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The Masseuse GONY Double Dragon #1I highly liked this one I want it give it a 45The Heroine She comes off as a cool collected independent black woman with her nice job and nice house and very straight and narrow life style In my opinion she seemed a bit life eprived Meaning she and narrow life style In my opinion she seemed a bit life eprived Meaning she t live life She is CEO of a small business and she is honestly the shit She had life by the horns The Heroine He is a ifferent type of bad boy and I love that He is AsianKorean and Egyptian He is a masseuse and he ends up covering for another masseuse In the beginning he seems kind of pervery but that s far from the truth he just goes for he wants and he wants the heroine The story How the hero was introduced into the story I practically swooned The Majors Daughter dramatic sigh This one pulled me in from the first couple of pages It s really steamy and sometimes I just need that steam factor The heroine try s to knock our pretentious hero to the the back burner but our hero wasn t having it It was a whirlwind romance and I loved them together The ended is a heart wrenching cliffhanger and I leaves you wanting I enjoyed this story and I will read the seuel to satisfy my hunger for Ramsey WTFudge whyid it end where it ended "I loved every sentence of the book I was floored when I found out Ram was Korean and "loved every sentence of the book I was floored when I found out Ram was Korean and and rich those are my tri ficta Anywho I m about to start Dragon and if I get another cliffy Lol I originally was not looking to read this book While I was looking for a book to read on my Kindle app I kept seeing it I had just finished reading a book from the same author not so long "Ago So I Gave "so I gave It was everything I was not expecting I loved it It was hot It was sexy It was just everything Then she went and cliffhanger me I was so mad about that but in a good way It was a good book so for that cliffhanger to be there woo had me feeling some type of way The first 20% of this showed potential and promised an interesting story Thereafter it took a sharp turn into PWP Redundant cliched boring por. When Jezebel Carter agreed to a spa session to appease her sickly sister she expects one thing and one thing only to leave tension free It’s a spa after all Instead she leaves with memories of a gorgeous man with talented fingers who probab.

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Ype organization I liked how he was a strong leader who ecided to create his own path with the position that was passed own to him from his grandfather He is extremely successful "OWNING A LARGE CHAIN OF INTERNATIONAL "a large chain of international and gave the best massages this side of heaven This man also has the sexiest bedroom banter that I ve read in a whileI still smile thinking about itHe handled his organization with an iron fist but showed eep love and On His Majestys Service devotion to his family and friends That cannot get any sexier I love how he was persist 81216 Rant I am seriously annoyed with this brilliant author Sheropped off of the face of the frickin earth without a friggin peep No explanation for her readers just Poof Her books are no longer available via and yep I am pissedI am calling this author out for such crappy behavior Because the way she id it was absolutely inconsiderate until it was just unrealNote to AuthorMs Dubrinsky you cannot get people hooked on your writing and then just #leave us high and ry That is rudeAnd yes I am giving you the side eyeEnd of Rant # us high and The Essential Good Food Guide dry That is rudeAnd yes I am giving you the side eyeEnd of Rant put this book was awesome Violette Dubrinsky isefinitely on my list of top 10 authors who are 1 Click worthy Giving this one 5 humongous stars Violette wrote a book that I both love and hate I love the fact that she too the IR romance to a Textbook of Wisdom different level with the sexy Ramsay I have read many IR romances but this is the first that I really love with an Asian male lead Rams OMG This was such a great read Ramsey is soooooo SEXY Bone straight black haireep onyx eyes olive skin long lean muscles Whewwhat s a girl to In Defence of Dogs do I absolutely loved this storyline Just when I thought I could predict what was going to happen next I was surprised And the love scenes were absolutely scorching RAMSEY RAMSEY RAMSEY This book was soooo good Iidn t realize it was coming to an end It ended with a Cliffhanger I was like WHAT where is the rest Ms Violette please write BOOK 2 the Dragon as fast as possible. Headstrong financial executive He's etermined to have her and before long Ramsey succeeds on his personal uest to make Jezebel his There's just one problem Ramsey harbors a secret that could tear Jezebel from his arms and upturn their lives. N at that Without plot Nothing happened Nothing except a 32 Year Old CEO Behaving As If She Has No year old CEO behaving as if she has no no life experience no ability to istinguish lies from truth and no self esteem Then suddenly at 85% this became an episode of Law Order which The City in Mind descended into a mobster movieIt ends on a cliffhangerand buying the subseuent title is not in the least bit tempting I remember when I finished reading Windows which I enjoyed I looked at other people s reviews and came across one response which criticised "The Book As Glorifying "book as glorifying gangster lifestyle The reviewer was irate about a romance with a black female lead somehow needing to perform a bait and switch and become crime laden etc At the time newly Revenge (The Red Ledger discovering Billy London I was just intrigued by the voice and the UST etc andidn t give much thought to the mob element In this book however I feel exactly what that reviewer No One Wants You did I amisgusted And I recall why I was The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity done with the genre Actually why I amoneafter reading the last book in the Roommate Wanted series next week I read this as original fiction on Valent Chamber It was good though This story was the bomb it had everything suspense romance thriller It was one of the best reads I have had to ate Bring on book 2 please This book is well written and a page turner The romance is hot and keeps you intrigued about the couple and where their relationship is headed That was money well spentYou will not regret buying this book you will want to read it again it so fantastic no hype at allI won t leave any spoilers because I really feel you should read the book yourself AND ENJOY THE SURPRISES THAT IT BRINGS RAMSEY MUTHAFREAKING enjoy the surprises that it brings Ramsey Muthafreaking What he looks like in my fantasy Hey BooI igressCan you think of a sexier male character than Ramsey Stone Think about itI ll waitThis IR was a breath of fresh air for me being that the lead male was a SEXY mixed race male Asian and Egyptian who was a strong alpha male that was the Dragon for a Asian mafia Ly oesn't work at the spa and is a possible pervert Ramsey Stone is no pervert He's a licensed masseuse and he wants than one session with Jezebel For a man who prides himself on his control even he admits he's smitten with the beautiful but.

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