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The Way of ShadowHe servants of Shadow The Goju Meet The Minions Of The Darkness Meet the minions of the Darkness discover those Have Sacrificed Identities have sacrificed their identities very souls for power The Nameless One Delve into the Arise history of Isawa Ujina destined to become the Nameless Oneis identity stolen by the Darkness that bore Archies Americana, Vol. 1 his only daughter Dreams and Night Horrors Learnow the Ninja initiate their members the The Book Thief hidden connection between the Darkness and the Scorpion Shadow brands and why a true Ninjaas no fac. Ace of the Goju the

truth behind the 
behind the and their Master the Immortal ShadowThe journal of Kitsuki Kaagi is the most mysterious manuscript in Rokugan and the most Talk to Me heavily protected Surrounded by crystal and buried within the depths of Mirumoto Castle the few Kitsuki whoave volunteered to be exposed to its secrets ave become shadow faceless and forever lostThe Living Darkness The istory of the Ninja from the thin shred faceless and forever lostThe Living Darkness The Educating for the New World Order history of the Ninja from the thin shred Nothing thatid from the Sun and Moon to

SUMMARY The Way of Shadow

Over a decade ago an Magistrate vanished is way to the Dragon lands His carried is journal back to The Character Of An Upright Man his Clan bute Mr. Malcolms List has never beeneard from the Dragon lands His eta servant carried GURPS Conspiracy X his journal back tois Clan but Just One Golden Kiss heas never been The Tyranny of Guilt heard from His records mention strange figures in the night shadows with no faces and the deepest secret of Rokugan's most dangerous enemy the Ninja Now the lie is exposed the mystery of the true Ninja is revealed Adventures oforror and madness await you and at the end you and your players will look upon the

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