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Itty was promptly run over By A Car Apparently The a car Apparently the abandon the use of spy cats after this incident This is well worth a read Uncle John s Bathroom Reader as once again presented a plethora of amazing and amusing facts to be perused in that Sanctum Santorum that is known as the reading room Does it Shalias Diary (Shalias Diary, have everything in it or course not but it doesave enough to keep you entertained for ours It is not just for the reading room but just wherever you want to read There is just to much to tell about in this review But I can say that it was enlightening This is "A Very Informative Book As " very informative book as of the Bathroom Reader series I really like the book s style of explaining the trivia in a very entertaining manner unlike other trivia books which just list trivia after trivia in a monotonous manner Trivia are just that trivia Hence it is important to make them interesting so that readers will appreciate them and this book as done the job and I love all the interesting facts I also can read it before bed because the sections are so short it is okay if I fall asleep in the middle of a page It is good jeopardy study material An overall fun readI loved this I learned so many interesting things I wish I could find "at rummage sales and yard sales This book is funnyseriousand all true which makes it even better Did "rummage sales and yard sales This book is funnyseriousand all true which makes it even better Did know that every japanese word ands in a vowe. Y of Jello Plus all of your bathroom reading favorites are back Dumb Crooks Amazing Luck Forgotten History Pop Science Celebrity Gossip Brainteasers and much much So cultivate your curiosity with this truly compelling re. ,

Uncle John's Curiously Compelling Bathroom ReaderPerfect for a uick read during a pit stop on the throne makes Me Feel Like A feel like a king Uncle John s Curiously Compelling Bathroom Reader by the Bathroom Reader s Institute published by Portable PressCategory TriviaHumor Publication Date October 28 2006I really can tell you ow many of these I ave read I believe they are in their 27th Although are touted as Bathroom Readers I must admit I ave never read one in the bathroom books are so good that I devour them as I would any great mystery autobiography or any great book If you Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command have noteard of them these books contain very little known facts where do they come up with some of this stuff and Trivia They are often broken down into categories and most are short in nature with few going longer than a couple of pages One must be sure not to miss the little snippets on the bottom of each page many times these can be the Explosive Acts heart of the bookThe booksave done so well and appeal to a wide audience that they ave even published editions for kids These are great learning tools for children because the subjects are interesting and short they will definitely not be boredAnother nice aspect of these books is that they can be put down and picked up at anytime without fear of not being able to follow the story the problem will be in trying to put the books down they become very addictiveAll of. The latest greatest volume in the popular Uncle John’s series flush with fun facts and figures and plenty of trademark trivia Uncle John’s Curiously Compelling Bathroom Reader the 19th edition of this best selling se.

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The Bathroom Reader s are suitable for all ages and are very entertaining They make great gifts and most people will ang on to them and read them over and over again I wonder if this should be a 5 star because it as been in the bathroom for almost 5 years should
be a 5 
a 5 because it as been in the bathroom for almost 5 years It still manages to entertain with uick its as always before and I still seem to find things I adn t read though I must Two Reels And A Crank have gone through it several times by now albeit not systematically Fun stuff and full of weird entertaining errata about life This is a great book to dip into as and when youave a few minutes Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, handy so the bathroom is a good place for it It s full of anecdotes and interesting trivia If one titbit bores you just move on to another This probably doesn t count as a book butit took me several months to read and it was over 500 pagesso I counted it As usual my preferred throne reading delivers another excellent installment These books are filled with various funny interesting and compelling stories that cover topics from the weird and unexplained pop culture toistory These interesting stories threaten to keep you in bathroom long after you mission is complete Amongst my favorite story is acoustic kitty As part of the CIA s attempt to use animals for surveillance purposes acoustic kitty was fit with state of the art euipment to the tune of major dollars On er first test run Ries as than 500 pages of the perfect reading material for the throne room Settle in and read about Great Moments in Bad TV the First Detective the Story of Prohibition the ueen of the Roller Derby and the jiggly istor. .

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