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The guy and tell him ou love him and he tells Neptunes Daughter (The Atalantium Trilogy, you I can not do this and I am not ready well pull upour big girl knickers and move on Nope door mat waits for him to change his mind 3 weeks she waits Even in the book Die Mystikerin you see her counting down the last 5 minutes All this showed me was heroine had not pride Tug was suppose to come across as this bad A scary dude He fought with the cartels he was a billionaire he was handsome andada ada ada To me he came across as whiny and selfish NO I honest do not think he loved the heroine at all It was what she could do for him at the moment Need this one esterday Lol Do not read The Hustle if ou have not read Tug HOT DAMN K J Bell blew my mind with The Hustle For those of Pisco significa pajaro. you who have been waiting for the continuation of Tug s story I PROMISEou will not be disappointed This books was incredibleK J Bell s writing never ceases to amaze me she s always switching it up I knew The Hustle was going to be fabulous but the storyline was so much than I anticipated Our loveable Tug is still trying to navigate through life after Maria Enter Peyton She seems to be the perfect distraction but is she Will Tug ever recover after being burned will he ever be able to let go of Maria and get on with his lifeThe Hustle was one of those What the hell did I jut read books I was on the edge of my seat wondering where the story would go I couldn t put it down I felt empathy for the characters and each of their journeys as we all "make sacrifices for those we love so many "sacrifices for those we love So many were invoked reading this story O M G I am still trying to process one storyline Ms Bell knows she blew my mind as I did not see the story turning in this directionI m a little sad to see Tug s story come to an end but it has been a fabulous ride watching him grow from a goody kids into a strong sexy man The Hustle was the perfect end to this loveable character s story even if I am still mad at K J Bell Definitely angsty and sexy The Hustle should be our Next Read Don T read Don t out on this one I was gifted an advance copy in exchange for an honest review This book was definitely not for me I didn t believe for one second Tug loved anyone other than Tori I believe Tori was uite happy with that because it meant she got the best of both worlds He used Maria He used Peyton I didn t like how Tori s actions in Tug s first book were excused away because of her illness then hated how Tug got everything he wanted even though he was one of the most selfish so called heroes I have ever readI actually regret reading this book and should ve just read the first one and been done with it Maria deserved so much better than she got and I ended up hating Tug I know I am definitely in the minority because I thought Tug was the one who was in the wrong and should ve been begging Maria to forgive him Maria didn t break his heart because it has always been with Tori But nope He reverts to his usual ways and by then I was skimming til the end I m so goddamn angry at myself for reading this book I changed my rating from 1 to 2 stars because the author obviously did something right by making me feel so passionately about this book even though I hated it NO HEA for Maria She dies so the Zero gets to live happy ever after with OW. Doesn’t need to be saved When an irreversible mistake is made Aidan loses both womenFate has other plans and a second chance emerges Can Aidan let go of the guilt he carries and allow himself happiness Or will he continue to fight his feelings and intentionally sabotage any hope of a relationshi. .

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Ou help someone who can t let go of the guilt and heartache Someone who self sabotages everything good in his life You can t ou can only give them The Defense (Eddie Flynn your love and support and accept them and all their faultsI fell in LOVE with Aidan Tug in the Irreparable Series seriously who didn t He was such a fun sexy smart and oh so loveable character He was that underdog thatou so desperately wanted for him to find his happily ever after Life was so cruel to him I can t blame him for becoming so selfish and jaded He was screwed over by two women he gave his all to I was a little nervous of the direction that this book started to take but then I was like OMG I get it and I LOVE IT Remember this namePeyton Miles I don t think I have loved a female character as much as I love her Not once did she get on my nerve She for me was the perfect female character She is beautiful confident smart and independent She isn t needy whiny clingy or annoying She has wisdom beyond anyone her age She lives for the moment and doesn t let the Past Define Her The define her The I loved most about her is that she saw the truth in Aidan she accepted him for him and did nothing to try to change him Peyton is the difference between needing and wanting Maria I have to say she left a horrible taste in my mouth after Tug After all she did break his heart I will say this I would have done the same thing and without spoiling anything I can understand why she did what she did I don t have to like it but I get it I admired her strength and the love she has for her son Javier She would do anything to protect him I also felt for her she was torn for the love of a man and the love of a monster "HOLY SHET Seriously KJ Bell NAILED it This is one author who constantly leaves me in awe I "SHET Seriously KJ Bell NAILED it This is one author who constantly leaves me in awe I her angstfilledsexyheartachinglybeautifuldrivesmecrazywithcliffy stories Brady Aidan Miller and Battle Her characters and her stories are simply AWE MAZINGIf Hai nhà you are looking for a sexy and heartfelt beautiful struggle of a story look no further This is sincerisouly one of my favorite reads of 2015 Not good things to say Halfway through I had to stop because it doesn t make any sense as a seuel The storyline that supposedly continues after Tug is nonexistent The characters act differently and all of them seem like new ones Hate is a really strong feeling and I don t want to use it but it sure was a big disappointment I can t believe that everything Maria went through that was her fate She deserved better for her life even if Tug did choose Peyton in the end I can t believe all the characters got what they wanted even though they were so selfish and the most selfless person in the book is the one that died Unbelievable This book was ok I did not feel the love between the Hero and the heroine Really hard develop those feelings even when reading about it when the H goes on and on and on about how he loves another woman But to have us readers believe on the last few pages he loves the heroine well to me it is just not plausible I do believe that he was in lust with the heroine but then again I think any woman would have done for his needs I get that the heroine was a nice girl but come on even after a while she got a little over the top for me I meanou spill our heart out to. Revenge With everything in place to work the hustle of a lifetime Aidan learns the truth and he’ll stop at nothing to get Maria back Only in an unexpected twist Peyton Miles a woman completely opposite of Maria begins to worm her way into Aidan’s heart She’s mature sexy and confident and she. Skipped the last 50 pages wtf happened with this book could not connect with the characters this time around did not enjoy it as much as other books at all Oops I should not have used the d wordWHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHITOr rather as we say in South Africa Dit was nou n hoop KAKOnce again the follow up is way over the top with unnecessary dramaticsAnd KJ Bell gives ou about one chapter at the very end where there is endless bliss that "you wish they has experienced a few chapters beforeREALLY Did ou have "wish they has experienced a few chapters beforeREALLY Did ou have go that far with this story Maria did not deserve that And Peyton Rolls my eyes WhateverI am not even eager in the very least to read Liv s story because I know she is gonna end up with Cage but the drama that lies within is what messes me up NO THANKS My 5 star review for The Hustle by KJ BellMy SummaryThere s a monster living inside me an endless voice with devious intentions The conueror of women seeking vengeance for all that I ve lostAidan Hunter is back with a vengeance After losing Maria and Javier he is convinced he was hustled All he can see is revenge He refuses to allow another woman to break his heart There he has become a shell of the man he once was Using woman for the sole purpose of his pleasure to alleviate the pain he feels in his heart Trying to erase their memory he hires a company to redecorate his place the last thing he expected was Peyton Miles A woman who is beautiful smart and confident and doesn t stand for his crap She is completely opposite of the women in his past and he "Finds Himself Being Happy " himself being happy again He is surprised at how uickly she was able to get into his heart the one he thought he lost She somehow managed to open his eyes to the possibility of living life and being happy I can t live life focusing on the what if s and neither should The Art of Acquiring you Life is meant to be lived in the right now s And right now I want to spend whatever time I can withou while I have ou As he plans his own hustle he learns to truth about Maria and he will do everything he can to get her and Javier back Knowing he is going to crush Peyton a woman he has grown to care for and has a hard time seeing a future without What the fuck do ou want me to say Peyton I told A Menagerie of Heroes you I d hurtou I m a bad guy with a broken heart that doesn t know who he is No Mr. Fix-It you re a good guy with a huge heart that s been through some bad times Knowing the difference comes from how much controlou give The Complete Photo Guide to Slipcovers your past While planning to get back Maria Aidan makes a mistake that ends up costing him both women I actually thoughtou were capable of loving me But Nazo no Kanojo X, Vol. 1 you can t and it isn t because of Maria or Javier You can t becauseou re too preoccupied feeling sorry for Tarikh Se Kuch Nahin Sikha yourself Fate has other plans for Aidan He is given a rare second chance for getting his HEA the thing is how canou move forward when چهار تیاتر you are always dwelling in the past and swimming in guilt for an incident that way beyond control With a little help from those who love him he slowly finds his way back to his soul mate and in great Aidan fashion nothing he does is without angst and some self sabotage The thing is he may be too little too late I love thatou always believe in me I always will I pull on his neck and lift my head to kiss him againMy ThoughtsHow can Aidan Hunter’s heart has been broken twice The first time was his mistake; Tori belonged to his brother The second time an entirely different kind of void remainedAfter months of trying to understand how Maria perpetrated such heartless betrayal the only thing Aidan has left is the desire to seek. ,
The Hustle Irreparable #4

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