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Ger than life Lizzie works for the company too The whole family comes together when her dad has a accident and ends up in the hospital It is Lizzie that steps up to be president f the company in her father s absent Before the accident Lizzie allowed herself Tiffany Girl one night just to let lose and live a little While drinking in a bar she met a sexy cowboy The sharedne passionate night together Two months later she thought it was the right thing to do to let Chris know that Very good book Lizzie is the One Cause, Many Ailments: The Leaky Gut Syndrome: What It Is and How It May Be Affecting Your Health oldest in her family and thene who plans everything in her life She has Cutting Edge Marketing Analytics: Real World Cases and Data Sets for Hands On Learning (FT Press Analytics) one night when she wants to cut loose a little and ends up with Chris forne memorable night A few weeks later she discovers she s pregnant and goes looking for him She s independent and uite capable Paolo and Panetto of raising the babyn her Vivien Leigh own but figures he has the right to know Chris hadn t forgotten her and had hoped he would get a chance to see her again He is stunned by the news but adjusts rapidly I loved the way that Lizzie and Chris handled the news Lizzie knew he had to be told so she did what she had to inrder to find him Chris was surprised at the news but after a few minutes accepted it readily There were no accusations By the Book of entrapmentr lives ruined The Day After the Dollar Crashes: A Survival Guide for the Rise of the New World Order or anything like that That s not to say that bothf them don t realize that there are going to be big changes in their lives I loved the way that Chris made sure that Lizzie knew he planned to be involved in the baby s life Just as Lizzie and Chris are settling in to talk about the baby and their future she gets word that her father has been in an accident Now n top f a pregnancy she s not ready to tell her family about yet she has to take ver the running f the family il business She s always felt she s had to work extra hard to prove herself to her father and she doesn t want to mess it up Being pregnant adds another level f stress Having Chris s care and support means a lot to her I loved seeing a strong friendship develop between them and her love for him grows uickly ut f that friendship But Lizzie also has some issues from her past that have her attempting to keep some control f her emotions Her mother abandoned them when Lizzie was younger and Lizzie fears that her wn mothering skills are not up to the job She also had a relationship in college go bad because the man was interested in who she was that in Lizzie herself Chris had taken leave from his job to spend some time The Teachings of Spenser Carlyle: The Novel on the rodeo circuit He s not particularly happy in his work and is taking the time to try to figureut what he wants to do with his life Lizzie s pregnancy is a huge surprise and he realizes that if he s going to be a good father he needs to get his life together He goes back to his job but takes a promotion that moves him closer to Lizzie He s determined to be there for her every step f the way I loved his sensitivity to her needs and how he seemed to be able to anticipate things He ccasionally feels like he isn T Good Enough For good enough for because Weirdo Noir: Gothic and Dark Lowbrow Art of their differences I loved seeing how uickly he took to the ideaf being a father and how happy he seemed to be about it I really enjoyed watching he and Lizzie get closer together The chemistry is definitely there but there is so much There is some trouble at the end when their insecurities create uite a misunderstanding Lizzie gets a bit The Message of Salvation: By God's Grace, for God's Glory outf control there and says some terrible things to Chris Both Anonymums of them end up with some decisions to make and some soul searching to do I loved the way it endedAs the first in a seriesf six there was a good introduction to the ther members f the family I loved their closeness and the way they support each ther They aren t too good to be true though and there are hints f issues yet to come I m looking forward to the rest 3 AND A HALF STARS I received this book for free through GoodReads First Reads having won the giveaway contest for it and I m not gonna lie I was pretty excited to see it in the mail today and dropped everything to read itIt was very enjoyable for the most part It s nly 218 pages altogether so the action is very fast paced and I thought Donna Aylward did a good job with establishing a credible connection between the two main characters within those pages It also helps to keep the story from dragging n which was something I was thankful for The Texan s Baby is the story f Oil Executive Elizabeth dragging n which was something I was thankful for The Texan s Baby is the story f Oil Executive Elizabeth and cowboy Christopher Miller s ne night stand gone wrong Or right considering how you look at it As Lizzie advises the father to be f her pregnancy a health scare involving her father sees her taking the reins f the family company placing her under the strain and pressure Achtung ... U-Boats Passing: A Saga of War at Sea (Vol. 2) of notnly running a big well known company but also a self imposed stressor Achtung Schweinehund!: A Boy's Own Story of Imaginary Combat of believing her good girl status as theldest Dugout: The Zombie Steals Home of seven children has gone down the drain with her recent actions Chris doesn t hesitate to step up to the plate to take caref her and his unborn child wanting than just a co parent relationship with Lizzie But having a serious relationship with Lizzy will reuire her to tackle her issues f trust and abandonmentWhat definitely worked for me was the frankness between Liz and Chris at the beginning While their relationship r lack thereof was still new they were honest with each ther not afraid to put into words their thoughts and feelings which I definitely found refreshing And boy Chris is a serious charmer His character was what won me ver with this book and I couldn t help but sigh with warm feels at some f the things he did and said throughout the bookWhat didn t uite work for me was Liz s character in the second half f the book I appreciated her honestly in the first half Screwball Television: Critical Perspectives on Gilmore Girls of the book but then I started to get annoyed with how she would constantly push Chris away always needing to be in control I did cut her. How she's going to raise a baby with a man she barely knowsAspiring bronc rider Chris Miller always hoped he'd see Lizzie again though not uite like this The pregnancy is a surprise and so is findingut she's a member Ya Gotta Believe!: My Roller-Coaster Life as a Screwball Pitcher and Part-Time father, and My Hope-Filled Fight Against Brain Cancer of the powerfu. 3 STARSThe Texan s Baby is a nice romance story I believe it is a startf a new series with a bunch Night's Pawn of writers each writing a book in the seriesLizzie Baron is theldest child Firing the First Elder (Pioneers in the Pulpit Book 2) of Brock Baron She has sisters and a full brother 2 adopted brothers and a half brother Lizzie works in the familyil company with her father She is a vice President She is also pregnant from a ne night stand She does not need anything from the father but she also feels she needs to track him downChris Miller has taken a leave f absent from his job for a year He wants to give a year to the rodeo before he gets to ld to do it He wants a year f freedo Great book can t wait to read books by this author they had there ups and downs but the baby bought them together the two families An unexpected pregnancy brings Chris Miller and Lizzie Baron together in this book by Donna Alward The characters that Alward created maturely deal with an unexpected life changing situation Being good parents becomes their main goal It is nice to think that there are people in the world who don t always put their wants and needs first This is an easy to read feel good romance I enjoyed this story a great deal If you read my earlier review The Secret Child on this story today I apologise I wrote the wrong reviewn this book This seems to be a great start to a very good series and I definitely recommend itSafety The Texan s Baby Hero is not a man whore although they meet and have a ONS That is not his normal MOThere is no OW Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno: Tokyo Teen Fashion Subculture Handbook or OM dra My first read by this author and I enjoyed it very much Chris and Lizzie have ane night stand with an unexpected result This is such a sweet romance with some drama and angst as Chris and Lizzie try to figure things ut Lizzie is a very strong character and I loved her and Chris together Chris has spent his life pleasing thers instead f himself and steps up to do the right thing by Lizzie I loved the conclusion to the story and that Chris chose to do what he loved and Lizzie was with him 100 percent Would love to read books in the series I loved this story it has a strong female who stand up for what she believes in along with a strong male who is a stand up man This was a clean read with lots f love and care given to this story This book teaches us that we should always look deep at ur true feelings never take things at face value Things are not always as they seemYou have a ne night stand they never planned Death by Inferior Design on seeing eachther again Faith has ther plans for Lizzie and Chris they are about to become parents Neither knows anything about the ther but faith is about to fix thatFor Lizzie she just wanted to step away for a few hours from being the good kid Hitler's Northern War: The Luftwaffe's Ill-Fated Campaign, 1940-1945 of the family She wanted justne night that was her wn For Chris he saw a lady like no ther he just wanted to hold her When he wakes up she is gone he can t get her ut f his mind For him he doesn t have A Philosophy of Cinematic Art one night stands and wants All he has is her first name and an earring he doesn t know where to look Outf the blue she shows up at his home and says we are expecting He is shocked he knew he used

Protection Never Once Does He 
never The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified once does he he is the father It takes the news well and movesn planning to be the best father he can Lizzie is from a power White House Years (Henry Kissingers Memoirs oil company family she doesn t trust her mother walkedut when she was young Now there is this man in her life who wants to be a dad he is shocked when he finds ut who she is They start building a friendship which turns into then something happens to tear them apart Will they vercome the pain and hurtful words can They Work Through The Possible LiesLizzie Is work through the possible liesLizzie is strong female who doesn t need a man she makes tons Scab of money and can take caref this child herself She does feel the father needs to know about the baby she hunts him down Tells him she wants nothing from him He has In a World Created by a Drunken God other ideas which leads to a lovely read that I totally enjoyed Lizzie is a strong women who is caring and loving She takes caref her family and never does anything wrong I loved her character she is a total sweetheart There is nothing not to like about her she is sweet and innocent in a lot Indo No Kao of ways but strong and takesn the world for familyChris isn t happy with his job and takes a year ff he meet Lizzie in a bar but wants so much He is shocked to wake up and find her gone with no way to find her When she comes to his home he is shocked to see her but loves that she is back After the shock f finding Giant Peach Yodel out he is about to be a father he steps up to the plate goes back to his full time job so he can take caref his family He falls in love with Lizzie then all hell breaks loose and he is about to lose it all Chris is the alpha male who is just to kind and sweet He was raised that family comes first no matter what he will be in his Childs life His character is amazing he is just too good to be trueIt is nice every now and then to have a book that is not full Sinai and Zion of sex the way Harleuin use to be There isn t pagesf pages f sex but there is sex I give this book a pages f sex but there is sex I give this book a plus star it puts the romance back into romance The author writes a wonderful story where you meet wonderful characters that you will love Even the bad guy Mark is a nice guy Lizzie s family is a strong ne with a powerful father who is very alpha This books brings you lost love finding love learning to trust and a love that is powerful Donna Alward knows how to write a story that is strong and doesn t need sex to make it a wonderful utstanding read She has shown us the power with words f a truly wonderful romance I look forward to reading f her work I really enjoyed this book Lizzie is the Iniquity oldestf a big family She is always the ne that takes care f everyone She has always been the responsible ne Her family wns a big company with her dad being the president Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Holderness, N. H: Year Ending January 31, 1937 (Classic Reprint) of it In her eyes he has always been big. Unexpected ConseuencesAs a powerful Dallasil executive planning is what Lizzie Baron does best But she certainly didn't plan Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook on getting pregnant followingne memorable night after a rodeo in Fort Worth Now she needs to figure ut. ,
Some slack considering that elevated hormone levels during pregnancy can no doubt make you far emotional than usual but the unnecessary drama that she created from thin air towards the end had me rolling my eyes with disdain She honestly has everything really good in her life but she s just so determined to ruin things for herself standing in her wn way between happinessThe steamy scenes that I Livin' de Life oh so love was sorely lacking in this book The romance aspect was good but I wasn t expecting the PG ratingf this book probably because I love me some good love scenes Also the resolution to the story was a bit rushed It could have been drawn The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter out to have Liz face certain truths and to do a bitf grovelling after the rubbish she spoutedOther than that there were a few raised uestions that I thought was left unanswered but I m guessing they would be answered in the seuels as it looks like this book is part Culture is the Body: The Theatre Writings of Tadashi Suzuki onef a seriesOverall it was a good read I wasn t completely engrossed but I did find it enjoyable for the most part Would it be so bad Being Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Study of Mind on a date with meThe blush deepened Umf course not It s just that it would complicate things Haven t we had this conversation alreadyShe regained her composure and got The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta out two glasses but he noticed her hand shook slightly as she was pouring the milk pg 100There s some cute things about this bookChris and Lizzie had ane night stand eight weeks ago when they met in a bar after a rodeo Chris wakes up to an empty bed and no sign f Lizzie except for a stray earringI ll spare you my lecture about how rude and unnecessary it is to leave someone to wake up in a cold bed after having sex I dislike it You know itThe book pens with Lizzie taking a pregnancy test at work She then promptly hunts down Chris to tell him he is going to be a father Look do I need to be tested for an STD r something Is that why you re here pg 17He takes the news that she s pregnant remarkably well Can I ask you somethingSureShe swallowed a little bit afraid if she were honest You were a little upset yesterday when I first told you but you ve done very little freaking ut since You re taking this remarkably in stride Why don t you blame me Why aren t you angry I ve told you something that changes your life forever Something you didn t choose pg 66Chris is an attractive hero not because f his looks but due to his mensch like ualities He takes responsibility for his actions He steps up to the plate and is willing to do what is needed He doesn t try to weasel ut f his responsibilities for his woman and his child He doesn t even get angry r upset with Lizzie He doesn t have to support her financially She s rich He s not poor but she s a lot richer than he is He tells her even though she doesn t NEED support he s there for her for whatever she needs and he wants to raise the child with her and be a father to it and be prominent in its lifeCalm steady men are uite attractive So are men who Dicmatized 2: Bitter Sweet Revenge own their shit and stand up to take responsibility for it So we areff to a good start with ur hero Chris s calm and steady nature is also a good foil for Lizzie s high strung nervous type A personality She blushes all the time and frankly I thought she was adorable She s a vice president and a big deal executive in and frankly I thought she was adorable She s a vice president and a big deal executive in company but when it comes to Chris she is thrown for a loop and I found it cuteHOW S THE SEX CARMENSo it s all ff page Sadly This is American Romance There is an interesting scene that involves a makeout session howeverThey are making The Witches Ball outn the couch and she stops him when it looks like he s intent Saving Charmaine: A Heaton Family Friends Series Book on having sex with her It s just It s too fast Her skin was flushed and her breathing heavy I can t I m not ready I know it s sounds stupid consideringHe reluctantlybeys But then things get interesting when she asks him if he can give her some slow kissing He tries for like five minutes but then gives up because he can t apparently make ut with his woman without it leading to sex I m frankly disappointed in himI m a big fan f kissing and I m a huge advocate f kissing sessions that don t end up in the bedroom I think it would have been incredibly hot if Chris was strong enough to give Liz what she s asking for I understand it might be difficult for him but that s the whole point He s a fucking romance hero Remember in Perv how Robyn is being taken to the bedroom By Nate And She Nate and she says What no foreplay and he just makes her regret saying that in the best and most exuisite way possible Now I understand not every man can be as good in bed as Nate is r have his level The Deadline of skillz but for gosh sake if your woman sweetly asks you for some slow kissing I expect you to deliver It s not like I expect high heat levels from Harleuin but this is such a missedpportunity it s ridiculous All the sex is ff page but I don t see why we should be deprived f a hot slow kissing scene TL DR Hero is a man who steps up to the plate and accepts responsibility for his actions like an adult Takes care f his woman and his unborn child without complaint Strong enough to weather an unexpected and unplanned pregnancy Me complaining about his lack f strength in being able to weather an unexpected and unplanned pregnancy Me complaining about his lack Ready to Restore of strength in being able to slow kissing is nitpicking In reality Lizzie is pretty fucking lucky Most unplanned pregnancies as a resultf a ONS would not end up like this to say the least That s why it s a romance novelROMANCE CATEGORIESContemporary RomanceCowboyWestern RomanceNon Virgin HeroinePregnant HeroineHe s an Engineer and a Bronc Rider She s VP at Baron IndustriesTakes Place in Dallas TX and San Antonio TX The United States f AmericaNAMES IN THIS BOOKview spoilerLizzie f Elizabeth Delia fPeggy fJacob mDaniel mJulieta f Jet mChristopher mMark mSavannah fCarly fAlex mErica fMaria fEmory fNicole fAnna fJasmine fAdele fBrock mJeb mDebra fRobert mJeremiah m hide spoiler. L Baron clan but the Chris gets to know Lizzie the he realizes he wants to be with her When Lizzie learns Chris works for a rival company she feels betrayed Can two perfect strangers trust each ther enough to become the perfect fami.

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The Texans Baby Texas Rodeo Barons #1

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