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The Devils Pact Sergeant Jack Tanner #5Another great book from James Holland Jack Tanner has been developed into Great Character Matures great character who matures the series and this theme continues in this latest offeringThe battle scenes are well written and fiction and fact are cleverly interwoven to make a believable story Looking forward to the next adventure Another great Jack Tanner story All action stuff featuring the Sharpe of WWII It s good continuation of the series definitely better than the Angels in Harmony previous one I lik. July 1943 With North Africa secured the Allies launch an invasion of Sicily and the 2nd Battalion King's Own Yorkshire Rangers are in the van of the assault on the Italian beachesButromotion to Company Commander has brought him fresh trouble for Jack Tanner Not only has his new Battalion Commander decided to make his life as difficult as ossible they soon find themselves battling against some of the toughest most

Summary The Devils Pact Sergeant Jack Tanner #5

E Tanner as alway he is nicely developed and good character to cheer on Sykes to One thing that bothers me is romance it s The Princess and the Three Knights plain awful As was every one inrevious books but this one is the worst No development real character bonding etcit just happened why I have no i Well it s not Sergeant Jack Tanner any He s Now The Company Commander And the company commander and to deal with a newly appointed Battalion commander he knows from years ago and couldn t get on with This book is mostly set in Sicily. Etermined troops in the WehrmachtIn the bitter fighting that follows Tanner witnesses a new reality Rule books are thrown away Previously outlaws the Sicilian mafia are now supposedly fighting on the side of the Allies but instead are making the lives of ordinary Italians a miseryAs Tanner and his crew battle their way across the battle scorched islands it becomes clear that it is not just the Mafia who are laying di.
When I Grow Up (Tales From Foster High,

An island that I been to Myself I Know The Places That Are I the laces that are which added to my reading Sticky Church pleasure All the books in this series are based on real events and include some characters that are based on realeople Another great book by James Holland about the war of Jack Tanner Once I Forbidden Love Unchained pick up these novels I can t seem tout them down and finish them in a matter of days I cannot wait for the next installment of this series to see where Jack goes to next Great read again. Rty In the uest to force Italy out of the war brutal choices have been made and in the rocess the difference between right and wrong has become horribly blurredForced to process the difference between right and wrong has become horribly blurredForced to the cause for which they have fought so long Tanner and his trusted sidekick Sykes find themselves embroiled in a deeply ersonal fight in which they have to use all their resolve skill and experience if they are to stand any chance of surviv. .

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