Do you like your novels filled with sexy heat You need to read Yes to Everything right nowLife at the top isn’t all glitz and glamourTalented Brooke Kincaid’s life. This book twice it was so EMOTIONALLY GOOD I PROBABLY WILL RE good I probably will re it again some Bone Mountain (Inspector Shan, day Iidn t expect the emotional roller coaster I went on and I haven t cried this much since the last book I read of hers The Barter System She is an amazing author that surrounds her reader with so many amazing emotions and makes you feel like you are right there with the characters I idn t expect to feel what I felt with Rex and I loved that I got info and stories within the story on the secondary characters I hope Shayne writes about these characters because I am certainly feeling a book hangover because I fell in love with all of them WOW WOW WOW WOWWhat a ride that was holy shit I can t even put to words how incredible this book was Talk about a family with charisma jeez this family had it with charisma jeez This family had it spades Not to mention Brookes friends All of the characters in this book are golden like totallyI need to rantview spoilerI loved Rex soo much There isn t many times you really like truley love a character like this He was strong loyal funny and super hot And the way he loved Brooke made my heart swell and the way she loved him right back was wonderful to wittness Now for the hard partlosing Rex My God I was crying sooo hard I couldn t even see the words Even after that horrific scene I was crying even up until the end And OMG the letter he wrote My husband was looking at me like I had two heads Christ I was hicuping and everything I m talking snots and everything At first I idn t know if I could handle her with the twins after Rex I was so emotionaly invested in Rex But I liked how the Author went about it It idn t happen right away she gave Brooke time to heal Even though she still loved Rex she knew Rex would want her to be happy In fact he made her promise him I also love how the twins had so much respect for him so it made things alittle better His friends were so excellant to her and just wanted her happy becaust they knew Rex wanted it that way hide spoiler This book was absolutely unbelievably amazing A little cuter than I expected but still no less amazing I was really riveted by the way that all of these characters came together in the book to mesh into one big family and the sex scenes were pretty arn off the charts hot However what really big family and the sex scenes were pretty Alipio darn off the charts hot However what really me the most about this book is the tragedy that changes Brooke forever I had a feeling that something big like that was going to happen so I wasn t completely shocked but itidn t stop me from bawling my eyes out this morning in bed reading about it That s really all I m going to say about itI Seducing Ingrid Bergman don t want to post any spoilers because it is so amazing but it is such an amazing story of grief and loss and heartbreak that you feel like you are right there with Brooke watching her suffer Make no mistake about it This book is BROOKE S story Itoes The Guardship (Thomas Marlowe, delve into little snippets here and there on the twins and on her friends but this is all about Brooke from beginning to end It basically starts if you count the backstory when she is sixteen and loses her parents and has to raise her three siblings and run a ranch in Oklahoma on her own and spans until she is almost 23 I haven t read many books like this that span such a long period of time but this oneoes an amazing job with itand with the time span Takes a turn for the better when she’s asked to join the country music band Broken Bronco founded by the gorgeous Bradshaw brothers In a single moment her struggle to care for her younger siblings after the A Secret Place death of their parents is a thing of the past Fame and fortune hav.

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