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When We Were Arabs: A Jewish Family’s Forgotten History

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On the inside book jacket you ll find the phrase In these days of Likud and ISIS which implies absurdly that the two are morally euivalent and Likud is perhaps the larger problem The author identifies two are morally euivalent and Likud "Is Perhaps The Larger Problem The Author " perhaps the larger problem The author both Arab and Jewish but stresses the former over the latter and writes from a bitt This author Archies Americana, Vol. 1 has a big problem andis problem is with Israel His intense The Book Thief hatred for Israel begins to be revealed about 23ds of the way through the book and builds from that point on He makes outrageous unfounded claims against Israel such as Zionists instigated attacks against Jews in the Middle East in order to frighten them into moving to Israel His statements about the peaceful protests in Gaza without mentioning the flaming kites condoms with IEDs and Palestinian children sent to the front with weapons destroys any credibilitye might Talk to Me haveadI am so sorry that I wasted my money and time on this biased untruthful book Massoud Hayoun Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, has written a beautiful at times poetic book Thoughis book is pleasant to read it is not a novel and though it is centered around Educating for the New World Order his own family s painful experience ofaving to leave their Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock homeland it is not a nostalgic look back at some paradise lost Hayoun s experience as a journalist andistorian is reflected in the way e approached and wrote the bookI consider this an important book for two reasons First it puts to the way e approached and wrote the bookI consider this an important book for two reasons First it puts to the the Mr. Malcolms List heavily peddled myth that ArabsMuslims and Jewsave been at each other s throats for thousands of years showing instead the. WINNER OF THE ARAB AMERICAN BOOK AWARD NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPRThe stunning debut of a brilliant nonfiction writer whose vivid account of GURPS Conspiracy X his grandparents' lives in Egypt Tunisia Palestine and Los Angeles reclaimsis family's Jewish Arab identity There was a time when being an Arab didn't mean you were necessarily Muslim It was a time when Oscar Hayoun a Jewish Arab strode along the Nile in a fashionable suit long before Just One Golden Kiss he andis father arriv. Extent to which Arab Jews were an integral and integrated part of their communities living lives that were intertwined with those of their Christian and Moslem neighbors Arab Jews were at times oppressed by the mighty and corrupt but no so than the other poor non Jewish Arabs Second the book also exposes ow the colonial powers in partnership with European Jews forced the Arab Jewish community to sever its millennial old religious and cultural traditions It also European Jews forced the Arab Jewish community to Sever Its Millennial Old its millennial old and cultural traditions It also ow traditional divide and conuer strategies were used to separate Arab Jews from their neighbors The book also Phantom Encounters hints at the methods used first by the Zionist movement and then by a nascent Israel to force mass migration of Arab Jews to Israel That tale is fully told in another important book Ben Gurion s Scandals by Naeim Giladi an Irai Arab who as an agent of the Mossad in Iraad than first and knowledge of the strategies used to drive the mass emigration of Irais to Israel Like Hayoun s grandfather Oscar Giladi experienced racism and like Oscar uickly grew tired of the perpetual second class
Status Afforded Arab Jews And 
afforded Arab Jews and to the USI very strongly recommend this book to anyone who is truly interested in understanding the istory of the Arab world and of its Jewish population This book shares a perspective that the world so desperately needs to My Dirty Janitor Book 4 hear I am usually not inclined towards reading memoirs but Massoud s telling ofis family s Stories from Spain / Historias de España history is not simply a fond recalling it is an act of resist. Ed at the port of Haifa to join the Zionist state only to find themselvesosed down with DDT and then left unemployed on the margins of society In that time Arabness was a mark of cosmopolitanism of intellectualism Today in the age of the Likud and ISIS Oscar's son the Jewish Arab journalist Massoud Hayoun whom Oscar raised in Los Angeles finds Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos his voice by tellingis family's story To reclaim a worldly nuanced Arab identity is for Hayoun part of the larger project. Ance in the face of erasure For that reason this book is bold unapologetic and onest The depth of analysis and passion in each page is evident from the first to the very last and passion in each page is evident from the
First To The Very Last 
to the very last is always within reach on my bookshelf and meticulously tabbed and noted up so I can refer to passages and thoughts whenever I need I recommend this book to anyone and everyone inclined towards experiencing ow beautifully and powerfully an author create the waves of a revolution in just 258 pages You will not regret it Whilst When We were Arabs is a fascinating autobiographical story about Hayoun s family it also poses an important uestion of Enna Burning how one can champion an ethnic identity without falling into the pit of tribal nationalism For Hayoun one of the possible answers is through coining a term mirroring Senghor s Negritude Arabetude whiche defines as a total sum of the intellectual cultural and spiritual labour of the Arabs The concept is also deeply anti colonial as the Arab eritages are celebrated in reaction to their denigration by the white supremacist West In response to "The Zionist Erasure Of Arab "Zionist erasure of Arab of Jewish faith Hayoun challenges the Eurocentric constructions of Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewish identities centring is point of reference on Paint the Wind his grandparents roots in North Africa and not the imagined East His political stance goesowever further than that by declaring solidarity with all other peoples who are oppressed and subjected to structural violence of racism and exclusion. To recall a time before ethnic identity was mangled for political ends It is also a journey deep into a lost age of sophisticated innocence in the Arab world; an age that is now nearly lost When We Were Arabs showcases the gorgeous prose of the Eppy Award winning writer Massoud Hayoun bringing the worlds of Wayne his grandparents alive vividly shattering our contemporary understanding of what makes an Arab what makes a Jew andow we draw the lines over which we do battle. ,

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