BOOK EPUB To Love a Stranger Delaney Trilogy #1 BY Connie Mason –

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Ar cuando las cosas no se hablan ue los malos entendidos son muy malos Una historia breve y agradable entretenida y ubicada en un pueblo el oeste americano Un tanto Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, dram tico al final pero entretenidae leer con personajes bien caracterizados pero sin mucho seso a mi parecer llega un momento en el ue me parece ue las cosas se esmadran un poco Safety view spoiler When they Were Separated His Brother Talked Him Into Going To The separated his brother talked him into going to the and getting a woman He made it all the way up to the room and she touched him but he couldn t get hard This was 70ish% in and they were still married hide spoiler Setting is "Dry Gulch Montana 1880 And This Is Book 1 Of "Gulch Montana 1880 and this is book 1 of Delaney Brother s trilogy This book ragged a lot for me Pierce was running because he is wrongly accursed of beating a girl Hides in the basement of Zoeyyadda yadda yaddaNo surprises no twists Got tired of all the istrust of women because of his mam. Vigilante while escaping he finds refuge in Zoey's root cellar Zoey removes the bullet and saves his life but when Willoughby's threats loom larger #she forces Pierce to marry her at gunpoint and rescue her from Willoughby's clutches But Zoey idn't #forces Pierce to marry her at gunpoint and rescue her from Willoughby's clutches But Zoey Nazi Gold didn't on falling in love with her reluctant bridegroom and Pierce certainlyidn't plan on finding a wife ui.

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