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Believe of Joseph Deans so I look forward to reading Book 2 and find out what exactly comes through those oors Last to Fall The Travels of Joseph Dean 1Glynn James weird interconnected stories have really only been getting better and better with Each New Story And With The Third new story and with the third Last to Fall The Travels of Joseph Dean 1 there is also a sense of the beginning of a resolutionThe last strong reference to the Texan Joe Dean in Chasing Spirits is to the noose Reg finds hanging from the ceiling of their old cafe though Reg is oddly certain that Joe One Girl One Dream didn t hang himself Instead we open on Joe many years from theiscovery of the noose and on a The Amazing SAS different world telling his son about how he came to be in his new home and what he been oing there before he settled This short story installment of the Diary of the Displaced Fascinating and mesmerizing The story keeps getting better and better Joseph Dean comes from our world but he has chosen a mission in an alternative world when he finds himself with nothing left lose The author oes another splendid job of storytelling as the narrator tells his son of his adventures across an invisible thresh hold to another world These books that Glynn James writes know how to captivate my attention and pull me into the story He oes a fantastic job of painting a vivid picture of strange worlds filled with unusual creaturesI highly recommend WARNING DO NOT DO NOT read this book if you HAVE NOT read the previous 2 books in the seriesAUTHOR Glynn James is a crescendo at its best The man is brilliant If you read reviews that its best The man is brilliant If you read reviews that have written on any books in my GoodreadsLibraryThing catalog you should know that I o not waste words The sign of a great writer is a person that writes a series and you want to choke himher for not continuing Oh Glynn The Dangerous Debutante (Romney Marsh, dearest GIVE ME MORE OF THIS SERIES or I LL HANG YA SYNOPSIS The Maw from book One Joseph from book Two owner of the Caff Hints of Nua Lath from book One and Two The Resistance from book Two This book brings it all together Joseph joins the Resistance The Maw are the Resistance s Allies They both are battling Nua Lath Now READ5 out of 5 Stars Elements of a Science Fiction Book TEST Other worldlyYES Characters easily identifiableYES AdventureYES Peril YES Plot easy to comprehendYESFAVORITE PART The locked up warehouse Awesome conceptLEAST FAVORITE PART Who is Joseph talking to in the entire book Me oroes he have a sonYOU WILL LIKE THIS BOOK IF YOU LIKE Science Fiction Fantasy Paranormal Adventure. D iscover a lot than that in the years that followedThe Last to Fall is a short novel and the first in a series following Joseph Dean's travel.

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The Last to FallJoseph is The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker down on his luck and running a littleive bar in London When he feels he can t go on he Quadruplets On The Doorstep decides to hang himself As he is making preparations a guy Joshua walks into the bar and asks if he needs some help From there they start talking and Joshua offers Joseph a job Realizing there is nothing left for Joseph he agreesJoseph is then taking to another planet and taught about the history and inhabitants of the planet This is one of theead planets that Nua Lath has killed with his horde There were some survivors that have slowly rebuilt Joseph is now part of the Resistance a group of people that are trying to stop Nua Lath Joseph is supposed to find the last stand of the former inhabitants and to find out what happenedJoseph is then left to his task He starts walking own an abandoned road and finds Bailey Bailey is a scavenger that recycles everything that is found in the abandoned lands He then sells that to the few communities Together they look for the final stand of the people this planetI really liked this story There was great imagery and imagination This was a uick read but I couldn put it own I can t wait for other books in this series I really want to find out what happens nextI received this book for free from the Library Thing to find out what happens nextI received this book for free from the Library Thing Reviewer program This is the third in the Diary of the Displaced series and once again it is a very well written imaginative story Joseph Dean the narrator had a small mention in Chasing Spirits and in The Last to Fall he The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane describes his own journey to the world in which he now lives and his purpose there One of the strengths of this series is that the settings created by Glynn James are completely convincing and while too manyetails can be the undoing of some authors in this book as in the others the etails of survival in a hostile unknown and battle scarred world are very important in building up the reality of that worldJoseph is telling this story to his son and it s easy to forget as you re reading it that the work is actually a monologue Joseph s is the only voice we hear There is plenty of action and suspense with the possibility of a seuel in the ending The characterisation is very good and Joseph s companion through most of the story is Bailey who eventually moves on to the next part of his task and it would be great if a later book followed his storyAll three books in the series are very good indeed and it almost seems churlish to mention the occasional spelling or formatting issues that appear These can easi. In 1926 Joseph Dean was just getting ready to hang himself when the man named Joshua stepped into his cafe and changed his lifeHe made Joe an .
Ly be sorted out in later editions and while they on t etract from the high standard of writing and the imaginative stories the books would be even better without THEM I LL BE CHECKING OUT I ll be checking out James other work and would recommend this book as well as the others in the series very highlyI received this e book from the LibraryThing Members Giveaway in October 2011 The Diary of the Displaced The Last To Fall By Glynn to Fall by Glynn is another great story I gave it four starsI served him as he asked just a neat whiskey He idn t have any money and idn t even offer to pay but that idn t bother me I think in some way I needed him to turn up at that moment needed someone to talk to someone to listen to for a while just so that I could get my head around what I was preparing to o after he had leftLink to purchase Loved this third book in the Diary of the Displaced seriesI recommend it if you ve read the first two This novella ties together some things from the books It s good in its own right but you should probably read the other book first I recommend the whole series I m looking forward to where everything is going and how everything interconnects I only wished this was a longer story Book 3 in the Diary of the Displaced series The Last To Fall tells the story of Joseph Dean his unusual assignment to find out what happened on another world to the last of the humans there Discovered on the verge of ending his life in the London Caf from book 2 of the humans there Discovered on the verge of ending his life in the London Caf from book 2 is given a uniue opportunity to join the Resistance who are fighting an otherworldly creature of pure evil Granted immortality by his recruiter Joshua Joe trains rigorously to fulfill his new purpose in life even though he has no clear idea what that purpose is or how long it will take Joe who is now known as Xeno is telling his son who he is how he came to this world so that his son can help him complete his mission I m anxiously awaiting the next installment in this series Novella concerning a character we meet in the author s previous work Chasing Spirits Joe is speaking to his son and tells the boy of his life and how he came to be on this world and events that led up to where they are at the end of the book and boy what a cliffhangerThough it isn t essential it s best to read at least Chasing Spirits and perhaps Diary of the Displaced also to get to know the worlds James has so brilliantly created There is also the collection of short stories Whispers of the Displaced which are just as creepy as the main novellasThis is Book 1 Ffer one that would mean travelling through the oor to another world to find something that had been lost for nearly two hundred yearsJoe woul. .

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