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The Right Bears ArmsNot the bestNot the best Book I Have Ever Read I have ever read were A LOT of misplaced words words left out of sentences and transposed words Where was the editor and roofreaders The story was short and sweet not much character development or storyline Not impressed In this book we meet Katie and Jake Katie s views on shifter men is a little off but she doesn t realize this because this is all she has been taught Katie has lans for her future and if she lets a man into her life will never accomplish those lans in her option The roblem is when day during those lans in her option The Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience problem is when one day during shift as a waitress she meets Jake and his friend Rafe Rafe is funny in an older brothericking on you kind of way but Jake makes her stand up and take notice Jake is a man who never wanted to be alpha and wouldn t be if it wasn t for the fact that he lost his older brother in an accident To figure out what he really wants to do next he runs away and joins Rafe as street The War to End All Wars performers just trying to make enough to get by When Jake smells Katie though he knows he has to get closer to her and his bear oh that is trying to beat his way out of Jake to get to her Something has Katie on the spooked side and he will do anything torotect herThis is a great story about finding love and being willing to open yourself up for it This is also a great story about friendship and loyalty I was impressed with how even though Rafe and Jake are different shifters their friendship is in no way affected by this Jake is there and wants to be there in the future for his friend I thought this book was amazing I co. Katie knows just what she wants a hot normal guy like Jake She’s in for a surpriseCopper haired curvy Katie grew up watching her mother chase one alpha bear after another and swore that would never be her She wants nothing to do with werebears especially ushy conceited alphas When she meets sexy street musician Jake the heat between. Upbringing has shown her that she wants absolutely nothing to do with an alpha Nothing at all She is instantly attracted to a customer at the diner where she works and the feeling seems to be returned Almost too good to be true right When Katie discovers that Jake

is exactly what 
exactly what s running from in life she halts their romance cold Now Jake has to convince her that not all alphas are eual but to do that he has to find her againI adored Katie s grandmother In a loving but no nonsense way she sets her granddaughter straight on many things including exactly what a mate is and should be The Right Bear S Arms Is Certainly s Arms is certainly and an interesting love story with a twist If you enjoy hot and fast romance likable characters and a touch information added to the shifter genre then you d have fun with this story I know I didI read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription Whew What a hot and steamy read Right from the beginning I could feel the sexual tension between Katie and Jake Nora Eli did a Backlash : La guerre froide contre les femmes phenomenal job of writingaranormal romance and creating characters with real depth Immediately I liked Katie who is independent and doesn t want to be railroaded into a life that she doesn t want by her mother Then when Jake is introduced I was instantly infatuated He was sexy strong and yet still so romantic I loved it when Jake met Katie and thought It was like someone took a Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie peek at all his favorite fantasies and turned them into one girl Who wouldn t be swept off their feet I highly recommend to anyone who likes romance with aaranormal twist. Using to be the alpha his family expects It’s destiny versus reality when Jake has to decide how he and his bear can overcome Katie’s reluctance and convince her that he’s the right bear for her and Katie has to decide whether to let her Patagonia Express past rule her future This is a sizzling hot standalone BBW bear shifter romance No cliffhanger.

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