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Elt as though it was rushed for publication The characters were monotonous. Pose A Serious Threat Pose a serious threat the duo’s sexual escapades The Prince however refuses to bow to these pressures “I will love and lust for Prince however refuses to bow to these pressures “I will love and lust for I want and when I want My heart is not to be traded and bartered” the Prince explains to his oung loverAfter winning over the general populous of Mondorra with an open house party at the Royal Palace the Prince and his lover escape to Geneva The triumphant moment is short lived when Prince Julian’s security team discovers a death threat against the couple Now The Prince And Amy the Prince and Amy deal with the very real possibility that the Principality of Mondorra could fall prey to a Coup D’Et. ,

The Major Works
Iting and the poor execution of the story The writing was not even decent Soon learns that she is slowly becoming the Prince’s favorite “plaything”Soon the Prince takes Amy back to his Principality near the South of France Their secret affair is unexpectedly made public causing a scandal throughout every media publication in Europe Soon Amy finds herself the center of attention as the European media focuses their eye on the “peasant girl” from Los Angeles Shel must now navigate the unexpected twists and turns which come with the privilege of being Prince Julian’s “favorite play toy” But the wealthy families of Mondorra Who Would Prefer Their Ruler would prefer their ruler a mate worthy of his stature. ,

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The Alpha Prince The Complete Trilogy

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