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The BoysY yet when the woman asked In the future though Folks Will Have A Hard Time Escaping My New Newman will have a hard time scaping my new Newman This book is remarkable without having to breathe so much as a word A New Boy Moves To A Strange City boy moves to a strange city though he #s nervous he puts on his sneakers and #nervous he puts on his sneakers and his bat and ball to the local park to play with the other kids Unfortunately the boy can t bring himself to ask the other children to let him play and contents himself with sitting with the old men on the nearby park bench Wednesday he brings some bread to feed the birds and the men look concerned Thursday he makes himself some old man pants and slicks his hair back so as to better fit in On Friday the old men take matters into their own hands They play on the playground Love for Imperfect Things euipment They ride bikes Finally on Sunday they decide to play some baseball The boy unmoved until now is unable to resist andnds up knocking one out of the park So when Monday comes along he works up his courage asks some kids to play and gets to shine amongst his peers at last Using words only to convey days of the week this is a gentle story of how men who have A Heart of Stone experienced lifencourage a boy to live his own Newman has done an. Ids in the park With the help of a few old timers from the nearby park bench our boy is coaxed out of his shell and into the game Beautifully illu. Excellent job at conveying A Story Without Missing story without missing beat At the same time he creates little problems for himself and then solves them One of the old men wears dark glasses at all times So when the guys start shooting one another glances and ueries about the kid that old man has to make physical signs to show his concern Shrugs Outstretched hands Look too at how Newman lays out a scene He deftly goes from close ups to two page spreads to action seuences where characters stand against a pure white background It s like a graphic novel without the panels And at the Taking Instruction (Taboo, end of the book the scenes pull back from the boy s face as he finally gets to play with boys his age to a distant look at a power shot to a finalven further spread where all our characters are mere stick figures and blue and green shapes give just the merest impression of park and city That kind of pull back has all the feeling of an animated seuence I kept glancing at Newman s bio on the back flap of this book to see if he had some kind of job in animation survey Says He Lives In Milwaukee he lives in Milwaukee probably not so much I only wondered because these images felt like classic storyboarding for Pixar movies. Strated this is the #story about the young finding out how much fun it is to live life And the old # about the young finding out how much fun it is to live life And the old out how much life there still is to love.

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