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Soldiers Pregnancy Protocol uHad to struggle through annnecessary series of selfish decisions that puts everyone at risk searching for Ceony She s supposed to be a hard working intelligent young woman but she takes stupid risks and goes on and on about her crush throughout the book I felt her character had the opportunity to grow get stronger and hone her craft but instead she gets lucky against some brutal bad guys while having a teenage crush Not going to read the last book as I ve just lost interest and ceased caring about Ceony Ok So Overall this is a light fun read It s fluff but I read the first book and that s exactly what I expected a fun romp in 19th century England magic What I did NOT expect was the blatant *racism that happened early onAcross the street however one person did stand out * that happened early onAcross the street however one person did stand out wore normal clothes but his dark skin contrasted with the rest of the bystanders He was a tall man Indian or perhaps Arab His dark eyes met heres and then the crowd filled in and he vanished from sightCeony sucked in a deep breath What decent person would look askance at a foreigner even if he Had Been Looking Her Way been looking her way of foreigners lived in England Delilah was a foreigner for heavens sake Ceony s mother would be appalled if she knew Ceony suspected a man merely because he was differentAt this point I stopped reading and said to myself please tell me that you didn t really just do that And then I thought maybe Ceony will redeem herself Maybe by the end of the book Ceony will have learned a valuable lesson about the evils of racial profilingBut no As it turns out Ceony s assumption of guilt entirely on the basis of skin color turns out to be completely justified Because not only is this Indian man a bad guy but he s a really bad guy The kind who murders every child at an orphanage just for fun And sure it s not against the rules to have POC who are villains But when this is the only POC in the entire series sorry no That s not ok Yes her friend Delilah is a foreigner too She s French And white With blond hair Which means that Ceony s suspicion of foreigners is all about skin color and has fuck all to do with country of originThat s not the only issue that this book has It s just the one that pissed me off the most The studentteacher romance is weird at best I found myself rolling my eyes on than one occasion when Ceony flushed because Emery looks at her touches her etc Ceony spends a lot of this book flushing and frankly it gets annoying And then there s the Harry Potter complex that she develops in this BOOK AND THEN THERE S THE And then there s the that Holmberg wraps p the book by breaking all of the magic rules that she established in the first bookSo in short Nope I m out I won t be finishing the series and I will never give Charlie Holmberg another penny of my money. Acks target Ceony and catch those she holds most dear in the crossfire she knows she must find the true limits of her powers and keep her knowledge from falling into wicked hands The delightful seuel to Charlie N Holmberg’s The Paper Magician The Glass Magician will charm listeners young and old alik. The Glass Magician as you would expect is written in much the same way as the first book The Paper Magician It s *written in third person in a ick easy manner There are again mentions of blood * in third person in a ick easy manner There are again mentions of blood body parts but there is nothing explicit It s done in a manner that doesn t distract from the storyIn is nothing explicit It s done in a manner that doesn t distract from the storyIn Glass Magician we go back to Ceony a couple of months after the events of the Paper Magician Life hasn t changed much for Ceony s apprentice and is still learning magic But she keeps having the feeling she is being watched and after a field trip that goes spectacularly wrong Crony realises that someone from her past wants revenge and will stop at nothing to get itI really enjoyed this book and the continuation of Ceony s story She s a this book and the continuation of Ceony s story She s a likeable character I like how headstrong she i The fundamental story of the Paper Magician books is fine Relatively fast paced in places if pretty predictable and with irky female protagonists which are not always that believable falling into relationships at the drop of a hat is that a gentleman I spy swoon Easy reading for the tube a book a day job The thing that really irritates me is the language Captivated by the Millionaire used In the UK we don t have a pitcher and bowl it s a jug and bowl The front of a car is a bonnet not a hood A handbag is where a lady puts her necessaries when out and about not a purse that s where we put our money Pants are purchased from M having them described in American English and lookingp words to A Mighty Big Wish understand my world was disruptive to my reading experience Please try harder Plastic Magician is marginally better but predominately because the protagonist is American and the language slightly excusable I am in the middle of this series as light hearted reading while I am receiving hospital treatment For that the novels or less fit the bill but I am finding them increasingly annoyingThese are fantasy novels about magic which are set in Edwardian England These of magic is different from other stories and interesting Unfortunately the protagonists aren t very well characterised particularly Ceony the main character who seems to be growing steadily less mature as she gets older and experiencedHowever my chief criticism is the author s difficulties in creating a believable fantasy world which is the main prereuisite before the reader can lose themselves in the story She has chosen to set it in Edwardian London and the surrounding areas and there are some details to tie it to that place and era However almost every page contains anachronisms and inaccuracies which jerk me out of the fantasy Most of these could easily be corrected without any change to the plot or storyline and suggest to me that the author has never visited any of the places she writes about nor researched them in any wayTo be sp. Now well into her apprenticeship with magician Emery Thane 20 year old Ceony Twill is continuing to discover the joy of paper magic She adores bringing her spells to life in surprising ways from learning the power of distortion to creating a beloved paper dog And she secretly hopes that the romance she. .

The Glass Magician
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Ecific about the period Edward VII who is mentioned as the monarch at the time was on the throne between 1901 and his death in 1910Just a few random examplesThe North Downs are not a day s journey from Beckenham which is practically on themThe Dartford Bridge opened in the 1980 s I can t remember the exact dateThere is no English flag well in a sense there is the St George s Cross but surely the author is aware that England is part of the United Kingdom just as much as Utah is part of the United StatesA three storey building cannot be described as a cottage nor would you find a shingle roof in this part of the world nor a twelve sotrey hotel complexI would not expect to find a market trader selling Red Peppers Or Indeed Selling Anything In peppers or indeed selling anything in SuareThe Government is not based in the Houses of Parliament but in WhitehallYou will find The Military in the USA in the UK it would have been His Majesty s Armed ServicesCreme brulee was almost My Mother, a Serial Killer unknown in Europentil the 1980 s prior to that you would only find it at Trinity College Cambridge where it was known as Trinity creamYou might find a red throated loon in Canada but certainly not AfricaA disused factory would be built of brick not concreteThere are no volcanic islands on the South Coast where the geology is sedimentaryIt is probably safe to refer to the river running through London as the ThamesThe language throughout including the dialogue is of 21st century America and so a century out of dateas well as being not very evocative there are also a lot of grammatical errors forcing the me to re read a sentence to work out its meaning and whilst the The Italians Stolen Bride use of American terminology is to be mostly expected sometimes the collouialismssed are rather misleading I think for some of them the author would have The Greek Tycoons Mistress used different words had she known their meaning in EnglandA man isnlikely to be wearing suspenders Tikki Tikki Tembo unless he is dressingp as a womanIf he is visibly wearing a vest then he is in his Bidding on Her Boss (The Hawke Brothers, underwearA tosser as a term of abuse implies a man who isnsuccessful with women and can only masturbate it is not the sort of word her characters would have Hoofd in de wolken (Puffin Island usedBackside means arse not the opposite of front sideIf the author wasnwilling to carry out even the most cursory research needed to create a believable fantasy version of London a century ago then she should have set the story somewhere familiar to her or else perhaps on another world I really wanted this book to be better than it was I loved the original concept in the first book the hint of romance and the adventure although that trip through the heart was looooong I was looking forward to complex ideas about being a paper magician the development of the main female character and maybe development of other characters too However Foresaw blossoming between her and the peculiar yet strikingly handsome Emery finally becomes real But when one magician with a penchant for deadly scheming believes that Ceony possesses a secret he vows to discover it even if it tears apart the very fabric of their magical world After a series of att.

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