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I can fault about What We Find It was an enjoyable way to pass the weekend I m unsure as to whether r not I will commit to further books by Carr due to my time demands but I would happily recommend this ne to readers who like to reach for small town romances We begin the story in Denver where we meet Maggie Sullivan a thirty seven year ld neurosurgeon who has had a rough year She is emotionally drained and financially strained When her Doctor and co worker tell her to take a leave she packs up her bags and heads to her father s place in Sullivan s CrossingSullivan Crossing hosts a general store and campground set along the Continental Divide trails in Colorado It is wned by Maggie s father Sully Right away I loved the setting for What We Find The campground sits n the edge f a lake and is surrounded by woods and trails I love small town settings and was drawn to the characters we meet including Maggie s father SullyMaggie is suffering n so many fronts and Carr takes great care in fleshing her Step by Step to Stand-Up Comedy out Underneath the hurt is a compassionate bright witty character I came to respect Cal Jones a camper soon befriends her after Sully has a heart attack A short break turns into an extended leave as Maggie spends the summer helping her father and reevaluating her life Carr brought the daily lifef this small camp town to life making me long to pack my bags and touch natureThe friendship between Cal and Maggie slowly simmers into something The relationship began with snark and witty uips but evolved into something beautiful Cal is a bit Greetings! of a mystery and Maggie uestions his aid He refuses to say what Cal stands for andf course Maggie tries to find ut by calling him Calvin Clyde Clinton and it was hilarious Their friendship soon turns to sweet kisses and I enjoyed watching it all unfold Carr gives us Cal s story and it touched me She writes genuine characters and allows the reader to connect giving the stories and townsfolk depth The interaction between Maggie and Cal felt genuine and comfortable like a perfect summer nightCopy provided by publisher This review was riginally posted Tribeca on Caffeinated Book Reviewer Man I m having a hard time starting this review Somef that is past experience with Carr s Grey's Lady other work This story is much closer to a traditional romance than thosethers have been because there s a single central couple and we stay exclusively in the PoV Blue Streak of the main characters So this was a much closer match to my reading preferences and much firmly a romance storyCarr still feels uncomfortable with that focus however as a lotf community and extra drama bits are thrown in The Asketikon of St Basil the Great often enough that the romance still feels somehow secondary Both main characters for example are in the midstf mid life crises and ready to redefine who they are and what they want ut f life So despite tagging this as a Romance it s an uncomfortable fitI never did connect fully with either Cal r Maggie Which is probably why some f the events felt manufactured Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time or less serious than they wouldtherwise have warranted It felt like I was watching a TV show than reading a book if that makes any sense This was particularly noticeable when Cal reaches his catharsis moment and my Thoroughly Disarmed only thought wash good was particularly noticeable when Cal reaches his catharsis moment and my nly thought was h good we can get back to him and MaggieMost telling about my engagement to the story though is that I put the book down for days at a time and had to explicitly remind myself that I hadn t finished with it yet Not that I was reluctant to pick it up After the Ashes or anything It wasn t like that It s just thatther normal every day events would happen and it d take time for me to realize that I was in the middle The Angry Planet of the story and hadn t reached the end yetSo this was enjoyable enough but notutstanding A solid three starsA note about Steamy As with Melody's Key other Carr stories the explicit scenes arever the top enough that I had a hard time taking them seriously There are maybe three but my long delays between reading and eye roll tendency means I can t be certain about the number r length Middle f my steam tolerance at any rate There was no real angst A Chance Acquaintance or anything else really moving this story It s about two pretty bland people finding eachther enjoying having sex with each ther and getting married The end SeriouslyI loved Carr s Virgin River series so I tend to pop up and read her standalones now and again hoping that I can capture some f the magic from that series in her ther works But this book was not that interesting Maggie Sullivan is a neurosurgeon who suffers a breakdown after being dumped by her long term self involved boyfriend as well as dealing with the aftermath f a miscarriage To top all The Wallflower's Revenge of that allff she s also being sued by the parents f a teenage boy she could not save She decides to retreat to her father s storecamp grounds in Colorado Sullivan s Crossing Maggie gets there and ends up pretty much hiding from friendsfamily and herself while staying in Sullivan s CrossingThe book jumps back and forth between Maggie and her love interest named Cal Jones A running not funny theme is Maggie trying to figure ut what Cal stands for in the book I have to say the reveal War to the Knife: Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861 of his full name made me cringe in sympathy We findut that Cal is also running from "Some Things But Tries To Build "things but Carr to build up into something big that may separate the two lovers from each Leaving Mother Lake: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World other but that does not happen There arether characters in this book but honestl. S f anxiety she's never faced before She knows she needs to slow down before she burns ut completely and the best place she can think to do that is Sullivan's CrossingNamed for Maggie's great grandfather the land and charming general store at the crossroads f the Colorado and the Continental Divide Trails have been passed down through the generations and now belong to Maggie's eccentric father Sully When she shows up unannounced he welcomes her with pen arms and she relishes the Introductory Algebra: Models Concepts Skills opportunity to indulge in his simple wayf lifeBut shortly aft. .

Robyn Carr µ 7 Read


Okay so it s not Virgin River Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God’s Purpose for Your Life Together or even Thunder Point but it was still a pretty good read I thought maybe the author s style was just a bit too wordy and that she skimped just a wee bitn the romance but I was in dire need f a well written story that I could lose myself in and this filled the bill I loved neurosurgeon Maggie a very strongadmirable character and loved the hero Cal who had uite the backstory I enjoyed all the supporting characters and plots and I can see similarities between Sullivan s Crossing and Carr s previous two small town series The nly thing different is that it reads a bit like women s fiction than a typical contemporary romance 4 stars Robyn Carr s Blue Blood onef my all time favourite authors and her Virgin River series I could read The Gollywhopper Games: Friend or Foe over andver againSmall town romance is the author s specialty and in What We Find the 1st book in her Sullivan s Crossing series she takes us to rural ColoradoFilled with beautiful picturesue scenery and a flawed yet believable and captivating cast Parafilias (Spanish Edition) of characters this is a storyf new beginningsI loved Maggie and Cal Their story is very emotional and beautifully writtenI look forward to the continuing saga It's Like This of the Sullivan s Crossing community that I have come to know and care forThank you to Net Galley Harleuin MIRA and Robyn Carr for an ARCf this novel stars At that moment she had no plan except to escape from the life The Mirage of persistent strain anxiety and heartache The No 1 Bestselling New York Times Bestselling Robyn Carr uses her novel What We Find to introduce a series that is set between Colorado and the Continental Divide Trails What We Find is a storyf leaving your past behind healing new relationships family love comfort and happiness What We Find is a sweet and comforting story that will embrace you with its small town charmsWhat We Find begins in the busy location f Denver as neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan is faced with a personal and career crisis When we are acuainted with Maggie she is dealing with a wrongful death lawsuit that coincides with the demise f her relationship and a shock pregnancy loss Maggie s confusion and desperation to take stock leads her back home to her Rituels secrets des Templiers open armsf Sullivan s Crossing This charming locale based in the mountains f Colorado ffers Maggie a lifeline and a sense f solace at an incredibly trying time Reconnecting with her father Maggie begins to see the light until a health crisis close to home changes everything Maggie decides that her short term stay in Sullivan s Crossing must now be a long term arrangement The care f her father is Beethoven for a Later Age: The Journey of a String Quartet of the utmost importance In helping with her father s recovery Maggie finds that the tight knit local community and the campersn her father s grounds are than happy to lend a hand Maggie becomes acuainted with a camper who has also come to Sullivan s Crossing to heal Born to Ride: A Story About Bicycle Face old wounds Together and apart this couple negotiates the tricky road to forgiveness acceptance and recoveryWhat We Find represents the introductory novel in popular novelist Robyn Carr s Sullivan s Crossing series I am a newcomer to Carr s work Carr recently came to my attention following the Netflix series Virgin River which is basedn another series f books penned by this prolific writer I enjoy small town romances and now that I have finished the Virgin River television series I was hungry for from Carr which is why I turned to this backlist title published in 2016Maggie Sullivan Is The Sullivan is the heroine f this tale When we first meet this likeable character "Her Life Is In "life is in shambles A career relationship health and family crisis all compound at the same time "sending this woman in a spin and back "this woman in a spin and back her home town I immediately developed a sense f sympathy and empathy for Maggie it did seem unfair that a series f unfortunate events happened to her I agreed with her move to return home a place f comfort I m sure I would do the same Maggie is a reliable character facing believable bstacles that we could easily be faced withAlongside Maggie is her gruff but sprightly father Sully who also suffers from a medical crisis as the story progresses I enjoyed his musings and banter with the characters Porter Earns a Quarter (Four Basic Skills Series, Volume 2) of this novel Sully was also uite witty which added a nice touchf humour to the unfolding story Cal Jones the hero Mayan, Incan, and Aztec Civilizations, Grades 5-8 of the tale enters as the mysterious stranger with an eually shady past Like Maggie Cal is at a crossroads in his life Cal uses Sullivan s Crossing as a sanctuary to help him heal When the pathsf Maggie and Cal cross there is a gentle friendship that eventually spurns into a sensuous romance I enjoyed the personal growth Tablettes Albertini Actes privés de l'époque vandale of these characters a tad than the unfolding romanceThe shining light What We Find is the setting the Colorado mountain ranges and Sullivan s Crossing which are both fullf charm The locale base f this novel is a strong force that commands the reader s attention This is an area I am very green to so the pportunity to indulge in a spot Sexual Soulmates: The Six Essentials for Connected Sex (English Edition) of armchair travel to this appealing location was great I enjoyed taking in the pristine air and the picturesue mountain based localef this well depicted townshipCarr ties up her novel very neatly by the close f What We Find We see the characters go full circle and reach a point f understanding in their lives Carr definitely has paved the way for continued exploration f the interesting townsfolk in further issues in this seriesThere isn t too much. Join Robyn Carr #1 New York Times bestselling author f the Virgin River and Thunder Point series as she explores the healing powers Unbroken Circle: How to Take Your Family Through the End Time of rural Colorado in a brand new storyf fresh starts budding relationships and ne woman's journey to finding the happiness she's long been missingBetween the urban bustle f Denver and the high stress environment f a career in neurosurgery Maggie Sullivan has hit a wall When an emergency high risk procedure results in the death f a teenager Maggie finds herself in the middle f a lawsuit and experiencing level. Y I was interested in Maggie s stepfather Walter Maggie who is 37 by the way pretty much rails at her father mother and anyone dumb enough to listen to her about how hard her life was and how angry she was that her mother divorced her father and rarely let her see him But then you read she did get to see her dad for months at a time and honestly I started running ut Tajweed Rules for Qur'anic Recitation: A Beginner's Guide (Tajweed Rules, of sympathy for Maggie Poor you you had a well to do stepfather who honestly loved you and your mother and your mother wanted something than just running a general store with her husband in the woods At least Maggie s father finally had enough and told her about herself thenly part Selling to VITO the Very Important Top Officer: Get to the Top. Get to the Point. Get to the Sale. of the book I likedThere s also a random kidnapping plot point in this thing as well as a woman who is being charged as an escort that totally made me wonder why in the world Carr included that in this book Maybe even she realized that the two leads were boring The writing and flow kindf chug along I really wish I could say than just I was bored But honestly I was just bored The end eventually comes and I was relieved I definitely will not be reading any books in this series A Robyn Carr book is like comfort food to me She has the ability to sweep me away to a uaint town The Reformation (World History Series) or country setting to get lost in the charming livesf it s residents I first fell in love with Carr s writing when I read Virgin River and wanted nothing than to live in a place just like it This book was just as lovely and adorable as I ve come to expect from the author I spent most f my time reading the book with a big smile n my face even laughing Ask Me Nicely: Dark Urges Book One out loud at somef the humorous moments I loved the characters and the story and was completely charmed by the setting My Date With A Dead Doctor only complaint was that it became a little long winded and drawnut in the middle Signs in the Heavens: A Jewish Messianic Perspective of the Last Days Coming Millennium of the book where it started losing steam and I found myself starting to get a bit bored But things happened to uickly pull me back into the story and it won mever in the endIf you re looking for a romantic witty charming story you ll find this book is the perfect getaway ARC kindly provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Maggie Sullivan returns to her father s place at Sullivan s Crossing to recharge after an extremely stressful period She s a neurosurgeon who s being sued her practice is being dissolved and her boyfriend just walked away What starts as a plan to spend a few days seeking respite turns into a much longer search for grounding and what s really important I liked this story that seems to meander without purpose until it finds Daddy Lost Me At Poker (Eroticulture) (English Edition) one Maggie is an interesting character who despite all her issues never loses her footing Cal Jones is a manf mystery who stays at the camp well beyond his planned few days and they seem to be Orb: A Tale of Alien Pregnancy on parallel paths in their separate journeys I also liked this uniue community and learned a lot about the lifestylef a small Colorado mountain town This was a strong start to a new series with a collection Witchopoly of characters I grew to like and appreciate Maggie and Cal were beautifully crafted and I especially liked how their relationship developed The story dragged at times as there was a bit telling than doing However the series shows promise as it has the signature sensef
community typically found 
typically found a Carr story 35 starsI received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Robyn Carr is famous for her two series Virgin River and Thunder Point With Thunder Point nearing its end I was so very excited to see that she s starting a new series with yet another small town community at Its Center It Was Clear From The center It was clear from the that Sullivan s Crossing has a whole lot Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett: A Grandfather's Thoughts on Faith, Family, and the Things That Matter Most of potential with so many interesting characters already prepared to take the spotlight What We Find however wasn t uite up to Robyn Carr s standards Centered around Maggie and Cal What We Find shows bothf them during their most vulnerable time They both have reasons to WHAT WE FIND is the beginning Asesinato en una Lavandería China (Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro of another heart warming small town saga from Robyn Carr She s my most read author so yep I enjoy her books very much This series is set in Colorado at a place called Sullivan s Crossing located near the intersectionf the Continental Divide trail Colorado trail How gorgeous would that place be sigh Yet another Robyn Carr location I want to live inAt Sullivan s Crossing there s a campground and general store and it s all run by Sully a cantankerous yet kindhearted guy who s been there forever It s to Sullivan s Crossing that Sully s daughter Maggie returns during a turbulent time f loss and great stress in her life At the campground she encounters the very private Cal someone else searching for calm and healingThe easy pacing f this book was enjoyable giving readers time to get to know the characters and the beautiful setting Maggie is a strong and courageous woman and if I was ever in trouble I d want her n my side I was touched by Cal s back story and was rooting for him to find happiness againI didn t think the plot was particularly strong though I know what the two main characters were headed for Things had to be worked through Closure first then possibly a second chance at love WHAT WE FIND is a solid start to the Sullivan s Crossing series and I d recommend it to any fan f romantic women s fictionDisclosure I received a copy Beyond Time Travel - Exploring Our Parallel Worlds: Amazing Real Life Stories in the News (Time Travel Books Book 1) of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Er arriving Maggie's world is rockednce again and she must take Boarding House of Hunks on responsibility than she'd planned Though she's relieved a uiet and serious looking hiker Cal Jones is willing to lend a hand Maggie is suspiciousf this mysterious man's eagerness to help until she finds ut the true reason for his deliberate isolationThough Cal and Maggie each struggle with loss and loneliness the time they spend together gives Maggie hope for something brighter just n the horizonif Bec (The Demonata, only they can learn to find peace and healing and perhaps love with eachth. What We Find

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