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Garrison is small there you see So the governor comes out records we are a harmless merchant ship and then sells us what we need We on our part don t attack and sack his town It s a sensible understanding Where we will go for tribute I m not sure Perhaps Bosa we haven t called there for some time But I said puzzled isn t this Roman landOf course but Rome can t defend every small town with a force big enough to drive us off So they pay us taxes and we don t sack and burn the town They have to pay taxes to Rome as well so that is their bad pay taxes to Rome as well so that is their bad They would probably be happier if they were part of our ingdom What a marvelous effort by Mr Hockey I downloaded it not expecting a whole lot but this is one of the best historical novels I have read The times seem very real if not 100% historical accurate The toughness of life and the mixture of 475 AD in medieval England is outstanding I already have book 2 and will start this week Wanting is the best review any reader can offer I wish I could give this book 45 stars but since I can not I ve given it 4 The Axe the Shield and the Triton is about a Gleeman staying as a guest in the home of the Hacking family To pay for his board and lodging he tells his tales to all who care to hear them Each night the crowd grows until the entire village is there These stories he tells are the main part of the book and I couldn t wait to hear him spin his next tale each one related to the next The story takes place in England in the late 1600 s and the tales within move from Germania Gaul and Africa around 450 AD The story finishes up in the seuel The Axe the Shield and the Halig Rood I can t wait to continue this adventure Opened the book today Discriminating reviewers have given this book good reviews I am ready to read Completed reading today I shall miss the characters of this book intil I read the second book of this storyOut of the first thirty five pages of my copy of the book about five pages were missing So initially I was a little confused but soon the book righted itself The writing I found to be pure without being simple Writing tales within tales is no easy task but Mr Hockey did so admirably I was so looking forward to the end when all the people countries wars adventures and would be resolved Guess what Correct There was no resolution The tale will be resumed in the second book of the series and I will bite the bait Remembering that the reader is taken through time and place I sometimes had to refresh my memory about what time and place I was reading There were times when I wondered about the over all purpose of the book Again the author reminded me at the right moment about the said purpose Mr Hockey is book Again the author reminded me at the right moment about the

purpose Mr Hockey is gifted He is gifted in nowing his subject and his reader His pick up timing is extraordinaryOther readers review the storyline much better than I I focus on how an author s writing holds and moves me Thank you Mr Hockey for holding and moving brilliantly. Triton is a sweeping yarn of anarchy in a crumbling Empire where internal conflicts savage invaders and bands of reavers destroy Imperial order It is a story of the workings of the Fates part of a great tapestry in the weaving changing the history of the world for all tim. A remarkable novel that embraces the story of migration during the decline of Rome We sail with the Vandals across the Mediterranean to The Balearics and Sardinia and to Rome itself We feel the pressure of the Anglian tribes that faced the Huns A sweeping tale of survival and change I took my time over this one First let me say this is not a book I would normally select The book was highly recommended so I gave it a try Mr Hockey grabs the reader with a fast paced opening These tales take place in two times separated by centuries but with similar issues He uses a storyteller s tales to shift from 1600 AD to 400 AD The Gleeman s own character is as interesting as the tales he weaves Mr Hockey and his gleeman weave many different threads and voices into his tale and he does it wellSome scenes are harrowing I would not recommend this for younger audiences Fascinating group of tales told about a West Saxon tribe narrated by the storyteller Bowdyn through the words of a teenager Creoda and his uncle Gewiss in 5th century Germania Gewiss leaves his village and goes wandering because of an unreuited love The tales are his adventures as told to his nephew Gewiss gains faithful companions along the way they join the Vandals in North Africa as pirates on the ship Triton At the sack of Rome he decides to go home to his village leaves his shipmates and travels with his companions They find hide and recover a treasure to pay for ships to take them to new lands to the west Famine has destroyed their homeland The Holding Creoda describes their preparation and the sea voyage to Britain The author used lots of imagination and creativity to breathe life into a semi mythical character I enjoyed the tales The whole novel like a saga Although this novel ends in a cliffhanger The Tribe S Further s further in Britain follow in a seuel A thoroughly enjoyable and well researched historical romp I recommend this book to one and all After just finishing and reviewing Book 3 of the series I realized that I had never posted my review for Book 1 on hereHistorical Fiction and Fact Masterfully IntermingledAs soon as I read the first sentence of The Axe the Shield and the Triton When I was a child I loved the hill for I new nothing then of its blood drenched soil It was my playground and my playfellow I Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) knew I would like the writing Style to me is as important as the story itself I like being led gently not dropped into the action This one begins in 1685 AD Immediately you felt the stench of poverty the desperation of a family and I hoped for the boy and hisin to meet better timesThe escape from their daily grind comes via Master Bowdyn Galan s tales of far away places Through them we are swept back to AD 462 to the old Germania and Creodoa the Hun s taleThe chapters switch back and forth between the two stories While enjoying one I became eager t Wowwhat a story within a story So visually depicted and authentic Even though. These are the tales of Bowdyn itinerant 17th Century Gleeman member of an ancient story telling guild Rescued from death during the Monmouth rebellion he tells tales of the Dark Ages to his rescuers their friends and neighbours to entertain divert and sing for his supper I had to put it aside a couple of times due to my working I never had to refresh the storyit mstayed vividlywith me Can t wait to read the next installment My first 5 star rating in a while If Oprah still had her tv show I d suggest she have James Hockey as her guest Talk about his booksAsk how he developed the storyteller modeFor a public library I d shelve copies in both the the YA and adult sections Hockey provides a fine example of using the storyteller to carry a tale A great model for teaching history via the novelMinor caveat one of the characters cautions the storyteller his tale may be overly graphic for the community s younger audience members Just being realisticThe world he describes and the participating characters remind of excellent fantasy novels but it s mostly set in real history a vivid europe starting in 1685 somerset for vivid Europe starting in 1685 Somerset for contemporary storyteller a gleeman and bringing that audience back to AD 462 starting from Thiatmaresgaho a place between the Eider Elbe a North Sea home of Creoda one of the main players in the narrative Adding some uotes From the back coverThese are the tales of Bowdyn itinerant 17th Century Gleeman member of an ancient story telling guild Rescued from death during the Monmouth rebellion he tells tales of the Dark Ages to In this first story a lovesick boy Gewis flees his home in Germania This is the story of Gewis and his hearth band of oath sworn warrior companions set against a background of war piracy and insurrectionpage 171 I lived for seven years amongst the Vandals as a warrior oath sworn to King Gaiseric to one of his Captains There were many Captains for the Vandal warriors who had crossed from Baetica had numbered in the tens of thousands When we first berthed at Carthage two surprises struck me The first was the great size of the city bigger by far than Colonia The second was that it looked to be in ruins The city walls overthrown lay piled in rubble around the outside of the buildings but once we entered we found the
undamaged Only the walls of town were ruined I heard later that King Gaiseric when he had taken the city nine years earlier had ordered the wall destroyed So That No Rebels that no rebels armies could capture them and hold out against himpage 187 When the land began to fall away to the west on our ladeboard side we altered course into the setting sun about northwest We rowed in this direction for seven full periods each of one thousand strokes by which time the sun had again risen and it was near midday We altered again to the steerboard and short shadows lay along the deck towards our bow so I saw we were heading north again During my next spell of rest I turned to the resting oarsman from the next bench one of a number of the Anglekin in the company and asked him were we were goingHe thought for a little and then shrugged Probably to Sardinia my guess is Tharros We usually call there first for food and water It is a Roman town but the. N this first tale a lovelorn boy Gewis flees home joining the Vandals of Carthage in piracy and war Years later a wealthy seasoned warrior he returns to save his people from slavery or death Set in the Dark Ages straddling the Vandal sack of Rome The Axe the Shield and the. The Axe the Shield and the Triton Tales of Bowdyn #1

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