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The Wedding Guest: (Alex Delaware 34) An Unputdownable Murder Mystery from the Internationally Bestselling Master of Suspense (Alex Delaware Series)Portunity for misdirection to add to the mystery The twists and turns were good and I was dying to find out who did it Sadly when I did find out spoiler but SUFFICE TO SAY I WAS DISAPPOINTEDIT to say I was disappointedIt t stop from reading another by the same author but I might be inclined to delve into his back copies where perhaps he spent time on crafting a clever conclusion Alex and Milo are getting old This is not p to the sual standard of writing set by Jonathan kellerman and if Alex continues to work hope he gets his mojo Backerman While I Still Enjoy Kellerman S Characters And Their While I still enjoy Kellerman s characters and their to each other I found this book disappointing There was a lack of consistency in the details and some logic and timeline problems that were off putting And why do we have to get a list of every street they drive to get somewhere Who cares I ve read most of the Delaware series p till now but this may have been my last one i ve been waiting with baited breath for this book to come out as i am a huge fan of milo alex this book was a supreme let down it is soooooo boring sooo boring so technical and what s with the body shapers really thumbs down i was super excited when i saw this book had been delivered tore the packaging open when it arrived as i rode the elevator to my apartment i sually finish his books in one sitting i ve fallen asleep twice while trying to finish i m going out to get a pizza then i m gunna come back and attempt finish. Akes the bride and grooms choice of a Saints and Sinners theme all the macabreThere are no means of identification and nobody knows the victimThe bride is convinced someone is trying to sabotage her big day The groom is sure its a dreadful mistake. I ve read a lot Of These They Are Formulaic these They are formulaic pass the time I m a little bored of Alex s perfect relationship with Robin tbh but one of these books is like a warm bath You know what you are getting and you know the baddies get got at the end Slipping back into the company of Alex and Milo is like putting on your comfy slippers Having said that The Wedding Guest isn t one of the best in the series to my mind and I ve read pretty much all of them I ll leave detailed synopsis for others One real irritant for me is the schmaltzy lovey dovey simpering relationship of Alex and Robin but maybe I m just an old cynic When a woman is discovered strangled at a prima donna s wedding it s only natural that detective Milo Sturgis and consulting psychologist Alex Delaware turn their attention to the wedding party and their guests It soon becomes obvious this is anything but a straightforward case when no one admits to knowing or even recognising the dead woman Yet some of the wedding party s reactions throughout the investigation suggests they may not be as innocent as they seemI have read several Jonathan Kellerman novels and for some reason always find them a little difficult to get into at the beginning but it only takes a chapter or two before I m along for the ride As sual Kellerman s writing is superb his characters very well crafted and the dialogue so spot onI thought the premise to this story was full of potential with plenty of op. Jonathan Kellermans legendary thrillers have sold over 80 million copiesThis might be his best yetAn ninvited guest A missing identity A trail of deadly secretsWhen a horrified bridesmaid finds the body of a young woman at a wedding reception it


It then wait another year and hopefully the next one he writes is better I ve tried to finish this book three times and keep giving pI started reading Kellerman books back in the late Eighties Or Early Nineties When I Was Just early Nineties when I was just lass starting college I was enthralled by Alex s psychological insight and Milo s empathy contrasted against the noir and gritty realism I am and have always been a character oriented reader but was impressed by his careful if sometimes too coincidental plotting I stuck with Alex through his relationship difficulties with Robin his morphing from clinician to forensic specialist and the very gradual shifts away from the clinician to forensic specialist and the very gradual shifts away from the oriented writing that resonated even in the most outlandish scenariosSo this book may be the end of my tagging along with the guys I don t get any sense that Alex is interested any longer in the human side of the victim or potential suspects There s just a pervasive overwhelming feeling of apathy contempt fatigue and resentment from Alex and Milo I get enough of that from real life and reading the NYT and WaPo I don t need it in my fiction life as wellAnd finally this is a long standing pet peeve I have to say that Robin s eagerness to just drop her panties at a second s notice for this guy book after book is not realistic and frankly a little annoying No one is that hot She has become the epitome of a one dimensional character and he could have done so much to develop he. Its Behind Closed Doors (Made in Montana, up to brilliant psychologist Alex Delaware and LAPD Lieutenant Milo Sturgis toncover the truth They have a hundred guests to estion and a strong suspicion that the motive for murder is personalThe partys overAND THE HUNT FOR THE KILLER IS ON.

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