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R and memorableThis an xcellent book for those thinking about freedom from alcohol Annie Grace made this a very positive Cruelty and Laughter experimentexperience Now I am picking up her other book This Naked Mind Interesting take on a self help book in that it demands a daily commitment from the readerparticipant Ultimately as much a guide to mindfulnessself awareness as it is a systematic deconstruction of bad habits and mental ruts I loved the grace notes in thending which is totally open about the future post the 30 day period The fact that any number is arbitrary is perhaps the greatest realisation here I have often thought about the health ffects of drinking alcohol and often thought about giving up I recently did Dry July and read this book at the same time I found the month Incredibly Easy The Book Teaches You Not easy The book teaches you not say you are giving up for good but I will have a drink when I feel like it Invariably people don t start up again An xcellent book Easy to follow and not too much heavy research Finished the book today and followed the challenge 100% Very proud of myself and learned so much about myself and my relationship with alcohol I highly recommend this to anyone uestioning their reliance or relationship with alcohol Empowering I m very glad I discovered this book to prop me up for Dry January The basic premise is learning how our subconscious minds are calling the shots no pun intended and presenting Cultural Aesthetics exercises to become mindful about drinking I thought a few of her takes on the subject were a littlexaggerated as a scare tactic and some I just did not agree with nobody really likes the taste She must not have Class and Conformity ever tried a really good Bourbon 0 Nevertheless it was a very good introspective and physiological look into the factors that make alcoh. Now with The Alcohol Experiment an action plan for anyone who'sver wondered what life without alcohol is like The rules for The Alcohol Experiment are simple Abstain from drinking for 30 days and just see how you feelWith a chapter devoted to Descartes and His Contemporaries each day of thexperiment Annie presents wisdom tested strategies and thought provoking information to supplement the plan and support your step by step success as you learn what feels good for you It's your body your mind and your choic. ,
A book that definitely changed my thinking No matter what you are doing with alcohol on your life read this one Lots of good information here if you re looking to reframe your relationship with alcohol or if you don t know how someone just can t stop at one I read it in two sittings but it s meant TO BE A DAY BY DAY SUPPORT FOR A be a day by day support for a day xperiment I m 56 days AF Alcohol Free and this definitely helped support the

I ve made for myself started out reading this out loud to an addicted loved one That fizzled at about the 3 week point and there was a long break before I took this up again mainly because I can t stand not to finish a book if I ve gotten past a certain point I ve been reading on this topic for a long time and I appreciate fresh approaches and ideas I don t think AA is one size fits all any than I think any approach is It works for some people and not for others I think Annie Grace s 30 day xperiment is a valid thing for people to try and judging by the testimonials at the Education and Equality end ofach chapter it works for some people What it s not is a magic bullet which I can t seem to stop pursuing And sometimes Annie s cheerleadery tone got on my nerves It s not for Deceptive Beauties everyone but it is for someone probably many someonesWorth a read and my particular rating is probably lower because of unjust disappointment that it didn t solveverything for my loved one in addition to the long break I took from it I Dangerous Work enjoyed the approach of this book I learned a lot about alcoholffect on my body and sleep I actually went 38 days without my nightly drink and Am Definitely Sleeping Better definitely sleeping better have Flavor and Soul energy I have a drink here and there but it is no longer the habit I succumbed to before reading this I actually listened to audio version and love Annie Challenge your thinking find clarity and form new habits with a 30 day alcohol freexperiment from the author of This Naked Mind Changing your habits can be hard without the right tools This is specially true for alcohol because habits are by definition subconscious thought processes Through her own journey methodical research and neuroscience Annie Grace has cracked the code on habit change by addressing the specific ways habits form This uniue and unprecedented method has no. Race This was xcellent and not just from a looking at alcohol in your life standpoint This was Forgery, Replica, Fiction excellent because it gave practical down toarth asy to ngage with ways to in your life standpoint This was Fluxus and the Essential Questions of Life excellent because it gave practical down toarth Escape easy tongage with ways to better critical thinking skills in your life I know that I will use those for the rest of my life I find myself asking uestions mostly internally but some outside too about things that I am hearing or thinking or believing
will be putting the ideas this book into use in so many ways Cannot recommend this book The Empty Chair enough just as a way ofxamining how you thinkfeel about things why you thinkfeel that and most importantly are those thoughts feelings actually reality Wow Annie Grace you may have saved my life What a great bookThe other day my doctor told me to stop drinking all together because of my issues with low stomach acid Low stomach acid is pretty common for adults over the age of 60 And my wine drinking was not helping matters I would classify myself as a moderate drinker so uitting was a bit tough for me the first 3 or 4 days Then it got asier And after reading this ye opening book Lit explaining the addiction and poisons of alcohol and the reaction of your own body chemistry YIKES I really had no clue Geeveryone around me drinks can t be that bad Gee it is that bad My husband bought this book about 3 months ago and did the xperiment himself He kept suggesting I read it too Well once my doctor said No drinking I started reading I have been alcohol free for 19 days and I have a whole new mindset now One I do not want to go through the Start over period again way too annoying Two I have not I do not want to go through the Start over period again way too annoying Two I have not this good in a long time I am way less anxious much calm Bet my kids and husband are loving this new me Three I want to xperience my future social Keeper of the Doves engagements sobe. W helped thousands redefine their relationship to drinking painlessly and without misery Annie takes you on this incredible journey with her trademark blend ofmpathy humor science and storytellingAnnie arms her readers with the science backed information to address the cultural and Heat Wave (Nikki Heat, emotional conditioning wexperience around alcohol The result is a mindful approach that puts you back in control and permanently stops cravings Annie's advice offers judgment free mpowerment and.
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