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The Last Days of NightWas covered by Edison s patent So "Now He Claims To Own All Forms " he claims to own all forms incandescent light And into the mix arrives the intessential mad scientist Nikola Tesla a brilliant eccentric Serb who worked with Edison and it suddenly in anger and disappeared Paul wants to find him and pump him for information

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Edison s But Edison is hunting for him as well so the chase is onThe author has also done a great job imagining Tesla s speech patterns by jumbling the grammar rather than trying to recreate his heavy accent which would make for ncomfortable reading It was soon clear that his command of the raw materials of the language words short phrases was deep and yet his se of its intricacies grammar sentence construction was haphazard It was as if Tesla tossed p into the air all the words he knew on a given subject and then walked away before he could see where they landed Tesla explains to Paul who s taken him out to dinner why he can t eat the meal Well of course not please do not mistake me for a crazy I can only ingest a dinner the cubic volume of which adds to a number divisible by three Later we learn his meals are only soda water and saltine crackersWhen giving a lecture to a large group Tesla s accent and speech patterns were so jumbled that Paul wasn t sure he was speaking English Please pardon my face came Tesla s high pitched and thickly accented voice My pallor is white as pale My health is in a condition dishabille Laboratories are better fit places for machines than personages continued Tesla But I am digressed My health I have said I ask your kind indulgence and my gratification shall be in your minor approvals Tesla is found ill and mad but has flashes of brilliance and continued to do so for the rest of his life We watch the nfolding of plans involving Alexander Graham Bell you know the telephone man JP Morgan then America s richest man close enough and other real people And Tesla is the man in whose honour the founders of Tesla Motors named their company although I read that Elon Musk the CEO is an Edison fanPlus there s a delightful romance simmering away between Paul and a famous singer whose mother disapproves of him And then there s Paul s father who helped found Fisk University a black niversity in Tennessee for freedmen And then there s Paul who designed today s law firm hierarchy All in all an absorbing entertaining read I m than happy to recommend My Behind the Throne (Morgan Crowe Trilogy, uotes are from the NetGalley preview copy so may have changed in the final publication A masterful mix of historical fiction and fact and a wonderful insight into the battle to electrify AmericaEver since watching the TV Series The Men who built America I have a great interest in this period of American history and these fascinating characters so when a Goodread s friend reviewed The Last Days of Night I knew this book was right for meThis is a fascinating portrait of American inventors and entreprenuers Thomas Edision George Westinghouse Nikola Tesla JP Morgan and attorney Paul Cravath and their race and battle over ACDCI loved the story and had very little knowledge on these Inventors and the legal drama took place over light bulb patents The novel is not too technical and I found it extremely interesting and the fact that the characters are real brings the book aliveThe book deftly weaves fact and fiction and Graham Moore provides a interesting section of notes at the end where he separates facts from fiction and suggests further reading I really appreciated this as many historical fiction novels leave you wondering about the facts of the novel and Graham Moore certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to historical fiction for meI also loved theotes at the beginning of each chapter and found my self writing them down as I was going alongI listened to this one on audible and it was terrific easy to nderstand and pacing and narration was perfectA throughly enjoyable Novel well written and and pacing and narration was perfectA throughly enjoyable Novel well written and as well The nighttime of our ancestors is ending Electric light is our future The man who controls it will not. Lb and holds the right to power the country The case affords Paul entry to the heady world of high society the glittering parties in Gramercy Park mansions and the insidious dealings done behind closed doors The task facing him is beyond daunting Edison is a wily dangerous opponent with vast resources at his disposal private spies newspapers in his pocket and the backing of J P Morgan himself Yet this nknown lawyer shares with his famous.

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I love a good historical novel that teaches me about events about which "I was naware This one fits the bill exploring the lawsuits between Thomas " was naware This one fits the bill exploring the lawsuits between Thomas and George Westinghouse in the late 19th century Anyone who enjoyed Doctorow s Ragtime will enjoy this While we take it for granted the electric light bulb was an invention of mind boggling proportion Moore walks s through not only the history but the effect of Electricity On The Country And on the country and it interesting Ditto for his ability to describe the lawsuits and patents I loved that his protagonist a young lawyer sees all of law as the ability to tell a story He explains ho 5 Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana Bill Gates This was sure a surprise I don t know what I was expecting but not something as interesting and entertaining as this wonderful example of historical faction Lots of factual information but nothing dry or boring as it is when popular authors try to find a subject to teach s and then work a story around it the way I find a lot of popular chick lit in particular Authors pick a place for romance dairy hospital Paris and then spend time trying to piue our interest with lessons about cows or My Mother, a Serial Killer unusual medical conditions or art history to shows what clever researchers they are Spare me pleaseNot Graham Moore This reads like the real deal well real in the sense that the main characters are very real people who did sue each other and make deals at the time the United States was just beginning to enjoy the wonders of electric lighting in the late 1880sEvery chapter is introduced by an interesting The Italians Stolen Bride uote sometimes from a current figure like Bill Gates above or Steve Jobs and sometimes by an historical one like Karl Popper or Edison himselfOur main character was a real attorney Paul Cravath The author has conjuredp his romance and conversations of course and done it believably well Thomas Alva Edison George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla are not only real but famous personages and the author has The Greek Tycoons Mistress used a bit of artistic licence in compressing some time lines to make the story run smoothly But the basic story and JP Morgan s involvement is all there in the history booksWe begin with Edison saying he invented the incandescent light and suing George Westinghouse for selling one of his own design Edison seems to have hundreds of lawsuits going Westinghouse hires Paul Cravath to defend him and Paul sifts through everything he can find looking for a flaw and necessarily learns a lot about electricity in the bargain Even if Edison was the one who did the inventing and even if inventing is what occurred did he actually invent the light bulb or just a light bulb Why the definite article There could be as many varietals of light bulb as roses blooming in the gardens of Central Park The earliest light devices werensatisfactory electricity arcing between two sticks scary but as the experiments become successful the rivalry growsThe other main battle is over the comparative price and safety of Direct Current Edison s vs Alternating Current Westinghouse s You can look p the War of Currents in Wikipedia I learned a lot along with Paul but you don t have to "Be A Science Buff To Enjoy This History There S "a science buff to enjoy this history There s of story to satisfy The author explains for example None of these early iterations were fit for the home no wife in America would sanction the installation of a lamp that was confusing to se expensive to repair and likely than not to set the drapes on fire The worst part of the war was Edison convincing a state to se an electric chair for the death penalty to prove how dangerous AC was Horrifyingly disastrous results All wars are dreadful and this was warIn addition to his powers of persuasion and invention Edison seems to have had a real skill in patenting devices with such clever loose language that his patent could easily be said to cover other people s inventions Speaking of broad reaching phrasing They argued that no other company had a legal right to manufacture incandescent bulbs because incandescent light itself. New York 1888 Gas lamps still flicker in the city streets but the miracle of electric light is in its infancy The person who controls the means to turn night into day will make history and a vast fortune A young ntested lawyer named Paul Cravath fresh out of Columbia Law School takes a case that seems impossible to win Paul's client George Westinghouse has been sued by Thomas Edison over a billion dollar estion Who invented the light bu. .
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Simply make an nimaginable fortune He will not simply dictate politics He will not merely control Wall Street or Washing This novel wears its heart on its sleeve I could tell the author loved his characters flaws and all and was fascinated by the time period That enthusiasm rubbed off on me and I enjoyed this book than I expected The Last Days of Night is historical fiction about the electrifying feud between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse in the late 1800s We see the battle through the eyes of a young lawyer Paul Cravath who Westinghouse hired to represent him in the long legal fight against Edison If you are nfamiliar with the drama that surrounded the fight over alternating current and direct current ACDC for short you are in for a treat The author based "His Novel Around Many Actual Events And "novel around many actual events and including the enigmatic Nikola Tesla The result is an engaging look at a niue corner of science and American history There are some truly shocking stories in here and I confess I didn t know that Edison was such an egotistical scoundrel Whereas Tesla was so brilliant and endearing and misunderstood that I just wanted to give him a hug if he would have allowed anyone to enter his personal space that isNow this novel isn t perfect as historical fiction rarely is I thought the female character of Agnes was sometimes written a little too cutesy which was irksome And the author followed the current publishing trend of writing really short chapters which made the pace go faster but it the current publishing trend of writing really short chapters which made the pace go faster but it felt jumpy and contrived When did it become a Crime To Write Chapters to write chapters were than 4 pagesAdditionally the author included famous His Convenient Highland Wedding uotes before each chapter including a lot from Steve Jobs and Bill Gates allowing the reader to draw comparisons to the famous Apple v Microsoft technology battle that happened about a century after Edison v Westinghouse While theotes started out interesting they Secret Hideout (Cooper, uickly became excessive because there were so many freaking chapters and the modern references took the reader out of the historical period I don t think there needed to be 70 extraotes A few choice ones at the major section breaks would have sufficedBut these are small complaints Overall I enjoyed reading this and I appreciated the author s detailed note at the end explaining which people and events were real where the timing was compressed to improve storytelling etc The author also gave recommendations for other books on the subject I thought this story was so interesting I plan on looking False Family up some of those nonfiction books especially a biography on TeslaRecommended for fans of historical fictionFavoriteotesThe death of mathematical education will be the death of this country proclaimed Westinghouse A generation of young men who have never even heard of the calculus much less possess the ability to determine the instantaneous rates of change What will you lot invent Regency Improprieties uietly in secret from an impromptu subterranean laboratory in the Tennessee plains Tesla had teamed with the precocious sons of southern freedman to engineer wonders stranger than anything Edison and his well heeled peers might have dreamed Paul had once thought that Thomas Edison was the most American man of his generation But looking around the worktable before him at Tesla and his students Paul saw another America This one had been born in an impoverished Serbian village and a West Tennessee cotton field Where the first America was brilliant the second was ingenious What the first America did not invent the second would tinker into being What Wall Street would not fund a Nashville basement would build This was what men like Edison and Morgan fearedWho had invented the light bulb That was theestion that started the whole story off It was all of them Only together could they have birthed the system that was now the bone and sinew of these United States No one man could have done it In order to produce such a wonder Paul realized the world reuired men like each of them Visionaries like Tesla Craftsmen like Westinghouse Salesmen like Edison. Adversary a compulsion to win at all costs How will he do itIn obsessive pursuit of victory Paul crosses paths with Nikola Tesla an eccentric brilliant inventor who may hold the key to defeating Edison and with Agnes Huntington a beautiful opera singer who proves to be a flawless performer on stage and off As Paul takes greater and greater risks he'll find that everyone in his path is playing their own game and no one is ite who they se. ,

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