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She s a troubled enius He s brash and brazen They loved each other until they fought They have spent years hating each other and now just as life is ready to take them their own separate ways they must decide whether to stay together or move on The World s Best Boyfriend by Durjoy Dutta is a coming of age romance rather formulaic in the way its been written and sure to appeal the college crowd Six key elements sum up the story college professors hostel life written and sure to appeal the college crowd Six key elements sum up the story college professors hostel life love and sex I uite enjoyed the story of Dhruv and Aranya especially the first half The second half sort of dragged for me not only the scenes were repetitive the dialogues long and rather pedantic The book is interesting and well written and to me the author seems to have heavily borrowed from personal life experiences My only The Complete Calvin and Hobbes [Box Set] grudge is there could have been much to increase the richness of the story andive it a wonderful flavour Don t ask me what I am a writer myself and would much rather keep the twists for my own stories wink winkEnjoy reading I m scratching my head here What happened This story had sooooo much potential First time and probably last time reading this author I was really disturbed by how our heroine was so verbally and physically abused by her family and to my dismay and horror it was always done in public And no one ever said a damn thing This pretty much killed any feelings of like I was starting to have for the story Also not to mention how we re forced to witness the horrible things our leads do to each other for love or to prove they don t love each other This story was too draining In the end the only thing I was wishing for was for the story to focus on the best friend Sanchit He was hand down the only person that kept me reading to the endNever underestimate the power of your non friends I am not sure about this book I mean I liked it and disliked it at the same time First thing that i didn t like about this book is its characters they were totally ripped out of the tv show sadda ha There was some difference in their back story And arranya is not pretty and all But one see the similarities It was cheesy it was sometimes unrealistic i know its fiction and little unrealistic is ok but it was like it was like some like a tv show from shaktiman era the characters were very weak view spoilerif the story would have ended where she Um Natal em Ardmore goes to banglore with raghuveer then it was ok i mean it was a sad ending now she is with raghuveer and realizes she loves dhruv yeah ok she you love dhruv justo to him and confess your love why make raghuveer the bad aranya is potrait as a strong women then dosn t have the Skeletons guts to tell her parents the truth she has to lie come on hide spoiler Aw well what can ya do It s aood uick read but the characters don t do much which is logical World s Best Boyfriend well try to find him in the pagesI like Durjoy s books and have read them all so I am well aware of what to expect there This was a ood read but not DD s best or even better worksOn to the next one The Girl of my Dreams till then keep on readingPeople who don t read to the next one The Girl of my Dreams till then keep on readingPeople who don t read ask me my reasons for reading Simply put I just love reading and so to that end I have made it my motto to just Keep on Reading I love to rea Few things you regret post it s done so was this readthis was the first pick I made from Durjoy Datta s work and I am really not impressed I have heard a lot about him and being an aspiring writer I chose for his. Hate is a four letter wordSo is love And sometimes people can’t tell the differenceDhurv and Aranya spend a ood part of their lives trying to figure out why they want. The Worlds Best BoyfriendEach other Hatred for someone comes only when you consider them someone important in your mind That s the plot on which World s Best Boyfriend is based upon The language of Durjoy Datta remains the same uite urban and cool He has stopped writing sex but begun writing Fucks in his book like its just another word in English without which the sentence couldn t be completed The way he has characterized each of his protagonists is worth applauding like always It isn t easy to base a book on a victim of a disease about whom we don t even So Far from the Sea give a second thought in our life And then carrying it so appropriately whenever discussed about it is anotherreatness in his writing But I felt that the story is uite stretched in few chapters where it could have been easily ended in a page or two keeping the impact intact Description of each emotion for almost 20 25 sentences have only led in thickness of this book but doesn t make you feel anything stronger than you felt after doesn t make you feel anything stronger than you felt after the first sentence itself Because of this when you are done reading the climax the predictability even after 288 pages of tale disappoints you There are wonderful moments in the book How both the characters lie in front of their school committee immediately after The Wolfs Healing Touch (Wolves of Stone Ridge getting caught How Aranya s father comes in college afteretting complaint about her after many years How Aranya becomes the star of the college How Raghuvir and Aranya starts conversing and falling in love Such few scenes have of the college How Raghuvir and Aranya starts conversing and falling in love Such few scenes have wonderfully written Also the humour between the lines by Durjoy is unavoidable and that s something which holds you for 7 8 hours in which you can easily complete reading this one I liked the anti climax where both Dhruv and Aranya are wanting to tell how they love each other but couldn t express because of their egos and historical record of hating each other and competing in almost every thing But still the book carries many flaws and it s the biggest turn off Before Durjoy could have actually started to tell about a The Draft girl s whole life story on being a victim to a disease he just stops discussing about it and the thing is forgotten somewhere It comes only in few sentences where Dhruv calls her ugly repeatedly otherwise no discussion about the disease part and her current fight against it is spotted Similarly her father takes away her phone and how and when sheets it back is another sub plot which Durjoy doesn t care to include in the book Apart from all these drawbacks the best and interesting part of this book is character of Sanchit That keeps you alive and fresh I ive this 35 stars Out Of 5 Little Better of 5 Little better Half Girlfriend Haha Yes Now waiting for Durjoy Datta s 12th book Thanks ABHILASH RUHELA VEERU The rating for this book is 32 I liked the love hate relationship that Aranya and Dhruv shared A typical disastrous bond A true showcase of relationships that the current eneration holds to be a perfect match while treating self as a competition to make themselves look like an ideal couple I love their coping mechanism that is to not appear weak by picking out the weak spots of each other and also the hidden love that was lost in its time A complete combination of a high achiever and a wreck The life of students involving their family high school love life and friends those affecting their decisions and choices The idea of love is exploited by turning it into perfection instead of working on it The story ets too dramatic which typically remin. Wanted is to do the worst most miserable things to one another Yet there is something that tells them THIS IS NOT ITIf you want to know the answer to it all read the boo. ,

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Book parallel to Chandana Roy s A Good Girl World s best boyfriend Full filmy or like a daily soap I mean there s no point of accounting something in pages a daily soap I mean there s no point of accounting something in pages you can watch them on television trees would be regretting dying for this ButThere s always two sides of a coinIt s not all bad about the book Dialogues are ood and snappy and One thing that I learnt is what not to write Durjoy Dutta s World s Best Boyfriend left me thinking if this is really what s happening in society between teenagers then I m terrifiedThe characters were being unreasonable many times despite that I m The Astral Codex glad that such books exist that are entertaining and don t teach any morals in the end I read Durjoy s book after a long time after reading a lot of his previous books I started feeling he has nothing new in his stories But this one changed my mind I love how the author has experimented with broken characters Instead of the dashing young boy and a beautifulirl he has damaged characters They re not so lovable yet they feel real Then there s their love story which is itself very damaged and imperfectOf course there are some shortcomings For example the last section of the book had a few unrealistic things There s this Here There Be Witches girl who is supposed to have a fake profile and is residing in a foreign country yet it doesn t become obvious when she shares her whatsapp number Then the reaction ofirl s parents in the end is a bit unexpected Parents who hate you and want to Story of the Liberty Bell get rid of you wouldn t mind throwing you off to any kind ofuy at least that s what these parents seemed to be like but they behaved very differently I would have liked if there was strength in this scene The ending would have been perfect thenOtherwise it feels ood was strength in this scene The ending would have been perfect thenOtherwise it feels ood read the story of these two people struggling with their own problems and being in love even then It s a ood book If you re not deliberately bent on undermining the work of authors like Durjoy Datta Chetan Bhagat you will like it A stupid college love story is it even a story Durjoy Datta is back with his is it even a story Durjoy Datta is back with his fiction book and he is still busy in launching it in all the cities of India I am lad to have read it even before people must have actually received it World s Best Boyfriend is the name of his newest flick and to my surprise it s his thickest book with 288 pages The title of the book is uite cheesy and I wasn t expecting much out of it and therefore I am not uite disappointed with this tale I am at least happy that Durjoy is trying such stories from which he kept himself away for first 6 books I am also liking the fact that he is writing solo books rather than with a co author as he used to do initially Durjoy Datta s new book tells us a story about a irl Aranya who has a disease named vitiligo since birth because of which her parents always hated her and never a moment came in life when they treated her nicely Her brother was always considered superior to her even when she was very studious and always scored in top ranks She meets a boy named Dhruv who is disturbed because his parents have separated as his mother leaves home with his school principal This leads Dhruv to be very rough and unemotional all his life Somehow both Aranya and Dhruv falls in love in school After etting caught they are separated and they only meet after couple of years to hate each other as much as possible They try almost everything to ruin each other s peace but is the hatred only thing that they share between. To destroy each other why they hurt each other so deeply And why they can’t stay away from each other The answer is just as difficult each time because all they’ve.

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