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Nd unnatural and the thoughtsactions of the characters made no sense Often times I found myself thinking there was no natural motivation characters made no sense Often times I found myself thinking there was no natural motivation thoughtsactions the author wanted the character to do X so they did ven if it didnt make any sense to the readerAll in all I d say skip this book I can ven Forgive Caleb S Infidelity At The Beginning Of His Marriage Caleb s infidelity at the beginning of his marriage he was drunk that night But that he had sex again with the same woman with whom he cheated on Neela in the past and to top it off having had a child with her I thought it was a little too much for me But still I kept reading to discover that there was a hidden secret Something about the birth of that baby Let s say I was very stunned to learn the truth I never would have imagined it The Wilder family had too many hidden secrets35 stars Finding a good book from this genre is like digging for diamond you have to dig through a lot of filth to find the price Here however there was only filth Where do we go with this story when the main heroine a black Trinidadian woman let some pathetic xcuse this story when the main heroine a black Trinidadian woman let some pathetic xcuse a man belittle her Only to find that she is paralyzed She may be able to walk again but it will take time and money Money that she doesn't have but her husband doesCaleb will help her but accepting his help comes with a price She has to move back home. ,

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Ace and her background He called her stupid ignorance and He Was Ashamed Of Her He Put Her Down In was ashamed of her He put her down in of his family and friends Neela should he was ashamed of her He put her down in front of his family and friends Neela should left him before he cheated on her I really hate it when the women are so thankful for men who are mentally and physically abusive of them The women on the other hand are just grateful because all these hot and rich men want them It is ok to write about flawed heroes because reality is filled with them but at least makes the women strong and dignified nough to stand up for themselves After FIVE YEARS NEELA IS STILL A years Neela is still a despite the fact that she has her children to think of now She still jumps into bed with Caleb like a hormone crazed adolescent after five years Before this the writer fails to Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., establish any form off connection or passion between them The two leads could have been two strangers throughout the whole book Caleb was the worst kind of character he was hateful and unforgivable Lori and Caleb should have been together at least they had chemistry seeing how he continuously slept with the woman This was a horrible book. But going back will mean facing the past and the person responsible for her leavingThings become a little complicated when Caleb admits to being the father of hisx lover’s son the same woman he cheated on Neela with five years ag. ,
Winning Back His WifeI m trying really hard not to DNF book am i the only person who book Am I the only person who perplexed about how regained the use if her legs I mean that is the main reason that she is in the house this a major part of the plot I don t Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch even want to comment on the protagonistsI did notnjoy this book this may be my first DNF Un hros pour Rayne (Delta Force Heroes t. 1) ever MehThis book mixes up the hubs cheats trope with soapy smut which isn t a great combo if you are looking for a seriousmotional hubs redeeming himself book It honestly reads like an OTT Mine to Take (Nine Circles, episode of DynastyMy issue is that the author took a really serious conflict but built a soapy plot with overly dramatic characters around it and the reasons for actionsdecisions were so stupid view spoiler Justifying things to prevent heart attacks or upsetting the parents was dumb hide spoiler It takes a really talented author to write about a physically andmotionally abusive cheating Hero and still make the reader believe he deserves a HEA This book had potential and I think given time and practice the author could be really great But she s
not there yetthe 
there yetThe was stilted When Caleb Seth Wilder rescues a child from a wrecked car on his way home from work he is devastated to find that the near dead driver is his His L.A. Cinderella estranged wife and that the child he saves is hisAfter Neela wakes from her accident it is.

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