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Lly I can t wait to see what s in store for the gang in the books to comeThe characters as the same as your remember Endlessly charming in their individuality and each witty as hell I was surprised the find that the character I was most excited to see wasn t Lockwood Kaz Brekker has fficially ruined me but the skull Yup The skull He s still a sassy annoying little cretin but God he was a delightThe imagery and the description were also a true delight Stroud definitely upped his game in that department Like this books shows us some f the creepiest "Ghouls And Ghosts In The "and ghosts in the It was all very well doneAll in all it was a very enjoyable read I just I just can t help but feel a tad disappointed by the initial pacing issues as well as the character growth Or lack thereof I felt like there were so many pportunities for these characters to grow and evolve as people but there really wasn t much evolution There were few changes yes but for the most part they re all pretty much the same Which is sad because considering everything they ve been through in the last couple books there s definitely room for a little believable character changeOh well who knows what surprises the next book will bring I NEED IT NOW PS Lucy REALLY needs to get The Taste of Spruce Gum over the Holly hate It s gotten reallyld 5 stars all ver againThese books are so near and dear to my heart Lucy Lockwood and George are wonderful and I love them so much They are some f the best written characters I ve come across in YA fiction and they stand with the greats Percy Jackson Harry Potter etc And She Stoops to Conquer of course the skull His sass takesn a whole new level here and I can t tell you the number Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile of times I bustedut laughing at something he said XDI don t even know if I can write a full and coherent review for this book because I am currently hugging the book to my chest trying my best to Orb osmosis myself into this world Can I pretty please be a partf the Lockwood and Co team t minus 32 days until The Empty Grave and my fingers are crossed for some major Lucewood shipping please and thank you D Update 8717 So I m rereading this because book 5 comes The Dandy and Lady Penelope out next month and I am absolutely in love with Lockwood Lucy and George Holly is justkay WHAT WAS THAT ENDINGHOW AM I SUPPOSED TO MAKE IT TILL SEPTEMBERIM IN FULL FREAKOUT MODE HERE PEOPLERTC ONCE I CAN STOP SHOUTING According to the description this ne has an unexpected cliffhanger ending Well I guess it s not so unexpected now but the next book doesn t come ut till September which means a tortuous wait through the summer cries softly Oh well I have to read this NOW There s this badge Multi-Family Therapy on the coverf the books Stroud is a genius Obviously that s 100% true And to be honest The Creeping Shadow isn t even flawless perfection In fact it s the most flawed in the series It s still awesome though And very much so Because when it works it works brilliantly I really can t recommend it enough The series that is because skipping ahead to this book without reading the first National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition ones would be cheating yourself Obviously Anyway if Stroud were to write and release a new chapter in this series daily for the restf my life I wouldn t skip reading a single ne Save maybe if I was to sick to read Then I might have someone read the chapter to me Obviously my expectations for this installment has been massive But to address its imperfections the first third r so was slightly disappointing at times not bad just somewhat fumbling r even lacking in smoothness chapter 6 and 12 especially I m nitpicking f course but it did feel verly repetitive in places and although it s been a year since I read The Hollow Boy I certainly didn t need this amount f repetition Think good thoughts about a pussycat on say the founderf The Fittes Agency for instance really One, Two, Three Me once would have been plenty Also I had hoped for a higher flowf cases In that regard I felt a bit let down at least for a whileWhen finally the story finds itself it becomes every bit as brilliant as the previous installments so even It s really just an amazingly compelling series One f the very best A definite all time favorite For lots f reasons really The characters are amazing the story is brilliant it s witty it s exciting it s well plotted The style is awesome the alternate Britain is eery and compelling Did I say brilliant Really that s a word you cannot use to much in connection with this seriesI m well aware that I can t make anyone love the series like I do Obviously we connect with stories in different ways and at different times if ever To me. Te and remove the ‘Source’ for the legendary Brixton CannibalIt’s a tough assignment Made worse by the tensions between Lucy and the ther agents – even the skull is treating her like a jilted loverWhat will it take to reunite the team Black marketeers an informant ghost a These books keep getting excited than the last neAt first there was a bit disappointment when Lucy was working as a freelancer but eventually she joined again with the Lockwood Co and guess what The story became exciting Why does always Stroud ends the book with a major cliffhanger I have this huge crush with Lockwood and every time his name pops up I drool This is the 4th book f the series and if you haven t read the ther 3 yet close this tab right now and wash your eyes The story started six months right now and wash your eyes The story started six months Lucy left Lockwood s agency wails There s still some major exorcism in this book but what differs The Creeping Shadow from the 3 books is that this book reveals some major creepy conspiracy that is happening all Tea for Ruby over London I won t tell you any spoiler because I m that nice but here are my reasons why this book deserves my four star1 Lucy and Lockwood moments Like for real I know that there s no romance in this series but holy snickle snitty snattery shit I love those short but this is warming my dead heart moments between Lucy and Lockwood 2 The skullThat trash talking super creepy and devilish skull in the jar provides the best jokes He was awesome since book 2 and if you re a fanf this little fella read this book 3 SECRETS REVEALEDColor me shocked when someone informs someone about some serious mojojojo that affects the whole story If you ve read the book and know what I m talking about call me We ll fangirl and do discuss about it Btw I need to ask When will the next book be released This book is awesome It has all The Life of Saint Philip Neri of the great componentsne looks for in a young adult book uick action loveable characters a great plot and it manages to both put a smile n my face as well as scare me to the point where I have to sleep with the lights nUnlike the ther Lockwood and Co books so far this ne focuses I only Like the Fingers of the Guy I Hate, Vol. 1 on action and plot and less son the individual haunts and the team bonding aspect And while refreshing it does have its downsides though not manyFor starters Lucy was a little bit annoying in the first half The Whistle Pig of this book Not to the point where I disliked her but to the point where I uestioned where the awesome heroine from thether three novels went and why she was replaced with an irritating at times and verly jealous for no reason girl I understand completely why she acts like this and to this I can simply say Lucy denial is not nly a river in Egypt It s bvious you like Lockwood so why not ACT n itBut that s the Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things only downside Otherwise this book was FANTASTICThere s action there s laughter there are loveable characters and notable moments I absolutely loved the scenes between Lucy and Lockwood there s an especially adorablene near the end A Stepdaughter In Heat of the book and the normal Lucy is back in the second halff this book which was greatOf course I highly recommendBut then I realize I have to wait another entire year for the finaleAlso I need Skull backstory NOW PLEASE Something wicked this way comes Mild spoilers for instance Confession time This book was probably my least favorite in the series Alright alright put down those pitchforks and hear me ut for a minuteThe Creeping Shadow was flawed The first half f the book was much like Lucy s encounters with Lockwood and the gang awkward It took a while to find its flow and was honestly a little repetitive until it found its groove We didn t need to be reminded Rufus of what happened in the previous books that many times Stroud Just sayingThis book picks up a few months after the eventsf the previous book Lucy s been sticking it ut n her wn and it must be said she s been doing pretty alright Sure it gets a little lonely and sure having to listen to agency supervisors whine and harp during cases gets "ANNOYING REAL FAST BUT LUCY ENJOYS "real fast but Lucy enjoys freedom And importantly she s taking comfort in the fact that she s not leading Lockwood to his deathBut all that changes when she stumbles upon a dangerous secret and the nly people she can turn to are her ld friends back at Lockwood Co Holly George and Antony Lockwood They take her back with mostly pen arms and the four Women and Social Work: Towards a Woman-Centered Practice of them uickly fall into theirld groove and move n to solve possibly the biggest mystery in their short careers One that involves the shady as hell I ve been saying it from the beginning Penelope Fittes and the Rotwell AgencyFrom thereon ut the pace picks up and the writing finds its rhythm again And without spoiling lemme tell you that the mystery in this novel has HUGE repercussions that will impact the rest The Cowboys of the series Rea. Lucy has left Lockwood Co A freelanceperative she is hiring herself Sins of Treachery out tother agencies – agencies that might value her ever improving skillsBut now Lockwood needs her helpPenelope Fittes leader f the well renowned Fittes Agency wants Lockwood Co – and nly them – to loca. This series is as amazing as Harry Potter a way so Maybe it s not better but it s definitely no less brilliant either "a way so Maybe it s not exactly better but it s definitely no less brilliant either like very few books like this It s My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City onef those rare nes that I ll want to read again and again As for the hardback I was awaiting It seems the publisher expects to release it after I m gone According to the website in 2098 so while I would much rather receive a copy f it I ll likely be refunded my money Bummer I could respend it n the US version but I would much rather read the British version WITH ALL IT S INFORMAL AND all it s informal and British words Really it s endearing and witty throughout Prereview f sorts I rdered two books One for my daughter and ne for me Then today she got hers Am I envious Nooo Me envious Never Mine haven t even been dispatched yet Which means I may receive it some weeks from now If I m lucky What to do I could buy a third copy from iBooks and get to read it soonish Papi's Gift or I can wait Should I buy threef any ne book this will definitely be the ne most deserving It s no doubt my most anticipated read this year I might do itReally I can t rave enough about this series view spoilerlockwood and lucy were looking right into each Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories others eyes and then lucy blushed and george said awkward i m ded goodbye hide spoiler Full review postedThere are precisely three things in this world that make my heart all fuzzy1 Hoodies and hot chocolate2 Reading fricken good books while it s snowing3 LucewoodThis book was fantastic This book was beautiful This book was creepy This book was literally so great I could scream about it for decades to come s So let s talk about how this book is the greatest book in this series 1 Lucy is a boss and she doesn t let anyone tell hertherwise like always2 Holly and lucy s friendship my heart 3 ANTHONY LOCKWOOD4 George is everything good and pure and damn boi he made me tear up in this book Can you imagine funny charming George saved 20175 I really liked how the first half グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] of this book was just chill like how the previous books in the series are and then the second half takes you from your warm cozy bed and dumps you into a cold lake that was an actual descriptionf what it did to me6 THIS STUFF BE CREEPYING ME OUT BADLY you need that scary October read here y all go7 THE SKULL THE SKULL THE SKULL8 I listened to the audiobook f this because it s Inktober and I can t draw like a normal person no MULTITASKING MUST BE DONE and might I say the narrators are DIVINE They capture the characters so well and it MAKES EVERYTHING MORE REAL FOR ME AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 9 Kipps Is A Real Person Who knew10 The second half f this book was so good its going to get you shivering and hiding behind your momma and screaming from feels and tearing up bc these babies are so precious So precious s Anyways I just want two things from the last book1 Lucewood kiss2 Skull s story 5 stars Dear Mr StroudI NEED MORE LOCKWOODLUCY MOMENTS Pretty please with cherries n top Strange how close the darkness is even when things seem brightest Even in the glare f a summer noon when the pavement bakes and the iron fences are hot to the touch the shadows are still with us They congregate in doorways and porches and under bridges and beneath the brims The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within of gentlemen s hats so you cannot see their eyes There is darkness inur mouths and ears in The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry our bags and wallets within the wingf men s jackets and beneath the flare File Under: Arson of a women s skirts We carry it around with us the dark and its influence stains us deep This was already the fourth Lockwood Co book and it definitely was a lot darker than thethers I don t know if that s because the characters grow up and get Wicked Sense olderr if it s due to the situation at the beginning f the book Either way it s pretty bvious that Stroud went for a darker tone in The Creeping Shadow and Powerless Against You of course I loved it as well This series is just too good and Stroud definitely knows how to keep his readersn their toes There was never a dull moment in the entire book and everything that happened was really intriguing and nly caused me to read n When I didn t answer it gave a chuckle Lucy I m a malevolent skull without an unce f compassion You ve got to be worried if I m feeling sorry for you To be entirely honest I was pretty worried about Lucy too After the cliff hanger Dobys Lessons (Brats in Training of the last book I was very nervous to findut if she really went through with her plan view spoilerAnd imagine my great chagrin when I read those first few pages and realized that it had actually happened hide spoiler. Pirit Cape that transports the wearer and mysteries involving their closest rivals may just do the trickBut not all is at it seems And it’s not long before a shocking revelation rocks Lockwood Co to its very core 'Stroud is a genius' Rick Riordan author f the Percy Jackson series.

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