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A phone call saves Russell s life when the September 11 Twin Towers disaster strikes At the same time it brings him bad news His mother has died and he must o back to Kansas and decide what to do about his older brother Ben who is mentally disabled How can Russell possible care for Ben when his work and life are in New York The slightest change of routine can send Ben into a spin and tantrums that seem to last forever As well as the issues of family and sibling relationships which the reader learns about as the story oes on there are also issues of post traumatic stress syndrome racism and violence The story stats on September 15 2001 and then oes back to the days leading up to that till it eventually comes back to September 15 But there are also chapters that Verdammt verliebt go back to incidents from Russell s and Ben s childhood This are all clearly labelled so there is no confusion I was hooked into this story from the first page and felt for Russell who seemed to have had than his share or hard times in his life Some of the incidents with Russell and Ben are amusing Others are heartbreaking Guilt plays a part in this story even though sometimes thatuilt is unwarranted This is also a story of romance and love that can be found unexpectedly But it is also a story of violence distrust and hate As a reader I had moments of laughter tears and anger which shows how involved I was with the characters I did think the ending seemed a bit rushed through and a bit neatly tied up But all in all I found this a captivating story with The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, great characters and one that deals with issues of our society Having read several of this author s book I really enjoy this author s work Sheets to the heart of issues people have This book is written serviceably but so simplistically that I kept thinking perhaps I d strayed into young adult territory Russell misses being killed on 911 by being late for work because he Inverloch Volume 4 gets a phone call that his mother died and he must come and take care of his brain damaged brother Back in Nowheresville where he definitely doesn t want to be he falls in love with an Egyptianirl who has 911 troubles of her own Everything is just too neat and Tidy In This Story Especially in this story especially nice big pink ribbon which ties everything up with an improbable happy ending for all I did read it all the way through just to see how everything turned out and it was a fun read but this is not The Good and Beautiful God great literature by a long shot I loved this story It s a wonderful beautifully written tale I found it compelling from start to finish and read it very uickly as I couldn t bear to wait to discover what happened The author has created some lovely characters in Russell and Anat September 11th 2001 changed many lives Russell was running late for work at the advertising firm where he was employed on the 104th floor of the World Trade Centre New York Just as he was leaving his apartment the telephone rang and after debating it he decided to answer Upon finding out that his mother has suddenly passed away and with herone his brother Ben now has no one but Russell as a carer he never oes in to work that day And because of receiving this tragic news in that split second he lives He faces a long journey with no flights because of the terrible events in NYC hitch hiking his way back to Norville Kansas the place he regards as and refers to as Nowhere ville and thought he had escaped for ood when he left six years ago aged. I was doing my best to et out the door And then the phone rang I almost let it o New York September 11th 2001Russell Ammiano is rushing to work when he ets a phone call that saves his life As the city he loves is hi. When You Were Older

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That morning he was running behind schedule and was still home when he ets a phone call telling him that his mother has died and that he needs to come home to take over the care of his brother If he hadn t been home to take that call he would have been in one of the Towers when it was hit and he would have died along with all of his coworkers He just wants to et home take care of things and then et back to his lifeWell t Painfully sad and yet hopeful and inspiring this novel connects small family moments with history to share the important message to never take your loved ones for Every Boys Dream granted and the award for the amount of humanity woven into a bookoes to Catherine Ryan Hyde Based on my experience with the previous and first to me book by this author Don t Let Me Go I ve had only a faint idea of what to expect small people waging their everyday battles love and devotion strength of human spirit and Starflight Zero generosity in abundance Our heroes in When You Were Older are Russell who worked in one of the towers and thought he had left his small town far behind his brother Ben who sustained a brain damage as child and is incapable of living alone after mother s death Anat and her father who being of Egyptian origin become targets for people to take out their frustrations toward everything Middle Eastern their neighbors and friends some of them sent to war never to come backCatherine looks at a fistful of people in a small town in the aftermath of the 911 tragedy and describes what probably went through people s minds wherever they were in the world in that moment It s a complex I m still reeling after reading this book I felt so protective of each of the main characters that by the time Iot to the climax of the book I was simultaneously dreading and anticipating the turning of each page unsure what was A Succession of Bad Days going to happen next Beautifully written and conceptualized I just couldn t read it fast enough Beautiful I really wanted to like this book better than I did It held such promise It had some wonderful ideas that areood starting points for discussion Some examples Can a mother s love reach across time and space to
essentially save you 
save you is a person s responsibility To A Family Membershould Their a family membershould their eclipse yours Does brain trauma change a personality What does our reaction to terrorism say about us How much can we outgrow our childhood How do we survive surviving when we should have died However even with all of our childhood How do we survive surviving when we should have died However even with all of I had too many issues with the book to rate it higher For example I never connected with Rusty I agreed with him most of the time so that wasn t the issue Somethings just bothered me too much about himFor one his relationship with his mother which did not make sense to me at all He never saw her in 6 years and seemed to barely interact with herNothing in his flashbacks explained that Second the writer made Ben so ooo unlikeable as a child jealousy and sibling rivalry only The Multi-Orgasmic Man go so far and then his personality totally changes after the brain trauma I believe that the post trauma Ben was written believably and with sensitivity and I liked Rusty and Ben s relationship however there was just too much difference between the two Bens for me not to uestion it So I think that book is worth reading and thought provoking for anyone looking for such a book I just did not feel that it was asood as it could have been which is uite arrogant of this non writer but that is my opinion. S estranged brother has reappeared and Ben's simple ordered world has turned upside downIn a story as heartbreaking as it is uplifting two brothers must bury their pasts and learn from each other if they are to survive. ,

Eighteen He can t bring himself to think of it as home any The reactions from the various people he meets on his journey home ive us an initial feeling of the shock and response by the man on the street to the enormous events in New York Further reaction will be evident when Russell arrives home Everyone in Norville knew Russell as Rusty and they all know and love his brother Ben who although older than Russell is not capable of living alone and is reliant on extensive support in his everyday tasks such as etting to his job as a bag packer at the The Great Passage grocery store in the townetting to bed and up on time His dependence is due to an incident which is described in the novel which I won t spoil hereThe bulk of the novel is concerned with what happens when Russell is back where he The Beast House / After Midnight grew up and how he will possibly come to terms with and move forward with his life as it is now He finds himself drawn to the local bakery run by a young woman named Anat and her father Nazir and Russell forms a friendship and demonstrates a kindness towards them during a time of unease and unwarranted prejudice shown by some in the town A few old acuaintances from his school days are now setting off to fight in Afghanistan Russell has little in common with these men any but despite his feelings about a war he wishes them well Russell has to deal with an enormous amount of stress he has suddenly lost his mother he finds himself as sole carer for his brother Ben he has lost his job and all his colleagues at the advertising firm bar one other survivor in an incident that he witnessed first hand from the window of his apartment and he is back in the small town he thought he had left forood On top of this he develops a friendship that causes others to judge him harshly and feels he may be falling in love but none of it will be easyThis is a lovely read The confusion challenges and stress that Russell faces are very well detailed and effectively portrayed The first person narration means we see right to the heart of the matters in hand through Russell s eyes the pain the struggles the hope He is a remarkable character he has some impossible things to deal with but that is how life can be I some impossible things to deal with but is how life can be and I that At times he is close to how life can be and I liked that At times he is close to but he keeps Off Leash (Freelance Familiars Book 1) going In fact to me the characters are all so well realised that I could picture them In my mind I could see Russell and Anat in the bakery chatting over doughnutsetting to know one other being a friend to each other Additionally the author perceptively illustrates how enormous events in the world can filter down and influence and affect one small town and its population in various ways My favourite novel yet by this author What a story Beautiful hopeful but also at times heartbreaking If you ve ever been at the bottom perhaps this book will remind you that it s possible to I Walk in Dread go up again who matters and how toet through it I read another one of Catherine s book a while back Don t Let Me Go and I loved it I wasn t really expecting to but I love when that happens don t youWell here is her newest book When You Were Older and I have to say I think I love this one even I started reading it over the weekend when I still had so much Christmas stuff to do and I did not want to put it down But I do have my priorities and my top priority last weekend was to The Life You Save get to the end of this storyI immediately loved Russell and empathized with him in his struggle toet home after 911. T by unimaginable tragedy Russell must turn his back and hurry home to KansasKansas September 14th 2001Ben Ammiano is mentally disabled and a creature of habit Any change to his routine sends him into a spin But now hi.

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