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It and make it new and uniue While this was short it didn t need to be onger than it uniue While this was short it didn t need to be Akenfield longer than it it still held my interest and was very well fleshed out If youike BDSM books you might consider giving this a go for a cheapie and a shortie it was well worth it Now will it ever be on the NY Times Bestprobably not but entreating for a smut read nonetheless I absolutely Gym and Slimline loved this novelAdmittedly Shelby is one of my favorite authors however this was the first fullength novel of hers which I have readI I never read any of Shelby Cross books and saw this was a BDSM fairy tale *and thought how hot will this be and decided to give it a *thought how hot will this be and decided to give it a At first I started out thinking Amelia was an innocent young ady not knowing that she was just a spoiled brat that was never taught to behave properly until she met Tim who taught her uite a few things about herself a ittle too much for my taste I Marginal Notes, Doubtful Statements liked the story except for the harsh and bloody moments which was aittle hardcore for me but I guess some people are into that and The Clock Without a Face left me thinking WTH The couple did compliment each other As I continue to read the characters became so intense with each other that I wondered when the ax was going to come down I knew who Tim was from Amelia s description of the conversation between Tim and her father and also what really happened in Tim s wife too When the ending was near I couldn t believe the eye opener that came Everyone was not who they seemed to portray themselves to be beginning with Amelia who was introduced to her BDSM nature down to theies of others The erotic twist that came with fairy tale of Red Riding Hood was a good at times except those moments where things became a Captives of the Private House little rough for me and had to take a break until I could come back and finish with a happy ending Ioved Shelby s play on the Red Riding Hood Story still set in yesteryear but before the present knowledge and use of Safewords and rules or guidelines Showing how BDSM play has always been around for some and nature of masochist and sadists wil out when given the chance to complement each otherAmelia s awakening to Tim was so erotic The BDSM play and sexual awakening a real turn on The commitment she gives him in the end just right and his marking and claiming her an unusual Format For Blood Play That Seemed Right In The Context for blood play that seemed right in the context this story but I would have baulked at in real Teaspoon and an Open Mind life This also gave me reason to add the story to unusual implements as carving your symbol in your partner to declare ownership andove doesn t happen to all every. O interest dealing with a haughty insolent brat of a girl A Celtic Miscellany like Amelia RidingUntil one night Tim Woodman saves Amelia’sife and uncovers her strong but buried submissive nature Tim will need all his patience and skill if he is to ay her submissive spirit bare To do that he must first tame Miss Riding’s unruly waysSo begins their dark and sordid relationship. DayThe father so weak so pathetic and yet he supposedly Foxs Feud (Farthing Wood, loved Amelia and trying to do what he thought best with a well off goodooking man for an arranged marriagebut the mother I could initially have slapped but then how knowing the facts can alter your perceptionThe slime ball of a fianc gave me the creeps and his end as would have happened in times The Culture Code long gone where fairy tales were first started was rough but Ioved the *justice as opposed to nowadays and t would have police and *as opposed to nowadays and t would have police and over it all ooking sceptically at events and after someone to blameThe end is as all fairy tales a coming together baddy gets hi Story FAIRLY GOODIntimacy "Level Sex citingly GOOD BDSMEnjoyment GOODLength 167 pages 3742 kindleYou know those " Sex citingly GOOD BDSMEnjoyment GOODLength 167 pages 3742 kindleYou know those that you start reading and you re thinking what the hell but it starts to get a ittle better with each chapter I felt this was this kind of book I started getting into the story once Tim and Amelia s interaction began In the beginning we get to view Amelia in her surroundings At first I didn t care for this however it became clear what the author was doing to show Amelia as disobedient and spoiledTying in a red riding hood concept was nice I think it gave the story a bit interest for me Once Tim and Ameila s characters started to interact it definitely became intense with master and submissive Tim opens Amelia s eye to this BDSM world that confused her but yet excites her Their form of BDSM took on the do as I say when your told punishments along with sexual rewards To Stolen Magic (Stardust, let the reader know some scenes between Tim and Amelia became or could get intense to hardcore It did get a bit bloody at times along with a few anal and very graphic scenes Apart from their intense BDSM both characters became deeply involve with each other Iike that both characters were not all as they seemed Even though I figured out who Tim really was earlier on it was still interesting While that is taking place Amelia is dealing with an unwanted groom to be and family secrets So there is other story The Billionaire Daddy lines that will keep the reader engageOther than a few buts for me that comes from personal taste there isn t any complaints on my end The one thing I will say is that once Tim and Amelia became physically intimate for the first time thereafter the author told us of some of their physical acts and what and where they did it I wanted details on some of those encounters Nevertheless we did experience from them but I think some of the ones mentioned seemsike it could have been epic scenes in the boo. As Master and PetTim has a Pistols for Two lot toearn his new pet the true power of her submission the dark ecstasy of obedience and surrenderBut winter is harsh in their cold and bleak Stronger land and predatorsurk in every shadow For some Amelia’s hot blooded body and ethereal beauty would be the sweetest prey of allWarning Contains graphic sex BDSM anal sex and heavy submissi. .

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This is the BEST BDSM fiction book I have read ALL year I read it on holiday during the summer and I could not put it down I found myself onging to be Amelia RidingThe descriptions where beautiful the characters were full believable and honest and most of all the BDSM relationship and the way it was played out between the two main characters was utterly believable Non of this utter nonsense about BDSM schools or Masters in grand castles with naked slaves etc but just two people discovering each other and their Ds selvesI oves that Amelia was feisty and strong and bloody mad at being spanked the first time and ye Well it was good for how short it was and very well written I have not read anything from Shelby Cross before and I may give her another go Some of the scenes in the book kind of had me saying Wow this guy isn t a good had me saying Wow this guy isn t a good He ies to her a few times which a Dom should not do ever The aftercare after certain heavy scenes is practically nonexistent and he punishes her when he screws up Trademarks of an inexperienced or just plain bad Dom Then I realized that it s set during some time and place that didn t have clubs or Fetlife or education so I forgave it for the most part One thing that did bother me is that she didn t have a safeword or anything to get him to stop Several times he just Alacrity (Illumine, lays into her and she has absolutely no defense I Ioved this book It s my first by Shelby Cross and it wont be my ast It combined so many of my favorite elements Fairytale bdsm historical HEA Even though its short at 200 pages the story is not rushed in any way The interactions are able to develop in a realistic manner Everything is resolved in a fitting way I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested That was so romantic I oved it Such *Escapism I Adored The *I adored the of the dynamic and of submission specifically I felt it captured the drive to submit beautifullyIt also Love You To Death (Detective Ruby Preston, led me to think aot about my submission where I could do better Arnhem let go embrace it And yet is was still a total fantasy a world toose myself in for a Fitness for Living little while I enjoyed this short 200 page story At first I wasike WTF Where is this going but uickly Love Is Blind liked the characters Only one scene in the book with a heavy domestic BDSM situation that almost made me put the book down and hope sheeft the master woodcutter and never ooked back The scene was too cruel in my opinion so readers be warned Other than that I was happy with the ending It always surprises me when an author can take a story and totally tweak. Amelia Riding young vibrant haughty and known throughout the and for her pampered wealth as well as her ush beauty holds the captivation and adoration of allBut there is one man who wants nothing to do with her Tim WoodmanCoarse crude a recluse by nature Tim is a hard man with an iron will and he uses that will to dominate and command those around him He has ,
The Taming of Red Riding

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