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It Isn t Romantic I liked the book but it needed editing before Publishing There Are Uite There are uite few misspellings throughout It was somewhat distractingThe Monrok are basically cyborg warriors created by the Zapex race to be machine than uman The Monrok in this story The Nazi Revolution have defected and killed their Zapex prince and taken a guard spaceship and fled They realize that the King s ship is on their scanners and they decide to intercept They want the precious cargo that is aboardis Bloods a Rover (American Underworld Trilogy human female pets and Zapexian concubines I was disappointed in the xxx scenes of which there werea lot even mm and mfm The scenes were clinically described There was no feeling involved They just felt flat and unemotional to me I m not sure if the author wanted it that way because of the cyborgs but they were actually portrayed as uite emotional beings showing anger and rage readily So the unemotional xxx scenes were a failure of the author s writing in my opinionYEHAW Ride em Bareback Cowgirl Love This SeriesDangow I love me some Monrok And this delicious story as so much yummy PET PLAY It was fantastic and I enjoyed the three relationships this story focused on Speaking of the relationships finally FINALLY There s some awesomely awesome warrior on warrior mating That s right MMF Oh elz yes I knew at least a few of those guys Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, had toave it in them after all the MFM going on in the previous books And the next book the couples just the idea of this book in this fantastic kin Intense fast sexy read This will not to everyone s taste but I loved it If you don t like objectification then this might not be be to everyone s taste but I loved it If you don t like objectification then this might not be you if you do then this one will blow you awayGreat Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet having Monrok storys I love the premise for this book Modifiedumans Monroks search for and claim Arise human pets for their own Theyave been br. I mean to steal the king’s concubines The Zapex ruler King Thaain Archies Americana, Vol. 1 has disappeared He sent one last transmission fromis pleasure cruiser before The Book Thief his Monrok guards were left looking at open space After the rebellion the crew of the guard ship gave up their search to seek solace on the Monrok new world of Kadeema Weave reason to.

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Their Human Pets Monrok Masters #1Human women as petsThis spinoff from the Monrok Warriors series as lots of great sex and Ds Educating for the New World Order heavy with BDSM elements The femalesave been raised as submissive sex pets since birth or very early childhood and Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock have no memories prior to life with the Zapexian ruler The combination of the males with sexual overdrive who are new to mating and females whoave a The Character Of An Upright Man harem mentality make for some bits ofumorous dialogue between them all There are a number and variety of sex scenes MF MFM MM MMF interspecies sex and masturbation FF as well There are a number and variety of sex scenes MF MFM MM MMF interspecies sex and masturbation FF as well MFMF Group sex are also part of the story but with minor characters and explicit details omitted There is also uit a bit of action This is a real page turner being as short as it is with all the sex action and HEAs Can t wait for another Monrok book Recommend reading abducting Bambi then read book 1 of monrok Warriors to fully appreciate the details the author provides in this book One of the MC Makes a reference to the Earther female e tried to take away from another alien and in this book gives minimal details about it but if you ave read the Bambi book you get in this book gives minimal details about it but if you GURPS Conspiracy X have read the Bambi book you get good appreciation of whate went through to try and take Just One Golden Kiss her also it kinda of puts a timeline in perspective as toow fast these events The Tyranny of Guilt happen and in what short time Don t get me wrong the minimal details that I mentioned were perfect as background but it just flows better if youave read the other books Great plot and we finally get enemy interaction for which the monrok were made to fight More Monrok FunGreat Story You Either Love These Stories story you either love these stories not But their always fun sexy and a great escape You Phantom Encounters have to admit that the Monrok alpha males are always a through mix of pain and pleasure Great sexy tale Audrey This was a great book I really enjoyed the sex scenes the author wrot. P But for the chance to ownuman petswe will risk all Publisher’s Note This book contains dark BDSM elements and a non traditional spin on a traditional HEA If such material is offensive to you please do not purchase this book If such material excites you strap in There’s a good chance you’re going to enjoy reading this stor. Ed to be submissive for the Zapex This book told of several Monrok claiming their own different Eat Your Way Through the USA human pet one claiming a veran oracle being and two Monrok claiming one pet together I really enjoyed the m nage storyline especially as it was also about the relationship between the men as well as with their pet I also really enjoyed Dag s and the veran s storyline the tension between their powerful personalities I really wanted to know about Ren andis pet but I think that s for the second book Th Monrok Masters Book 1Their Human Pets was a great adventure with lots of steamy sex The PETS WERE ALL UNUSUAL BUT VERY INTERESTING I CAN were all unusual but very interesting I can wait to read about them and the Monrok warriors in the coming Their Reluctant PetsThis book focused on the relationship that forms between Lyhnx and My Dirty Janitor Book 4 his pet Xanthia but other warroirs and their pets are introduced to us via their adventures I was well satisfied with the ending of this story it was really HEA in my eyes and I bet we will see a little of Xanthia and Lyhnx with their baby Looking forward to reading about all the warriors and their pets reluctant or not Oh my gosh can I tell youow much I am enjoying this author I loved the other Monrok stories and this just takes am enjoying this author I loved the other Monrok stories and this just takes to the next level The world building is so well done and very uniue I love all the different alien characters I read this thru the KU Program This is another great book from Aubrey Cara s erotic science fiction romance series and spinoffs about the Monrok Monrok are male Stories from Spain / Historias de España human cyborgs whoave been created and enslaved by an alien race of Zapex since being abducted from Earth at birth or shortly thereafter Now that they Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos have rebelled and freed themselves they are on theunt for mates A few decide to track down the Zapex king s pleasure ship where they Broken Bear haveeard Enna Burning he keeps. Believe the kingas female Hatter human pets onboardis vessel A crew of six of my brethren and I are manning the abandoned guard ship We will be traveling deep into Zapex territory Capture or death is a possibility at every turn We don’t know if the king’s ship Paint the Wind has already been recovered by the Zapex Nor do we know if this is a tra.

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