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Erited a garage She was amazed to discover that the hunk *she nicknamed Mr Gelato Eric Schneider was the nephew of the old lady and he in turn had inherited the bakery *nicknamed Mr Gelato Eric Schneider was the nephew of the old lady and he in turn had inherited the bakery which the garage was associated The two are attracted to ach other but both have friends warning of the possibility that the other may just be out to gain greater access to the other s inheritance With his controlling parents their friends warnings and a new business to set up will their love stand any chance of developing into an irresistibly tasty HEA or is doomed to the bin as a burnt offering Can they work together to create some mouth watering burnt offering Can they work together to create some mouth watering Tasty Treats Or Will tasty treats or will cakes just fail to rise to the occasionA fantastic sweet romance highly Memoirs of a Millionaires Mistress entertaining with superb character development and plot this is definitely a novel to savour IMHOThanks to the author publishers and NetGalley too for letting me read an ARC of this book inxchange for an honest review Natalie owns a cupcake truck She has seen Eric before and liked him immediately but they never had the chance to talk Until she accidentally bumps into him Shortly afterwards they meet again This time because Eric has inherited a bakery and Natalie the garage right next to it Natalie s dream is to have her own bakery but she has to sell a lot cupcakes before that can Meet Phoenix ever happen Eric knows nothing about baking as he s a financial consultant but he wants to reopen the place and he loves the idea of being his own boss He needs Natalie s help and she could use his kitchen space to bake her cupcakes Eric also wants the garage toxpand the business though They might be a good match but is there too much that s standing in their wayTruly Madly Sweetly is a cute and fun story Natalie is a sweet girl who s been hurt in the past She s careful but she allows herself to have dreams again and to fall in love Only she and Eric are sharing a business space so it isn t the smartest thing to do They have great chemistry but they don t know The Mistletoe Melody (A Brookhollow Story, each other that well and they both want something that the other has so there are trust issues between them That s a good topic for a story Natalie and Eric both love sweet food and I loved Kira Archer s descriptionsspecially the chocolaty ones If you re looking for a light and Sid and Sam enjoyable read Truly Madly Sweetly would be anxcellent choice The story is sweet and the main characters are Screwball easy to like Kira Archer knows how to tell a romantic story She describes her characters well and there s always something going on The story is fast paced it s vivid and it has a lovelynding 4 StarsWhat a stinking cute bookNatalie Moran has just inherited a parking spot for her cupcake food truck The only problem is Eric Schneider a business man has inherited the bakery attached to the parking spot Such an odd situation Both want both spots both refuse to sellthe only thing left is to work together Natalie and Eric work out a plan where Natalie will help Eric set up his bakery since he knows nothing about baking in xchange for using his kitchen The time they spend together the things heat up Their chemistry is on fire but is it wise to cross the boundaries while both want something the other has Heck yes they should cross the boundaries Natalie and Eric are the most adorable couple I love how they meetcupcake and gelato what perfect nicknames for them They are perfect for ach other in The Outlaw Jesse James every waythe way they both love chocolate their kind hearts and the way they both wear their heart on their sleeves I was never worried about them usingach other for their business assets because they liked Up All Night each other before theyven knew what they both inherited They both jump all in when it comes to relationships so of course they ve both been burned in the past The Spiral Dance especially Natalie I can t blameither of them for their initial caution of The Erotic Mind each other Butventually their hearts take over and they know what they have is real Nothing Dancing at Midnight (The Splendid Trilogy, else going on in their lives mattered Just him just them just this moment He kissed her gently on the temple and let hisyes close his heart beating in time to hers They chemistry is on fire I love how they become friends first before officially trying to date The time they spend together laughing playing and fighting got all the butterflies churning in my stomach I love the buildup in their relationship it just makes their union that much sweeter There is a misunderstanding in the It Hurts When I Poop! a Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty end and I don t blame Natalie at all for the way she reacted Eric is such a mama and daddy s boy that I was frustrated too but in thend he comes to his senses and does the right thing I love how he fights for Natalie It s so damn swee. O buy Nat out no matter what she has to say about itEric’s determined to build his own business but he needs the super cute klutz with the cupcake truck to help If Nat will teach him the basics of running a bakery he’ll give her free kitchen time Exceptneither xpects the heat burni. Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews25 starsHave you ver read a book where you wanted to slap Pleasures Book Reviews25 starsHave you Double Deception (Code Name: Danger ever read a book where you wanted to slap character up the head like Olympia Dukakis did in Moonstruck Well that was me about 15 times in this book with the hero the sad thing is I rathernjoyed this story it could have been a great story with some minor tweaking but to the hero I want to say Grow the hell up You are a well Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, educated wellmployed young man and you need to tell your Parents To Back The Hell Out Of to back the hell out of life Whew okay I feel much better now To the author kira archer i want to say author Kira Archer I want to say ve really loved your work in the past and I could have loved this book but sadly the hero brought this book downTwo people meet in a very unusual way one that had me laughing out loud and one that had me feeling the heat between them from that first moment They meet again under later under again unusual circumstances when Natalie s landlady and Eric s aunt beueath them some interesting property that has them spending a lot of time together and while this worked on some levels on others it didn t work at all I loved the heroine in this book it was Grave Tattoo evident Natalie had been hurt badly and that she was skittish about men and relationships but it was also clear that she planned to make something of her life despite the raw deal she got when herx screwed her over She s smart funny and a hard worker There were moments when I adored Eric he was so Georgia and the Tycoon even keeled all the time he was caring when Nat was having a really awful day and he honestly appreciated her sassiness and tenacity but he let his parents constantly run roughshod over him I also had to wonder about someone with such business smarts making some really uestionable decisions I might have given him that had he had of a relationship with his late aunt but it was obvious he didn t so I couldn tven give him points for sentimentality If you took the overbearing parents out of this book and focused just on the relationship this was a good book in fact it was pretty damn fantastic These two had chemistry in spades something they acted on right away and then backed off on when they Churchills Trial ended up working together for a common goal So they form a friendship of sorts they get to know one another they driveach other a wee bit crazy with their antics and get to know one another They also learn to appreciate A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries each other s strengths and start to realize they wantach other in their lives until of course Eric s parents call and he runs off to do their biddingACCCKKKIt s always a shame when a book has such potential and it doesn t live up to it While this book was a disappointment I have Lakeside Redemption enjoyed Ms Archer s work in the past and I will most definitely read her againReview copy provided for an honest review Reviewed for Wit and Sin Annergetic baker a handsome businessman with a sweet tooth a uirky meet cute and a little matchmaking from beyond the grave Truly Madly Sweetly has all the In Pursuit of a Princess elements of a cute and fun romance Unfortunately Kira Archer s first Sweet Love story left a sour taste in my mouthWhen baker Natalie Moran inherits the perfect parking space from a kindly woman she doesn txpect that the man who inherits the bakery the spot is attached to sexy businessman Eric Schneider to deci ARC received via NetGalley in Second Time Loving exchange for an honest reviewTruly Madly Sweetly done This was a sweetfun and slightly angsty read Natalie and Eric pretty much fall in love at first sight but are both hesitant Eric s aunt passed away and left him her old bakery while leaving the garage to Natalie for her food truck cupcake business Natalie s wants to rent the kitchen of the bakery to make her cupcakes while Eric wants the garage to use for deliveries of the bakery s treats Despite the instant attraction both are worried the other is using them for access to their piece of the inheritance Throw in overbearing parents nosy best friends and an interferingx and you get fun and crazy read As usual for very novel I have read by this talented author my advice is very simple if you njoy superbly written romance don t bother reading this review just get yourself a copy of this book and read it instead All of the stories I ve read from Kira Archer have kept me Dark Awakening enthralled with herxcellently developed characters and plots with plenty of twists and turns making the story an Hawks Way (Hawks Way enthralling roller coaster ride from start to finish I m very pleased to say that this one maintains her usualxemplary standard and lives up to its tagline in being a sweet love story Natalie Moran had been a good neighbour and tenant but was astonished to discover that when her landlady and friend died she had inh. An inherited parking spot That’s all it took to make Natalie Moran’s food truck dreams come true But her dream space is attached to a bakery inherited by someone lse drop dead gorgeous Eric Schneider a financial consultant who wouldn’t know a cupcake from a cannoli And he wants T Natalie has a lot uirks and I love the way he celebrates her uniueness He GETS HER KNOWS HER AND LOVES her knows her and loves I just adored this sweet book I think I m becoming a Kira Archer fan Happy reading Thanks to netgalley and Entangled for the ARC in xchange for an honest reviewI always had a soft spot for books about bakeries restaurants or hotels This is kind of weird because I neither have a cookingbaking passion nor the whish to open a business myselfThis book came as a wonderful surprise It is the perfect feel good romance you Need For A Cosy Reading for a cosy reading lo 35 starsTruly Madly Sweetly was a fun sweet ntertaining readBoth leads Eric and Natalie were likable sexy and fun charactersThey had readBoth leads Eric and Natalie were likable sexy and fun charactersThey had banter a strong attraction and great chemistry It was ntertaining watching them set up the bakery Sabina Spielrein especially with Natalie s OCD with her lists and her need with alphabetizingverything lol I loved how they tried hard to keep things professional and not give into their want for Cognitive Radio Networks each other yeah rightWhile Injoyed reading Truly Madly Sweetly there was a few things that held me back from rating it higher I didn t care much for Eric s parents They had such high Personnel Management in Government expectations and would guilt him into doing what they wanted Eric was too nice he found it hard to say no to them To me this came across as weak and I wasn t impressed with some things he was asked to do Dear lor I venjoyed a few of Kira s other works and I liked the synopsis so I was Out of This World eager to start itNatalie and Eric are likable characters They re both driven and playful when they re together The BFFs Gina and Jared stole the show and I hope they get their own book As always there was a bout of miscommunication parents meddling and overreacting Some of it was understandable some was a bit clich dOverall it was uick cute read I will definitely be reading the next in the series if there is oneHuge thanks to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for providing the arc inxchange for an honest review Expectations RealityThis is the second book I ve read by this author and I really liked her Loving her crazy so I thought that I d like this story too Unfortunately we don t always get what we want right What I liked about this story was the idea of a cute romance that you can put yourself in it We can t all be millionaires and god knows what but a baker sure why not I also liked Gina and Natalie s characters Gina is just a BFF you d be lucky to have and one that can kick some serious ass if you push her too far As for Natalie she has this big dream of her own bakery and she definitely isn t afraid to turn her dream into reality despite how much time and hard work it will in the The Time It Never Rained end take She loved Hoboken loved being so close to New York City and was thrilled she d finally managed to savenough to get her own food truck scratch that mobile cupcakery But sadly for Natalie she never had much luck with men Her The Child of the Soul and Other Stories ex stole her cook book and made some serious money of it And now that her friend left her in her will a parking spot beneath the bakery that now belonged to her friends nephev who also just so happens to be her gelato man things certainly got complicated Wethis ll be interesting she saidGina snorted Understatement of the year my friend Annnd this is where me and the plot went our separate waysFrom this moment on I stopped believing that these two could make a real life couple Why Hmm lets see Both want the bakery AND both kinda also want the parking spot Add to that friends and family who are constantly telling you that the other is only using you to get what they want and in truth don t have any real feelings for you AND then add to all that which is already a lot of drama some spoiled blond bimbo who is a childhood friend andx of H syeahmy thoughts Childrens Phantasies exactlyOh that s right almost forgot the H as it turns out is a real mama s boy YES You read that right Don t believe me here Eric stopped suddenly acutely aware that he was about to defy his parents for the first time in his life Even Natalie thinks so His mother or rather his inclination for running whenever Mommy Dearest called was a bit annoying The only advice I would give Natalie at this point would be to leave his sorry ass But love is love and at thend he then does the unthinkable and actually stands up for what he wants and who he wants So some points for that but dude that was a long time coming that s all I m sayingSoanywayIf you like the blurb and those things mentioned abouve don t bother you then please go ahead and read the book Maybe you ll like maybe you won t but at least you ll know what s what rightARC received via NetGalley in xchange for an honest review. Ng between them or the possibility that their arrangement might become permanent When it all blows up Nat is convinced his actions mean betrayal It’s up to Eric to regain her trust and show her he’s a man who is truly madly in love with her before she disappears from his life foreve. .

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