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Another awesome book by Joe McKinney I ve listened or read most of Joe McKinney s zombie books and I think the two books in this part of the story are my favorite so far I d give this book a part of the story are my favorite so far I d give this book a it was pretty decent an enjoyable Solid characters and I never found myself bored I found it at Dollar general and I m now oping to find books from This Series There I Don T Have Much To Say series there I don t Damia's Children: Rowan 3 (The Tower Hive Sequence) by Anne McCaffrey (1994-02-03) have much to say this one It wasn t the worst thing I ve read but it was pretty bad I still liked the storye was trying to tell but I Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales hated the characters andow much A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, he repeatedimself Read it to pass time if you want but I can t really even recommend it I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this mini series but I can t say the same for this book While it was not the worst novel I ROMANTIC TAKEOVER have ever read the story was unlikely and the characters shouldave been dead many times I also ated the ending and felt as though I was not given a proper end to the overall series It s safe to say that after the first Deadlands book this was a let down The zombie action scenes were goodIt took me a minute to realize this was actually part of a seriesI ad read the book prior The names sounded familiar But It Had Been To had been to in between readingsI don t remember not liking the the Jacob Chelsea characters I do remember liking the prior books a whole lot I really like Joe McKinney But this book didn t seem up to Keeper of the Light his usual stellar writingPlus the ending was somewhat abruptIt might be worth checking out For dieard fansFor someone reading Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, his books for the first time I would check out one ofis other books I made a bit of a mistake in reading this before reading book 1 not the first time I The Homing have done this It made following some of it difficult but it was still manageable Regardle Another non stop zombie tale by the great Joe McKinney His books are what any reader of zombie tales would enjoy The pace is fast and the action just keeps going The characters are either well liked or youope to see them die a The Women of Easter horrible death This book is also for anyone who enjoys sci fi as McKinneyas manged to combine zombies apocalypse with a smattering of sci fi I would Why Are You So Scared? highly recommend this book and any other book by Joe McKinney becausee knows The Power of One how to write a very enjoyable yarn Jump on the McKinney train and go for a fast ride Jacob Carlton Joe McKinney s protagonist in both The Dead Won t Die Pinnacle October 2015 and Plague of the Undead Pinnacle October 2014 isn teroic and doesn t want to be a The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, hero He s just an ordinary guy like you In A World Of DeathFirst the dead rose up and civilization fell Those who survived struggled to rebuild creating makeshift societies witharsh new rules and arsher punishments Some would be leaders others slaves But none would ever be safe from the wal. ,

Fighting against zombies and city all to achieve justice for allNot McKinney s best work but The Dead Won t Die is still a competent novel and an exciting read Highly recommended Another one There was a time when I thought Joe McKinney Could Do No Wrong His McKinney could do no wrong His 3 zombie novels were fantastic and great examples of The Thing About December how welle grasped the zombie genre And "then somewhere along the line things took a turn for the worstMaybe it was the boring and confusing stand alone "somewhere along the line things took a turn for the worstMaybe it was the boring and confusing stand alone or the lackluster and even bizarre Mutated or the awful novella Crooked House Yes there was the decent The Savage Dead thrown into that mix but for the most part Nearly All Of McKinney S Recent Works all of McKinney s recent works been Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar hugely disappointing and so very far off track from those first 3 books The new Deadlands series is no exception First there was Plague of the Undead which left me feeling empty and almost angry that Iad spent time and money on it For the most part I t hated the book but I was willing to give McKinney the benefit of the doubt that it was a new series and somethinge was just getting started on since afterall it ad some original and fairly interesting ideas Plus I ad Stand Up and Fight hopes that the next one would answer some of the annoying uestions and close up some previous plotolesWell let s just say that while it kind of delivered on those opes it still failed to impress me or give me any of the confidence I once eld in the author Really The Dead Won t Die is a mess of a novel It s sloppily written with bad dialogue and lazy details McKinney repeats Now Is the Hour himself so often that its almost as ife thinks Londons Glory (Bryant May, his readers are stupid and forgot whate Jingle Bells had just written the chapter before while the characters that were introduced in Plague remainorribly unlikable and any good that they do is uickly replaced by selfish and asinine decisions The plot brings nothing new to the table in terms of excitement or originality and like I said fails to capitalize on the ideas of the first bookHonestly this book felt rushed and woefully uninspired Maybe McKinney was under a deadline with is contract with Pinacle Publishing Maybe the pride of winning the coveted Bram Stoker award twice as gone to Troys hisead and Knights Templar in Britain he thinks anythinge publishes will be gold Yeah that sounds Reign of Fury (Battles in the Dark, harsh but this guy used to write such awesome stuff I used to look forward to every new book and would be one of the first to pre order anything that was due in the future Hell I even pre ordered this oneAt least it s short at 311 pages and I paid only 5 bucks for it. Ad theyave no choice but to fight back Kill Them AllDead or alive the enemy drives the survivors to run and Nature Cure hide in the last place anyuman wants to go Underground In the tunnels below Where the dead The Bookshop on the Corner hunt inerdsand the survivors' numbers are dwindli.

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R I caught up in extraordinary circumstances All e wants is to surviveJake acts the way you or I might given similar circumstances acts the way you or I might react given similar circumstances way we should act but the way we would act He s scared shitless most of the time Jake as tragic flaws to One of Your Own his personality uncontrollable displays of anger a naive schoolboy crush on a married woman named Kelly and Jake is best friends with a guy who takes advantage of underaged girls thane Nina has redeeming ualities In fact Jake not only lets down almost all ofis friends by failing to protect them from zombies and slavers Super Gran (Super Gran, he deliberately and with malice aforethought kills two ofis best friends Jake swore an oath to live or die by the Code Arbella s version the The Ten Commandments As one of Arbella s few police officers Jake was forced to act as public executioner and shoot Jerry Grieder in the Jay McGraws Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies head Jake didis duty and later discovered the circumstantial evidence Legally Sane had been misinterpreted and Jake executed the wrong man When the right man turned out to be Jake s best friend Jake didis duty again this time without flinchingThe Dead Won t Die the second book in the series finds Jake and Kelly in what seems at first to be paradise Temple the post apocalypse city that replaced Galveston Shadowspell Academy has electric lights electric automobiles morphic field powered aerofluyts and is entirely zombie free Just as Arbella was created as a refuge for ordinary people Temple was created as a refuge for extraordinary people scientists engineers doctors and nurses and corporate executives What Temple does notave is police officers and a mutually agreeable code of conductJacob Kelly and Chelsea soon discover they ave been betrayed by the powers that be who run Temple Chelsea s deceased
"father once an "
once an scientist is being discredited by Doctor Lester Brooks and the ruling council of Temple When Chelsea secretes er father s research and refuses to turn Dead Center her father s notebooks over to the council armed men attempt to capture or killer Jacob Kelly and Chelsea go on the run Not only do they Murder Moonflowers (The Herbalist have to fight off armed mercenaries who wear battle armor and carryigh tech weaponry but oards of zombies from the Great Texas Herd McKinney as crafted an exciting series of novels where everyone who dies instantly becomes a zombie Though Jake is of an anti Exploring Limits (Exploring Limits, hero than aero The Herbalist (The Herbalist his love for Kelly andis determination to survive make readers care about the outcome Despite everything else Jake is still a cop at Possum heart ande gathers evidence and solves murder mysteries while. King death Humanity's Last HopeOff the coast of Texas an island research facility offers sanctuary supplies and Mina olen muinasjutuliselt rikas hope to a desperate trio of survivors But when they learn what the scientists are doingow their experiments could unleash armies of the unde. ,
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The Dead Wont Die Deadlands #2

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