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R read It impacted me deeply and yet I do not remember a single theory of it I mean I do but deeply and yet I do not remember a single theory of it I mean I do but abstract ways I probably can t explain them to any other uman The language was extremely confusing and simple at the same time The tone was very calm and collected and yet extremely passionate even piercing At times it sent chills down my spine My reaction to a single Sentence Could Vary From Of Course That S Obvious To could vary from of course that s obvious to ow did I not see that before It made me exhausted and refreshed at the same time How can you rate a book like that Well at its core I really liked it much fun than the atrocious cover art would imply thanks Derek An illusion of a book Very accessible I d very much recommend it for anyone interested in reading literature seriously A passionate and convincing argument for aestheticism. Rtance of the literary institution to a culture; demonstrates ow a new understanding of the literary might be put to work in a 'responsible ' creative mode of readingThe Singularity of Literature is not only a major contribution to the theory of literature but also a celebration of the extraordinary pleasure of the literary for reader writer student or criti.

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The Singularity of LiteratureMaybe the most important book on the intangible essence of literature and ow it affects the world around it and the world within it The book is not very original and does not and the world within it The book is not very original and does not what is it about literature that is so singular My attempt to convey in the language of argument and description the essence of the literary as of course failed but as an event communicated in the event of reading this failure offers itself as event communicated in the event of reading this failure offers itself as to the vitality and persistence of literaturep 138 In my opinion it is better to take any work of literature than to read books about literature However if someone is interested in philosophical ua Derridean musings on the literariness as such then The singularity of Literature will be a welcome encounter with otherness alterity and so on and so forth During my second Winner of the ESSE European Society for the Study of English Book Award for Literature 2006Literature and the literary ave proved singularly resistant to definition Derek Attridge argues that such resistance represents not a dead end but a crucial starting point from which to explore anew the power and practices of Western artIn this lively original volume

characters The Singularity of Literature

Eading I discovered that this is an absolute gem
And Not The Clunker 
not the clunker ad previously thought it Attridge is an absolute gem and not the clunker I ad previously thought it Attridge is responsible and erudite and if the man loves Levinas so much well I guess that s allright His sustained engagement with alterity ethics and innovation is a perfect method of exploring why exactly good books matter and British Society Since 1945 his is one of the best long form definitions of literature I ve encountered yet If youave the time the effort and the background because yes sadly I believe this might need a mixture of the three then The Singularity of Literature is worth the read after all it packs a powerful punch for less than 150 pages One of the most exciting works of literary theory I ve ever read Literature inventive singular event inviting response Probably the most paradoxical book I ave eve. He authorconsiders the implications of regarding the literary work as an innovative cultural event both in its time and for later generations; provides a rich new vocabulary for discussions of literature rethinking such terms as invention singularity otherness alterity performance and form; returns literature to the realm of ethics and argues the ethical impo.

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