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An Island TaleLd have to a What is this for story I have completed it and I still do not know Is it a "Tale Of Adventure If That "of adventure If that what Conrad meant it to be it moves too slowly All of the action takes place at the nd Is it a romance a

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story It be classified as such Not Without a Fight either The characters are too aloof too lukewarm towardach other Is it meant to be a character study Perhaps but I felt not a thing toward any of the characters neither the primary nor the secondary ones An attachment develops between the Garden Bouquets and Beyond expatriate London raised Swede Axel Heyst and Lena an orphaned and destitute fiddle player Axe Axel Heyst the Swede is running away but since it is himself he wants toscape from that is clearly an unattainable goal Growing up with his crank of a father a widower in London Town the The Unseen Wonder elder Heyst writes little books of his unpopular philosophy making a small profit from the few who like them and just gets by Having fled his native land they didn t understand the Baron s unusual ideas not sure if he deserved that title as nowherelse does The Management Bible either He despises the world and they would dislike him too if he was known But Axel listens to his cold father maybe not the best for him if no other reason than peace of mind The boy feels alone when his father passed away nothing new Always a loner as if life was just a mirage not real nothing to getxcited over a walking unfeeling mac. Struggles to save Heyst from the detachment and isolation that have inhibited and influenced his lifeMarked by a violent and tragic conclusion Victory is both a tale of rescue and adventure and a perceptive study of a complex relationship and of the power of love. ,

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From BBC Radio 4 DramaThe world premiere of Harold Pinter s screenplay of Josef Conrad s last major novel in a special adaptation for radio by Conrad s last major novel in a special adaptation for radio by Richard EyreIt s 1900 in the Dutch East Indies Disenchanted with life and humanity Heyst a mysterious Swedish Baron lives alone on a deserted islandHe believes "he can avoid suffering by cutting himself off "can avoid suffering by cutting himself off others but his life is altered when he visits the neighbouring island for a doctor s check up Here he meets and falls in love with Lena a young English violinist travelling across the Pacific with a small commercial ladies OrchestraSurrounded by predatory older men including the hotel manager Schomberg she is drawn to Heyst and the sense of mystery that surrounds him Together in the middle of the night they Zu schnell escape by boat to his islandSound Design John Leonard and Wilfredo AcostaDirector Richard EyreNarrator Simon Russell Beale I read pretty muchverything Conrad wrote back in the 80 s but having booked a holiday in Indonesia I had to take one of his far astern novels Great to read about the dead calm Java Sea while looking out over the dead calm Java Sea Anyway1 Sea while looking out over the dead calm Java Sea Anyway1 one writes better than Conrad in English Some are as good but different Pynchon Dickens ven Updike but no one is better2 Only those that haven t read him associate him with adventure books for boys What he is really about is the psychology of life what. Axel Heyst a dreamer and a restless drifter believes he can avoid suffering by cutting himself off from others Then he becomes involved in the operation of a coal company on a remote island in the Malay Archipelago and when it fails he turns his back on humanity. It takes to be a man the nature of virtue and vice what integrity means how women usally result in something bad happening you know boy s own adventure stuff Otherwise what s going to happen to
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Empire and will you cope with the trenchesBut seriously I m not going to trivially outline the plot because that wouldn t add anything JC is a writer of immense stature and verybody should read him ven women who in my xperience don t really get him I read Carol Shields now it s your turn If you feel like reading a complex psychological novel "THAT WILL MAKE YOU PONDER THE "will make you ponder the of life this is a book for you Not that you will be provided with any definite answers mind you Victory strikes me as a rather ambiguous work one that is intentionally left open to interpretations Conseuently if you like clear uestions and answers this is not a novel for you for there is a lot to ponder in this one Nevertheless I must hurry to add the novel is not written as a meditativephilosophical ssay or anything like that Not at all This philosophical aspect of the novel is what first comes to my mind because it is what personally interests me the most but really there is the main story sub stories plot and all for some perhaps this main story is the most important aspect of the novel For me it is the character study but these things are always subjectiveSo If I were to be objective I wou. Once But his life alters when he rescues a young English girl Lena from Zangiacomo's Ladies' Orchestra and the vil innkeeper Schomberg taking her to his island retreat The affair between Heyst and Lena begins with her release but the relationship shifts as Lena.

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