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Vitality is like every other woman just Like You And I Wondering What Her you and I wondering what her is where her journey is leading why certain things happen and how she is meant to share the new insights she gains with others In her first book Vitality Knocks Anita introduces us to Vitality a spunky intuitive woman who speaks candidly about her struggles and accomplishments as a wife mother and business woman She takes on the real world on her terms Then bravely and thoughtfully shares her insights gleaned from the often scary sometimes gut wrenching and always on her Terms Then Bravely And Then bravely and shares her insights gleaned from the often scary sometimes gut wrenching and always events she finds herself entrenched in Sometimes life lessons appear in the strangest forms they even appear than once until we get it Many readers will relate to Vitality's reflections and interpretations of those life lessons and may even recognize some of them in their own lives This book is ideal for entrepreneurs business women mothers wives and career driven individuals in the pursuit of success and happiness eager to experience and achieve success in what they are wanting There are 11 stories in all wisdom humour self care power security goals moving forward peace our inspirational journey ,

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Vitality KnocksNtuition and joy I imagine the reader curling up in their space and enjoying this special little book embracing each and every story and its enjoying this special little book embracing and every story and its to them says Anita in her interview with IC Publishing I like fictional books For me it provided the creative freedom I needed as a writer which was extremely helpful when delivering on a serious subject As each chapter concludes there are segments to encourage reflection It’s fiction with a twist Plus Vitality is a cool woman and she has so much to share Note from the publisher Vitality’s journey is anything but simple and et author Anita Heidema has created a strong and vibrant character in Vitality one who is able to draw us into her world and is unabashed and forthright in the telling of each situation At the same time she cleverly uses each experience as a teaching tool to emphasize the essential lessons we all can and need to learn Vitality guides us through her thought process and encourages us to absorb the value from each day and its happenings and to apply it to our tomorrows Her instincts and perceptions remind Us That Time Is A that time is a commodity Spending it generously and wi. Sely with love and respect with family friends and our communities should be our focus About the Author Anita’s credentials family friends and our communities should be our focus About the Author Anita’s credentials extensive including over 27 ears of formal study and experience in management high level sales business and personal development Harvard Business Management and teaching at Ryerson Yet with all this she still attributes her most *Valuable Learning To The University Of Life Which She Passionately * learning to the University of Life which she passionately in Vitality Knocks A motivated and successful entrepreneur hard working single mom of two wonderful children loving caregiver and health awareness advocate and mentor Anita Heidema is a great role model of what is possible when ou never give up on our dreams and are give up on Thunder Voice (Sam Keaton: Legends of Laramie your dreams and are toour own personal change and growth Her motto is Instill an internal legacy to live fully and to Rebelde Rendición (Saga Londres, your true potential Learn experience and love As the creator of the 21 Day Journey to Success programs Anita Heidema CIO of YIJ Group Inc believes we all have the same 24 hours in a day and she teaches how successful people find time for what's important to them Anita believes that whenou’re creating goals it’s important to get away to find Wretched Moments your wa.

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