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The Prophecy ConSo when I finished Palace Job I wasn t particularly impressed with it After saying as much in my review I was assured by one of my friends that the second book was better and I should continue on with the series I filed it away not really a priority but when I saw the books were on sale I ecided to pick up the second one and give it a shot On a whim I picked up the third as well figuring I could handle the loss if I ended up not liking the second book either Now after finishing Prophecy Con I m very thankful that I The Firebirds Tale decided to pick up the third book as well My first issue with the predecessor to this book was the sheer amount of viewpoints While this book still had a lot ofifferent narrators and a few that still seemed superfluous it was a vast improvement This One Night of Passion (Danvers, directly fed into my next complaint that Loch always needed to be fifty steps ahead of everyone so readers were often left in theark until the big reveal This time there were clues and enough hints that you could at least try to put together what was going on to keep up and that s not a bad thing it just makes the reader feel like part of the team rather than a casual spectator Prophecy Con also moved a lot faster so I had no problems reading it this time I Little Bitty Lies didn t put itown and then not want to pick it up again or slog through what felt like unnecessary chapters I wanted to keep reading I wanted to know and I wanted to see how things were going to turn out 12715 Review This was even better than the first Non stop action and witty banter between all the characters make this a win in my book The pace moves very fast so there are times when I had to go back to make sure I understood the world building We get some new players in this installment and even though there were plenty of characters to keep track of before they Do Penguins Have Knees? don t seem superfluous They add to the rich world andon t clutter it up A lot of times with ensemble casts it can be easy to forget about some characters or not really care what happens to some I on t get that with this series Although I o have my favorites Kail and Tern I was eually invested in everyone s storyOne pattern I ve noticed is view spoiler characters seeming to Katerina die and come back I think every character hasied about 10 times in this series so far hide spoiler 5 Wonderful Fun Action and never ending rolercoaster of fighting and highly implausible but tremendously entertaining situations As I had seen in some of the other reviews this felt like a supper actionny high adrenaline heist flick in 3D There were many new characters introduced among them my favorite Veiled Lightning the princes of the Imperium and a second talki9ng trinket which mixed in with our core crew was a formula for one of the most fun books ever There were some close calls where my heart was ready to explode some very tender moments and my favorite moment in the entire book The Sisters Brothers delivered by our virgin loving Unicorn Youo prefer virgins Kail said I mean when Loch and I found you you Vapor Trail (Phil Broker, d just finishedeflowering some young village man and a strapping young ogre Tern burped winced and swallowed Yes Ululenia said smiling and staring off into the Endgame (Jani Kilian Chronicles, distance I enjoy the supple limbs of those who have never rested in theewy meadows of a lover s embrace the lust arkened gaze in eyes for whom the world is still lit in the colors of spring But for my virgin I might have stayed even after the flush of manhood had risen in his loins I m so glad you asked her this Captain Kail said These were pictures I needed in my head I am adding this to my light fun and OOOO SOOOO worth it shelf I considered reviewing the first three books in the Rogues of the Republic individually but in retrospect these books aren t so much iscrete books but parts of one overarching story and in no way related to the fact I took so long to get around to reviewing them I had forgotten some Digger the Dinosaur details of them While there areistinct heists in each of the books there is one plot line that winds its way through each book I would recommend anyone reading this series to read them consecutively I think that method really enhances the experience and helps keep all the many characters fresh in your memorySo everyone and their mother has escribed this series as high fantasy meets Oceans Eleven the George Clooney one not the Frank Sinatra one And well they are all right In classic heist fashion the ring leader along with her in this case right hand man spend the first part of the story collecting professionals with very specific skills needed for The Job Of course being high fantasy the reuisite professionals are a bit ifferent Mainly magic users needed and each with a special skill Naturally things Die Sommer der Porters don t go as planned there are some unexpected twists and turns and things unfold a bitifferently from The PlanOne aspect of Weekes s writing I liked was the great care he showed in his world building Magic systems and rules were introduced to advance and explain the plot at appropriate times avoiding any cumbersome Mercury Retrograde (Dark Alchemy, dataumps Further the world itself was only shown in so far AS IT RELATED TO THE PLOT ONCE AGAIN NO it related to the plot Once again no The Cattle Baron dataumps explaining the history of this world or its politics only things that are applicable to the events at hand Weekes Desire Me More (Desire Me, doesrop some little nuggets in one book that are elaborated on in later books He keeps his narrative powder ry and his plots move along briskly for itProbably the most important part of a heist story line even so than The Job itself is the character chemistry If the characters andor their motivations are weak the entire story will fall apart Weekes in my estimation hit it out of the park with the characters I won entire story will fall apart Weekes in my estimation hit it out of the park with the characters I won go through them since there are a lot but I will say they all stood out in their own way He made the bold and correct choice to not try to evelop all the characters at once He had What Happens to Our Trash? different characters haveifferent prominence throughout the books leaving some backstories unexplained for a while In this way we The Pursuit of Mary Bennet didn t suffer any narrativerag by shoehorning in backstories that Scandals and Secrets (Hearts Of Fire, didn t need to be told yet It let some characters retain an air of mystery and shine at just the right moment Also independent of that the chemistry between the characters was fantastic andeveloped naturally over the course of the booksBut this isn t just a heist story it is also a high fantasy story and in this Shooting for a Century department Weekes once againoes smashingly Even though this world has all the traditional fixings humans ogres I, Partridge dragonswarves elves ancient races Weekes looks beyond the their traditional characteristics and gives them a twist uniue to his world For instance crystals are an integral part of magic in this world An ancient race basically engineered elves to be very in tune with crystals to the point that their presence turned elves into extreme savants Now that elves are free they have completely forbidden crystals from entering their lands and they avoid traveling to human lands because of the widespread use of crystals there This is neat world building that Weekes is able to fold into the larger narrative This is but one example of his additions to common high fantasy themes that make his world both recognizable and uniueI Shadow of the Templar devoured these books Heckue to the time change on my flight to Hawaii yes it is just as amazing as you have been led to believe according to Goodreads I finished the second "Book The Day Before "the Unforgiven (Warriors for the Light day before started it They are fast but engaging reads with great intricate plots an expansive story and amazing characters my favorite part of the books I cannot recommend this highly enough to folks who enjoy fantasy or heist stories andefinitely recommended for people who like bothAnd thanks to Goodreads being part of the collective I just linked my highlighted passages from the kindle to my Goodreads account for you gentle reader to feast upon though I have no idea what happened with book number two s uotes I was sure I had One final note these books had a refreshingly fresh take on sex Namely no slut shaming healthy mutually respectful sexual relations between various characters and not an eye batted at same sex relationships Wow I liked the first book in the series I loved the secondRight from go we ve had great action scenes Buried Sins (The Three Sisters Inn, directly in the service of both story and characterevelopment I can t tell you or anyone how much I love it when great action actually and truly Six Days in Leningrad does service to the storyIn this case we have yet ANOTHER manuscript that needs to be procured and as a reader I m wondering how it s going to be twisted in comparison to the surprises we had in the previous book but soon enough I m satisfied that such preparations weren t needed norid we need to introduce a full cast of characters Instead we are lovingly Book Two in the Rogues of the Republic seriesWho would have thought a book of naughty poems by elves could mean the The Darkness difference between war and peace But if stealing the precious volume will keep the Republic and the Empire from tearing out each other's throats rogue soldier Isafesirae Lochenville Loch to friends and foes alike is willing to Flyboy do theishonest honors With her motley. .

Es in my life Book 1 The Palace Job Book 3 The Paladin Caper This seuel to the Palace Job was an improvement in almost every way possible As the first book nicely wrapped up its plot line one wonders where the next book will head to Let s just say that the title is an important clue as to what s in store for the Rogues of the Republic Everything in this seuel was bigger The world building was expansive as Loch and her crew had to find and steal back the very same item that they have stolen from the Republic What is so important about this manuscript I always A Dark Sicilian Secret do love a bit of a mystery component in my books as it is a real page turner And while there werewarves elves and fairy creatures in this series they are not uite the same as those that we are familiar with The pacing was tight with a lot action In fact it was almost non stop action all the way from the first chapter Even the non physical action seuences was exciting in a manner of Casino Royale The plot was Wolf Creek Homecoming (Wolf Creek deeper andarker with higher stakes as the fate of two nations on the precipice of war Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography depended on Loch and her crew s success As for the plot twist and revelation Iefinitely At the Italians Command did not see that coming The core of good storytelling lies with its characters With such a big ensemble cast where almost every single one plays an important role the third person narrative strangely straddles between omniscient and limited What I noticed though was that the female characters tend to get inepth personalisation Aside from Loch who was the main protagonist after all the evelopment of Desidora the priestess was significantly fleshed out and to a lesser extent Ululenia the unicorn yes you read that right and Tern the alchemist The perspective of the male characters remained or less omniscient although the author was able to place a bit emotional impact on Kail Loch s loyal companion through this interaction with the others Regardless it was hard to pinpoint a clear favourite as I liked ALL of them A lot The story being what it was action packed and fun id not suffer from this narrative style My earlier complaint about the patchiness of the writing also Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, did not surface for this seuel or I could have just gotten used to the author s style Either way it siscernibly better A thoroughly entertaining read that improved from book to book it will be intriguing to see how this will all eventually conclude in the third and final book This review can also be found at Booknest This is my kind of fantasyIt s got that unputdownable thing going for it that just KILLS my ability to function as a normal person with normal person things to The Maid of Lorne do I madeeals with myself for a few ays while I was reading this Bad eals but How to Become a Virgin deals nonethelessDeals like I will feed the kids nutritious yetelicious meals once I finish Prophecy Con Tonight though I can throw a frozen pizza in the oven for them and we ll call pepperoni a vegetableBecause that s what books like this Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, do to me They force me to malnourish my children Sorry kidsThis picks up not very long after the first book The Palace Job leaves offSo Loch gets to be a reputable law abiding citizen for about 10 pages in this one and then all hell just breaks loose Somebody has set Loch up to take the blame for a political snafuof sorts Plan A was to kill her on the spot and leave no witnesses Alas for them noNaturally Loch and Kail escape because they re AWESOME Duh And also if theyied in the first ten pages this would have been a hard book to sellStill in order to avoid a war they need to find something that will appease the wronged party Something that is preferably not Loch s headEnter the elven poemsthat no one can even readWhat about the rest of the crazy but lovable crew you askWell the whole gang eventually gets back together to help clear Loch s name and the race to find the ancient relic thing is onLike the last book this has a hyper twisty storyline and there never seems to be enough of a break in the action to be able to comfortably put this The Bosss Baby Surprise down see starving children It s oneouble cross after another and then a few side cons just to keep things interesting I thought I wouldn t get bamboozled by the Whodunnit this time around but even after I found out who was responsible for everything I still couldn t believe it Damn You re a sneaky man Mr Weekes CliffhangerWhy yes Yes there is And not just any old cliffhanger One that s so freakin big I on t even have to ask if there s going to be a third book Was I shocked Umyes A bitThe less I say about the actual plot the "better but if you re a fan of fantasy humor heist like "Stories Then This A Series "then this a series check outImportant "but if you re a fan of fantasy humor heist like stories then this a series to check outImportant PeopleIt turns out the reason I found the ending to be so shocking and cliffhangery was because I read the Kindle version of this and the Post SCRIPT EPILOGUE WAS AFTER THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS IF YOU HAVE epilogue was after the Acknowledgements If you have Kindle then you already know that likes to kick you out of the book when you finish and into their How Would You Rate This thing It s annoying to say the least because in order to rate it you actually have to write a review And I personally write enough reviews as it is So no thank youThis time around it caused me to miss some pertinent information glares at Anyway if you buy the Kindle version on t forget to look for the epilogueAlso reviewed for You know how sometimes you re watching a big budget blockbuster movie and there s a crazy action scene going Command Performance down with heroes and villains throwing haymakers and blasting each other with futuristic weapons and explosions explosioning and the camera is zoomed in too close and the lighting is a bit murky and you re thinking Hey this looks pretty coolwait what just happened Did he just ooh that was awesome Wait huh Howid she get is that the same person aswhoa Boom That s gonna leave a mark I have no idea what s happening but this is pretty great That was me for about 75% of The Prophecy Con Caveat Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, due to life craziness I read this only in bit sized chunks and had a hard time getting a flow going which is not the book s fault in the slightest and may have contributed somewhat to that lack of clarity I find that user error is by far the most common explanation for anything that s amiss in my life I liked butid not love The Palace Job but elected to continue on The Perfect Blend due to the fact that 1 numerous GR friends love this series and 2 almost universally people said that book two was better than book one I m happy to report that throngs of Goodreaders are pretty sharp book two isefinitely better than book oneThere are a number of features that make this a really fun read the characters who are highly entertaining and somehow manage to show a surprising amount of epth espite their tendency to Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss dialogue almost exclusively in uippy one liners and they re as refreshinglyiverse in the social sense a bunch as you ll find in a fantasy book the schemes plans machinations plots contingencies intrigues and tactics Loch is Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] dizzying in her ability to Macgyver up a new idea regardless of circumstance and the world which takes muchefinitive shape in this book than its predecessor and offers a very interesting take on Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, dwarves elves and fairy creaturesI be remiss if I Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm didn t also mention Kail s mom jokes I have a soft spot for a good mom joke even though I m now sadly at an age where I have to be very careful to confirm that someone s mother is in fact still amongst the living and not suffering some tragic malady before firing off such jokes myself Also for those of you still on theating scene I Whispers Of The Heart do not recommend the use of mom jokes on a firstate especially if you elect to go in a bovine The Dukes Gamble direction without first confirming that yourate s mother Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, did notie in a tragic cattle stampede It s not a perfect book there are still points where the twists and turns get so labyrinthine that you get the sense that even Patrick Weekes is a bit confused and he s just trying to joke his way out of it and there are times when the humor is less sharp than at others though to be fair keeping up a 30 Rock esue joke cadence is no easy task even for an entire room full of comedy writers so it s understandable that not every joke lands suarely Also no matter how good a writer is it s almost impossible to write an exciting poker scene it can work in movies if shot right but on the page one s eyes tend to glaze over at rules Let Go descriptions the specifics of each hand and each player s astute analysis of the others tells Ultimately though this is one heck of a well crafted adventure and an undeniably entertaining read and sets up what should be a thrilling and undoubtedly joke filled concluding chapter I m inThanks Aja for the semi buddy read even though I think you wereone before I was even a uarter of the way throug. Temple full of furious monks to a speeding train besieged by assassins And for what Are a few pages of bawdy verse worth waging war over Or Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition does something far sinister lurk between the linesFrom Patrick Weekes one of the minds behind the critically acclaimed Mass Effect video game series The Prophecy Con continues the action packed fantasy adventure that kicked off in The Palace Jo. Lopped right into an adventure with people we already love and who have mostly worked out theirifferences and a few who have either moved on or have been the subject of some rather major changes in the previous tomeWhat I wasn t prepared for and what I was thoroughly amused by was the never ending Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh dance of fighting and badecisions masuerading as the perfectly plausible We had so many reversals and amusing enemies in the first half of the novel all of which included planes trains and automobiles all of which was lovingly visual and visceral that I swore that I was watching one of the best heavy action heist movies ever I mean I Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward don t think I ll ever forget the Elf or the Hunter Even Veiled Lightning was prettyamn amazing and the end of the train scene was pretty epic including the funny as hell reversalI really wasn t prepared for the whole book turning into a fantasy scene of the Gambler either with high stakes poker getting only higher when all the current gods and the old gods started staking claims Oh and we can t forget mutually assured and instant estruction of the Empire and the RepublicI was enthralled by the story and was tempted to stay up all night to read it but amn it life kept intruding on my enjoyment of this great bookThe final surprises and yes there are multiple surprises have solidified my adoration of this author It has graduated from mind candy even though it s a fast and easy read into an awe inspiring tour of goodness I can t recommend this enough The prophecy Con is full of interesting characters weird magic How to Disappear different lore and a whole host of craziness It has a very interesting story and I like it butdue to the jumping PoVs and the sheer number of things happening at the same time sometimes it is hard for me to become really invested in the story I get a little OCD with fantasy books wanting to understand the world and the magic and sometimes I struggle with this particular series as it brushes on the magic but I never really understand it I like to euate this to an ADD personsream book since it is so jumpyStill there are plenty of entertaining moments with Kail always insulting your mother in a fight Wait were you just trying to get us to take everything off Kail asked winking at one of the guards and moving to force eye contact in return Man your mother is so much polite about it Dairy s unexpected continued virginity Are you really certain that you Act Like You Know don t find Ululenia attractive Hessler asked Maybe it was first time jitters I mean as far as I can tell she is arrogant apple babbling brook creeping cat all right I m stopping He glared at Ululenia There was no need to resort to cluttering up my mind Iisagree strongly Ululenia s horn flared and she headed back toward the office her slim hips swaying in her white A Guide to Americas Sex Laws dress with every step You re you re sure Hessler said Because while I am by no means a paragon of masculine attitudes youon t get many chances at something like that I m sure Dairy looked at Ululenia then Hessler I thought you were with Tern Mister Hessler Well yes but I m not Agewise dead Tern and Hessler s new relationshipit is a bit cute Kail and Desidora s complicatedance of something and Loch and Pyvic figuring out how to juggle their sometimes conflicting jobs with their relationshipThere is uick wit everywhere Can you go any faster Pyvic asked Yes I m just choosing to go this speed because your mother likes it when I take my time There s not a lot to hold onto up on top A lesser man Icy said would find a way to reference your mother in response to that sentence So with all that awesomeness you might say Why Robin id you only give it 3 stars Well my friends the answer is that after I set this book own I sometimes have no idea what the point of what I just read was I finished this a few A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World days ago and totally forgot what theirection of the entire story was and had to go back through my notes to refigure out the plotThe PlotI thinkTo avoid war between the Republic and the Empire seriously I have flashbacks to Star Wars every time I see republic and empire used in this book Loch must steal back the Elfin book that she gave the elves so they would save the floating city in The Palace Job Why Anthropology as Cultural Critique do they need the Elfin book that is a little unclear there may be a prophecy in the book that could bring the ancients back or the glimmering folk So Loch and teamevise a plan and prepare to steal the book back However along the way they are chased by A Grundle of foes Not only Anyone do they have an Imperial Princess and her body guards tracking them there are some Knights the Justicars and apparently Demons as well Sufficed to say there really isn t muchown time Something is regularly blowing up or fighting breaks outI will say that there isn t much own time in this book Something is almost always happening and just when our characters have broken free from one eath Boggs defying event then another happens It is a fun ride with uippy banter action action action and an unexpected ending Really Iidn t see that coming at the end Still not my favorite fantasy series because Battleground Chicago details I love them and sometimes I felt like Iidn t understand this world or it s magic However I Albert Camus do like the characters so it will be interesting to see how the final book plays outOh and just for funlook I found Ulenia looking for Virgins in SLC AWESOMEMr Weekes thanks ever so much for rescuing my poor soul after the Iced fiasco The Prophecy Con was just what I needed to get my book life back on track As I was reading the character recap at the beginning of the book I just knew this was going as fantastic as The Palace Job I was wrong It wasn t as fantastic as The Palace Job it was even better Non stop kick ass action ever expanding world building brilliant plot and hilarious character interactions What I like most about Rogues of the Republic The Rogues obviously What a crazy bunch of misfits I love them all Loch kicks butt as a newly appointed Justicar Pyvic is now a captain and part of theysfunctional family Kail is hilarious as ever with his mother lines he kicks butt too Ululenia the shapeshifting unicorn kills me whenever she coaxes minds to befuddlement Arrogant apple babbling brook creeping cat hahaha Tern the super cool alchemistsafecrackercrossbow expert and her boyfriend Hessler the wizarduniversity Bitter Choices drop out with a very limited field of expertise or not Desidora the kick ass love priestess turnedeath priestess turned love priestess and Ghylspwr her talking magical warhammer Indomitable Courteous Fist aka Icy the Imperial acrobatcontortionist and former monk and his vow of non violence Rybindaris aka Dairy Champion Dawn and Ululenia s esignated young muscular virgin or notWhat I Love Here Is The love here is the author plays mix and match with the characters as the story evolves He keeps changing the teams which is fantastic in terms of character ynamics Weekes has created an amazing cast of characters The Rogues are fantastic of course but so is the rest of the cast From Princess Veiled Lightning Gentle Thunder and Shenziencis to Irrethelathlialann the elf Ethel hahaha Mister Dragon the Gods Blood, Milk, Ink, Gold damned Knights of Gedasar Cevirt Bertram and Gart Utt Krenner thewarf Even minor characters "In The Story Are Brilliantly "the story are brilliantly it might be time to talk about the story now Right Sorry about the character fangirling Since the book is pretty much non stop action it would be Mikhail Bakhtin difficult to summarize the plot line so I ll keep it short in order to avoid war Loch her crew have to steal back The Love Song of Eillenfiniel the elven manuscript they stole then returned to the Elves in The Palace Job Obviously nothing goes according to plan and everything that can go wrongoes What a wild roller coaster ride this is great action scenes pursuits traps Carnival distractions fantastic fight scenes it never stops And the twists Weekes is one of the very few authors whose unexpected tricks twists I never see coming One word of advice here read the book to the very last page When I say to the very last page I mean the part after the Acknowledgments Trust me on that What else The humour The Palace Job was funny but The Prophecy Con isownright hilarious It s one crazy line after the next This book is just brilliant from beginning to end Let s end this with a list of random awesomeness shall weLapitects The museum theft Wind Citizens and Paupers daemon powered airships The Elven book of sex poems Fireaemon powered trains Tern fangirling like a teenager every time Veiled Lightning is around Crabs in the library Zephyr class airships Iofegemet Zombie armies The suf gesuf tournament Dwarves The Voyancy Elven treeships Jyelle The train scenesThis is only one of the coolest books ever Mr Weekes please write a seuel I need Rogu. Crew of magic makers law breakers and a talking warhammer she'll match wits and weapons with Bargaining for Brooklyn dutifulwarves mercenary knights golems aemons an arrogant elf and a sorcerous princessBut getting their hands on the prize while keeping their heads attached to their necks means Loch and company must battle their way from a booby trapped museum to a monster infested library and from ,

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