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The Venetian Mask A Novel

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Ng young gentlemen While she pulled these stories off uite well it would been interesting to have included the rawer side would have been interesting have included the rawer side Venice as in the prostitutes smugglers and thieves By focusing so intently on the nobility it was almost a disconnect from the fact that there were other sides to the floating city While she made it very clear that the nobility were heavily flawed she did not venture past that class and into the poorer regions which would have been really interesting However as a lover of Venice who had just returned from the city I was really drawn into the book by the authoress s ability to create atmosphere or really nrich the scene with her xplanations of scenery She uite romantically builds a scene of the city Although I really njoyed her xplanations of the city and the plot lines that although predictable were ntertaining I don t think I can give this book any higher then a two star rating As the rating states it was okay but I can definitely see the flaws in it This is a wonderful read about two friends in 1775 Venice Both are singers who must marry wealthy men Remember that women have few rights and privileges in this ra However the men the friends marry "are vicious nemies For Elena whose love dies from illness just prior to their marriage marriage to "vicious Charting an Empire enemies For Elena whose love dies from illness just prior to their marriage marriage to brother Filippo is a nightmare He is cruel abusive and jealous For Marietta who loses her first love to another through deceit her marriage to Domenico Torrisi is all she couldver hope to have The two friends find it difficult to keep in touch because of the feuding of their husbands families yet the friendship perseveres Life for both becomes very complicated as the tale moves on I truly Colored Property enjoyed this book This spellbinding story of friendship and perseverance kept me riveted The strength that Mariettaxhibits throughout the story is inspiring and gives an interesting perspective on women of this time period The city of Venice with its Desire and Truth extraordinary customs political intrigue and Carnival serves as anxuisite stage and I love how the author has woven the culture of Venice into the story itself. Es all of Europe Elena’s husband frames Domenico and he becomes a political prisoner Marietta and Elena plot to save him and the women discover that Venetian masks have noble purposes too–but will their The Exiles Gallery efforts put their own lives at riskEmbodying the glitter and the treachery of the city it portrays The Venetian Mask will keep you turning pages long into the nig. The plot described in the jacket copy of this novel doesn tven come into play until past the half way point I felt that it "WAS MUCH ROMANCE THAN HISTORICAL FICTION "much romance than historical fiction I felt I had been misled I was disappointed and felt that Rosalind Laker is fast becoming one of my favorite historical fiction authors I have also read her novel The House by the Fjord and I just started two others To Dream of Snowand This Shining LandThe Venetian Mask tells the story of two friends Marietta and "Elena who grow up together in the Ospedale de La Pieta An "who grow up together in the Ospedale de La Pieta An Pieta an orphanage music school Their romantic lives Dislocating China entangle them in feuding families The story follows them over several decades as their personal trials and struggles intersect with the political life of Venice in the late 18th century through the arrival of Napoleon s forces during the Directory period in FranceA uniue feature of the book is the detailed information about the business of making ornate masks that truly concealed identities not only at Carnival time but all through the year This practice of mask wearing facilitated the intrigues that were already common to Venetian life and Marietta who came from a family of skilled mask makers is ideally suited to playing a pivotal role among the nobility and bureaucrats who wished to buy them and hide behind themThe prose is smoothly and skillfully written and the story is well paced and suspenseful with plenty of risk and danger The two women s friendship is a constantmotional thread binding their disparate fates The Venetian Mask by Rosalind Laker is a dramatic and romantic novel about two orphaned girls who reside in the famous Ospedale Della Pieta The Pieta is renowned for its beautiful and innocent girls who are presented to society through their music and artistic talents Marietta and Elena as they reach adulthood Childerley eachngage in personal and often devastating pursuits for love all the while maintaining that cherished and long lasting friendship that they have createdLike many other romance novels I am left feeling utterly confused by this book I both love and hate it I love the sweepi. Enduring friendships and long held vendettas come alive against the splendor and decadence of ighteenth century VeniceIn 1775 Venice–known to outsiders as “the brothel of Europe”–the tradition of mask wearing has allowed adultery and debauchery to flourish But Marietta and Elena two dear friends at the Ospedale della Pietà a world famous orphanage and music. ,
Ng romances the implausible plot lines and the daring schemes which occur However I did not njoy the writing nor did I find the characters particularly believable Rosalind tends to narrate the book in the viewpoint of whomever is most important to the plot However as these perspectives are not segmented into chapters there is often a uick and random switch to other characters which can not only get incredibly confusing but also annoying By knowing other characters thoughts an lement of mystery is also lost as key moments are divulged to the reader without a focus on suspense The characters also could have been written with flaws Although that may sound bitter specially as all females are
explained as being 
as being beautiful there is something to be said about being normal However all four of the main characters are popular for their beauty or their hair or some other characteristic which has men dying over them With the knowledge that they are beautiful it s difficult to see any real personal development occur about their bodies as Cop Knowledge everything is always connected to a lover s opinion on beauty or a tragedy of sickness As these are young girls it was strikingly odd to read about characters who felt absolutely convinced that they were beautifulI also thought that her portrayal of them was really strange Rosalind definitely tries to make them seem uite individual feminist and strong willed However a lot of what happens and the way that they interact with others around them does not seem toncourage this view point The women s dependency on male attention is incredibly Cultural Aesthetics evidentspecially as their inability to refuse attention from higher classed men often leads them into horrifying situations While I understand that they are repressed and such being women in that time period their ndless pursuit for love and attention by men makes them seem almost needy and desperate The plot lines were love and attention by men makes them seem almost needy and desperate The plot lines were very familiar territory and I did not really feel that the authoress took a chance with her story It was very much the unhappy wife the barren woman the disappointed lover or the pinni. School for girls know little of that milieu–until they come of age Elena is forced to wed the head of the Celano clan a jealous brutal man while Marietta marries Domenico Torrisi whose family vendetta with the Celanos is centuries old Tradition dictates that the friends should never speak again but their bond is too strong to break As the French Revolution unsettl. ,

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