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Inhospitable craggy The Convicts Bounty Bride (Convict Wives landscape beautifully as well as introducing the colourful world of the harem and the privileged by restrictedife of the royal women Whilst I wouldn t have wanted to be there with the characters I did feel as if she d taken me there alongside themIn Joe I found a slightly bumbling sleuth one who seemed as clueless as I was right up to very near the end when he almost seemed to stumble across the truth In James and Betty we find the sweet young couple separated by duty and his first ove the Army The contrast between Burroughs and Rath displayed the conflict between civil service

and trade the 
trade the of keeping costs under control on one side and the urge to EXPAND A TRADE EMPIRE WHILST OTHERS a trade empire whilst others over a geographic power base The RAF man represents the onward march of technology and the ady doctor and Lily the changing roles of women in the empire As the First Blood lone American Lily is almost as much a foreigner as theocal tribesmen and represents a feisty Annie Oakley approach to frontier The Palliser Novels life and its challengesWhen reading crime fiction Iike to know that if I pay attention it will all make sense eventually I don t want to guess too early who the killer or killers might be or I feel cheated Eually I don t want to get to the end and think it wouldn t have been possible in a zillion years to have guessed The Damascened Blade kept me guessing almost to the end and when the truth was finally revealed it all slotted into place tying in the opening chapter with the death of the man in the ravine and finally giving a reason for all that follows Is it the most complex and twisting plot I ve ever read No it s not but it s good enough I was there for the mountains the colour and flavour of the frontier as well as a good dose of days of the Raj politics and power play and the book delivered all of these in Men And Gods In Mongolia large doses THE DAMASCENED BLADE EXBarbara Cleverly 3rd in series UK releaseOn a break from his policing duties Joe Sandilands is visiting his old army friend James Lindsay commander of the British army s frontine fort at Gor Khatri on the Afghan border An uneasy peace is in operation but into this situation is injected an ill assorted group of visitors to the fort Although it helps to have read the first two books in the series to understand Joe the other characters are interesting and well developed She conveys a very tangible sense of place and there are twists and turns that keep you going to the very end Set against a backdrop of English occupied India in 1892 this is an excellent mystery and one certain to be on my 2004 Top Ten ist. Gile peace is soon broken resulting in the death of a Pathan prince and the taking of hostages and Joe and his companion are given seven days in which to identify arrest and execute the killer before the frontier erupts into war The deadly edge of the final days of the Raj sets the backdrop for this third engrossing novel in the popular Joe Sandilands series. .
The Damascened BladeConvoy of visitors With him is his old friend Joe Sandilands a British police officer on secondment from Scotland Yard Joe has been asked to take care of or as he sees it probably to babysit a young American heiress called Lily Lily has come to India in search of adventure and she s determined to have it Joe is interested in keeping her safe and out of troubleLily is not the only visitor travelling to the fort There s Dr Grace Holbrook en route to an assignment as the personal physician of the Amir of Afghanistan She s a remarkable woman speaking the Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, localanguages at home with both the Brits and the The Friend Zone locals she s a real one of a kind pioneer Not uite so well suited to the trip is Sir Edwin Burroughs a boorish senior Indian civil servant on a fact finding mission to investigate whether British resources are being wisely invested in defending the border Lord Rath is the Chairman of West India Trading and he wants to go to Afghanistan and work out how to fill their markets with British goods The final visitor heading to the fort is Fred Moore Simpson of the RAF who wants to examine the prospects for using aircraft to patrol the frontier The final visitor is one James isooking forward to seeing his heavily pregnant wife BettyWaiting at the fort are two Flying Scotsman Manual local men Zeman and Iskander envoys of the Amir travelling with aarge group of armed escorts They are charged with the task of meeting up with Dr Grace and taking her safely to the Amir and as such they are also to be treated as honoured guests A big dinner is thrown for all the visitors and the next morning Zeman is found dead When Iskander refuses to accept the findings of Dr Grace s hasty autopsy he takes matters into his own hands Unless James can deliver to him his friend s killer by the end of the week Iskander will kill one of the group at the fort And James as the man in charge is all set to put himself Alpha (Shifters, literally in the firingine if he and Joe can t identify the killerI am fascinated by India and I read all sorts of novels by Indian writers or set in India I also enjoy the odd crime novel though if I m honest my crime reading Whalerider leans towards high tech state of the art forensics rather than bumbling old style sleuthing so I was stepping out of my usual genre rather with The Damascened Blade However theocation than made up for The Reservations I Had reservations I had historical crime fiction The North West Frontier is a fascinating area and I wanted to know about the place about the traditions of the tribal groups and the issues Cleverly touches on relating to honour and revenge She brings alive the barren and. This rescue attempt is not what anybody could have predicted Over a dozen years Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex later the backwash of this tragedy threatens to engulf Joe Sandilands On a welcome break from his policing duties Joe is spending a fortnight with his old army friend James Lindsay commander of the British army's frontine fort at Gor Khatri on the Afghan border However the fra. ,

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I found this a bit of a slogthe plot was drowned out by the research And Sort Of Lost Its sort of ost its compassshe has written better Ms Cleverly has a way of transporting me back to the days and eras that Joe Sandilands treads through I would Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, like to know how everyone is in a year or two What will become of Lily I can see her taking over daddy s businessesWill James and Betty return to Scotland after the baby is born What of Sir George Will Grace continue offering aid or will she begin toong for home I m continuing to enjoy this set of historical mysteries set in the 1920s in British India In this case a young American heiress is interested in seeing the real India not just going to balls and on hunts that are British than anything else So she wheedles her way into a party departing for A REMOTE FORT NEAR THE FRONTIER WITH AFGHANISTAN WHERE remote fort near the frontier with Afghanistan where Sandilands just happens to also be visiting an old friend Much to his chagrin he s put in charge of her safetyBut it turns out she s not really the one in danger AND she s a bit than just a flighty rich girl She s a crack shot uite athletic and very intelligent Joe knows he l have his hands full but finds himself also uite impressed with her insights when a senior member of a group of visiting Afghans is found dead the next morningAs usual for this series the first chapter relates an event from years before it does play into the ultimate solution so a reader is wise to pay attention and keep it in mind The time is 1910 the place is India s North Western Frontier although strictly speaking under 21st century geography we d now call that the Pakistan Afghanistan border It s a wild and isolated place peopled by dangerous tribesmen who have traditions of honour that are alien to western minds When a small group of military men from the Highlanders are attacked by Pathan tribesmen the order is given to pull out to eave the dead and bring out the wounded And if the wounded can t be rescued then don t Art of Laurel and Hardy leave them to the assault of their merciless attackers One man falls into a ravine and iseft behind A young soldier disobeys the order to retreat and heads back to help his comrade who is being tortured He kills the man s torturers and then does what he knows he must He puts the man out of his agony with a bullet to the head And thenwell then you can sit back for another 280 pages of Barbara Cleverly s book The Damascened Blade before you Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, ll finally understand what that was all about and how it s connected to the plot that followsTwelve yearsater at the isolated fort of Gor Khatri commander James Lindsay is waiting for In the northwest frontier 1910 the screams of a wounded British officer abandoned at the bottom of a dark ravine are heard by a young Scottish subaltern Ignoring the command to retreat to base the Highlander sets out alone with dagger in hand to rescue his fellow officer from the Pathan tribesman who is slowly torturing him to death But the bloody outcome of.

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