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The Firefighters Refrain Those Marshall Boys #3

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Er firefighting skills he heads to Nashville to pursue his dream of music but he s a realist It s hard to make music a career and he s not one to look for handouts while chasing his dream he s working hard as a teacher at the fire station He s such an old fashioned gentleman and the world can definitely se of thoseFinn is also a hard worker She runs a local cafe while caring for a mentally disabled sister and works really hard to make something of their lives Her parents are always chasing their music dreams and aren t in the picture much The Grand Sophy until her dad decides to make an effort Finn and Sam cross paths many times in many waysntil they can t get each other out of their minds but fears and past disappointments can be hard to build a future onI really enjoyed the way the story flows There s a sweet gentleness to it and the way the characters are developed and interact with each other just warms my soul Lessons of love forgiveness patience overcoming fears and independent strength are predominate feelings woven throughout these words I m really curious about the other books as those characters made brief appearances and I m looking forward to reading about this salt of the earth Marshall family Content mild romance mild violence CleanI received a copy in exchange for an honest review I thoroughly enjoyed this book Following Sam s and Finn s story made for a delightful read This is another one from this author that is the perfection combination of romance and wonderful characters that kept me reading from the first pages It is the third book in Those Marshall Boys series but it certainly can be read as a standalone Loree has certainly become one of my favorite authors and this is another one from her that I definitely recommend A couple of loners with huge hearts connect and enjoy to know each otherSam Marshall cared enough about recommend A couple of loners with huge connect and enjoy getting to know each otherSam Marshall cared enough about music to move to Nashville to chase the dream a few years ago but he has never lost his connection to his family back in Colorado nor his passion to help others through teaching at the fire academyFinn Leary has been taking care of life for longer than she can remember thanks to her dreamer parents If she never came across another head in the clouds musician in her life it Wouldn T Hurt Her t hurt her a bitWhen Sam meets Finn at her cafe he s instantly drawn to her When he hears she s not p on musicians he tries to keep his distance but he can t help but like her and her adorable kid sis Can he convince her that he s not a bad guy and worthy of her taking a chance on him A sweet romance third in the series but worked just fine. N the job but he's working his way to the Grand Ole Opry one open mike at a time teaching at the fire station to make ends meet Yet Sam's intentions are shaken when he meets the lovely owner of a local café Sudde. Miniseries Those Marshall Boys The Firefighter s Refrain by Loree Lough Finn owns a restaurant She lives above the restaurant with her sister who had brain damage Finn doesn t want to deal with a guy who sang and touring on the road like her parents did because they drank a lot She figured all singers were drunks and not home people So when she meets Sam Marshall she didn t want to have anything to do with him He was part owner at a bar type restaurant that had live music Sam wrote songs played the guitar and sang None of that mattered to Sam once he met Finn A romance happens A lot "Goes On In This Book "on in this book got divorced Dad is drug free now Mother is still a mess She steals money from Finn when she visits with her new boyfriend It s another Harleuin Heartwarming book This is a sweet romance perfect for girls like me who like their books cleanThis is the third book in the Those Marshall Boys series You don t have to read the previous books to enjoy this one but sometimes it fun to read in seuencial order because you get to see characters from previous books as you go and they mean to youI really liked both Sam and Finn but for very different reasons Finn is focused and so completely devoted to her sister Her life has been hard and Finn has shouldered the responsibility of so many things by herself You have to admire that sort of character But because of her past and even her present life Finn functions like an island She doesn t let people in and she doesn t trust easily That s why Sam is perfect for Finn He is solid steady and smart He is willing to put in the time to earn Finn s trust I to put in the time to earn Finn s trust
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thatThis book good I felt like the plot swirled in the same place at times without a lot of forw I ve already said that I love Loree Lough s writing but it bears repeating I m never disappointed by her books Upbeat without being Pollyanna ish romantic without being gushy and real without the gory details Sam Marshall has a bad leg so he can t climb those ladders to rescue victims but he can teach others how so that s what he does In Nashville where every other person you see dreams of becoming an overnight country music sensation He s no exception At least not ntil he meets beautiful brown haired dark eyed Finn LearyFinn has an aversion to men with visions of stardom in their eyes for good reasons She s the sole careta I haven t read the other books in the series but this one can definitely stand alone Sam is such a stand p kind of guy I love a guy who works hard is kind and doesn t expect things to fall into his lap and that s just how Sam is Using his volunte. He's a man who wants it allif only he could have itDreams of stardom took musician and firefighter Sam Marshall far from his Colorado roots Starting fresh in Nashville hasn't been easy especially after an injury As a standaloneI really liked Sam an amazing guy A former rancher current firefighter though on the teaching end due to an on job injury part time musician and business owner it s amazing he had time for a relationship at all Finn had had a tougher go of things overall and had baggage galore which made her distrust musicians on the whole and very hesitant to start anything with Sam even though the poor guy was pulling out all the stops for her I felt like her prevaricating kept the story from moving forward than a few times and it did get frustratingI loved the secondary characters Ciara Mark Rowdy Even Connor By The End I M Connor by the end I m trying to process how I feel about the ending the very end of the book itself was very sweet but I don t know if we got enough evidence to really see that the choice Sam makes is the right one all aroundand the second last paragraph really didn t do much to convince me that Finn believed it either nfortunately Sam s response is perfect of course so I finished the book with a smileRating 3 12 stars C I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review Another great book by Loree Lough and of course I really liked it Finn Leary has had her share of ps and downs with musicians so when she trips over handsome Sam Marshal s leg she not prepared for her heart to thump thump in response when their eyes connect She can t afford to fall in love especially with a no good musician who s only out for himself or so Finn thinks Her parents were drunks and had been in and out of their lives since the horrible accident that left her sister with serious injuries and she and Ciara on their own Sam Marshal teaches new recruits to become life saving firefighters since Marshal teaches new recruits to become life saving firefighters since had hurt his leg on the job but his real dream is to get signed on for a record deal and make it big some day that is ntil he meets Finn Leary and all that changesWill Finn Leary let her fears ruin her dreams for a happily ever after or will she give Sam Marshal a chance If you haven t yet read a book by this author you are totally missing out She is an AWESOME author and I personally can t get enough of her books and she is also a very sweet person and I follow her on Facebook as well This book is another of her Marahall Boys series and is good as a stand alone read but will make you want to go back and get the story on the other parts of the family as well I loved the characters in this book and the situations she brought out in this book brought things out that hit very close to home for me and had me in tears a few times Very touching and I loved the book GREAT JOB LORE. Nly Sam's dreams are filled with her Too bad that as the daughter of country music wannabes Finn Leary's been there done that She'll never choose a musician So how can Sam possibly get the girl and keep the guitar.

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