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The Mother in LawThis book was such a difficult read I Read a few other reviews and my thoughts were similar I knew nothing about the book when I my thoughts were similar I knew nothing about the book when I it and thought it was a work of fiction but was a non fiction Slightly horrifying this is considering the age I m in GENRE Cultural India RealisticRating45Duped yes I was duped by the comic cover of the MIL with a rolling pin and the DIL with a skimmer The title had me believe that this was going to a rolling pin and the DIL with a skimmer The title had me believe that this was going to fun read about the suabble between Mother in laws and Daughter in laws But the pages within contained stories or rather fictionalized version of someone s reality that it took the air out of me Each story had me asking the same uestion How can women inflict torture on another of their own Is the power ratio so imbalanced that women go to any xtent to have an upper hand While these thoughts were running in my mind I fell into thinking that It Hurts When I Poop! a Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty even though we are fast progressing in the 21st century there are things that still throttle our growth at the roots These are the rigid conservativemonopolistic chauvinist outlook that the society has for women in general And it does not help that this mentality is watered into the men since childhood by their very own mothers Mothers who instead of teaching sons to be kind and respectful towards women teach them to be princes in their own little world where all their whims and fancies are to be met The men grow up to be bigger babies with beards and moustaches who refuse to grow up Their mothers smother them with love and any deed of theirs is considered rightSo when in thisuation comes the daughter in law she is yed with suspicion and the MIL fears losing hold over her son and household Harboring "these insecurities she only sees the new girl as an nemy The mil s do their level best "insecurities she only sees the new girl as an Double Deception (Code Name: Danger enemy The mil s do their level best create wedge in the relation of husband and wife so that she is always between them invisible yet whole We have a plethora of saas bahu saga but the book brought forth a reality that was beyond any of thisThe book contains fictionalized stories of real life happenings of women whom the author interviewed To protect identity they ve been renamed but thevents are just as real As the title suggests the author went looking for some funny stories involving Mother in law but came back with a bag full of stories of torture manipulation power politics scheming and conniving women Is this the imminent future we are providing our daughtersThere are Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, eleven stories ofleven different women who share their stories about their MIL There is Rachna who falls in love with her MIL before her husband only to realise that she was driving her life in Grave Tattoo ever aspect Then we have Carla who belongs to Australia and who has a MIL who is unwilling to accept her owing to her white skin and her notions of how Western women are Payal weds into a joint family and struggles throughnough but catches grip of the situation and fights for a separate kitchen and peaceful dwelling Keisha an Anglo Indian girl is raped by her Georgia and the Tycoon extremely conservative husband in the very presence of her MIL almostvery night and who Churchills Trial enjoys sadistic pleasure in being audience to the torture Then there is Arti a successful journalist who is not allowed to sit on the couch. In this witty acute and often painfully funny book Veena Venugopal followsleven women through their marriages and A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries explores why the mother in law is the dreaded figure she isMeet Deepa whose bikini wearing mother in law wont let herven wear jeans Carla whose mother in law

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Ld have shown both the pro and cons of mother in law For whatever reason I thought this d be a funny take on mothers in law And bought it to gift my mother in law Thank God for a super colleague who asked me to read it once and he s a guy I did and boy am I glad that I didn t gift it to her PThe stories are uite sad And if it were me as a daughter in law I might have fled from these mothers in law Not as fun so the low score It started off uite funnily about the author s mother in law Ended up being sad and some really horrible stories came up It depressed me further and I kept wondering why anyone let alone women would Live With Such People This Is A with such people This is a serious book than I had imagined The stories in it which are by the way case studies are often rather devastating Some of the mothers in law appear innocuous ven loving and fun at first but as the daughters
In Laws Stories Unfold 
laws stories unfold is clear that it was all a manipulative ploy The book surveys young women mostly upper middle class and urban though from both the north and south and one mother in law in her role as daughter in law as well which is the most interesting chapter There is certainly a range of xperiences here but there is clearly a conditioning of mothers in law and their sons that leads to uite an unhealthy relationship in the family One thing I would have liked to read about is why so many women In Pursuit of a Princess even those conscious of the problems in these dynamics do not do to intervene in this dynamic Only got 17% in found it uite depressing actually Phew I will admit that I am thoroughly depressed after reading this Having grown up primarily in the south to mostlyducated liberal parents I had assumed that the Second Time Loving evil mother in law trope was restricted to bad mega serials poorducation and small townsI know very little about villages to assume anything But man was I wrong Some truly horrific stories about cruelty from the mother in law and on occasion veryone from the man s family ranging from instances of petty verbal taunts physical violenceemotional blackmail threats narrow mindedness western clothes are a big no no a working girl is an ven bigger no no one mom in law actually calls them prostitutes and ven rape from the husband to the mother in law who trains all grandchildren to treat her as their mother and treats the daughter in laws as maids Phew Real life seems infinitely weirder and crueler The men rarely come out smelling of roses A few of them are openly supportive a few are supportive without knowing how to take on their mothers and in a few sad cases a few brain washed ones actually turn against the wife I guess the only thing to be moderately happy about is that the two south Indian mom in laws are comparatively mild and spectacularly progressive when compared to their North Indian counterparts If I have a grouse with the book it s that perhaps most of the people mentioned here seem to be from a middle class to super rich conomic background It might have been interesting to see if small town marriages are similarly depressing or if there are surprises there To conclude all the girls who I know are in happy marriages you have no idea how lucky you are And the unmarried ones you might want to read this. Ther in law herself she is turning out to be an ually unlikeable MummyjiFull of incisive observations and deliciously wicked storytelling The Mother in Law is a book that will make you laugh and cry and understand better the most important relationship in a married womans lif. In her marital home which is seen as insult to the real members namely her in laws Deepa whose mother in law called her a prostitute only because she was working Similarly there are stories of Anshika Seema Supriya Nikita and Arti There s also Lalitha who speaks about her mother in law and her daughter in law Michelle who tells about LalithaReading this book feels like a hot gossip session with your girlfriends whewr you bitch about your respective MIL s But the only difference being that the gossip is no fun rather harrowing and traumatic tales of insults taunts tortures rape and sadism A girl is not a commodity to be bartered off As A Commodity Or Chattel a commodity or chattel is she a machine to work without break She is just as much human as the rest of youThis is a well researched and honest book which will be an ye opener to both men and women It goes to show how the silent act of husbands and Father in laws prove to be perilous for the daughter in laws and wives The lack to strike a balance or toe the line for the MIL and DIL causes damage that sometimes cannot be healedStriking a slightly comic relief to the otherwise dry and depressing mood Veena list Do s and Don ts for Indian marriage and also Ten ways to survive the Mother in Law after conclusion Go on and read to know what your future can be or seek solace that there are others like youSome uotes In India modernity is like a new outfit you wear it only when you go out There is no fashion police stricter than the Indian mother in law Indian mothers do have an obsessive love for their sons The whole notion of preference for the boy child feeds into this obsession Certainly whom you marry on that day determines how you live the rest of your life So forget about what you ll wear and how you ll have your hair done focus on finding a man who has your back In many of the stories husbands who don t stand up for their wives often Family Men end up destroying their marriages You all talk about family values all the time I am not sure what the family value is when a pair of pants is important than wishing your family members well Best book I have read in a long time This is how writing is done This is how a book should read Perfect length perfect timing j Veena Venugopal s book The Mother in Law is by far one of the most hard hitting books I havever read This book is a collection of real life stories of leven women whose mothers in law made sure their lives were a living hell From Keisha an anglo indian girl who was raped by her ultra conservative Keisha an anglo indian girl who was raped by her ultra conservative in her mother in law s presence almost very night to Arti a successful journalist who was not allowed to sit on the couch in her marital home to Deepa whose mother in law called her a prostitute only because she was working this book made me tear up a little in almost all the chapters A girl is not a commodity to be traded between families and daughter in law is not a working machine nor is she a doll who is supposed to be dancing Sabina Spielrein everyone s whims and fancies I would recommend this book tovery single person in my friend The novel is like of s frustration of a Daughter in lawI do agree there a people who have bad xperience with the mother in laws but there are some good also The novel shou. Nsists that her son keep all his stuff in his family home although he can spend the night at his wifes Rachna who fell in love with her mother in law ven before she met her fiancee only to find both her romances sour and Lalitha who finds that despite having had a hard nut mo. ,

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