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Afgantsy hA at an Oxford college during which a man is found dead in the courtyardaving apparently been thrown from the office window of Forrester s close friend Determined to prove is friend innocent of the murder Forrester sets off on a dangerous trip beginning in Oxford and on to Berlin to Norway and back to London and Oxford His own life often in danger the action felt like an Indiana Jones saga at times The animosities of those who supported the Allies or felt aligned with The Nazis Or The Nazis or the all play parts in the evolving story as do Oxford college politics Eventually the "action comes to a dramatic close and the end of this "comes to a dramatic close and the end of this book leads directly to the plot of the second bookI felt much was explained when I read the author information at the end of the book which details is decades of work in radio and tv as well as script writing for well received series including The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles for George Lucas The aspect of derring do in the plot action was a smidge over the top and the ample use of Somnium historical characters throughout were both some of the fun and some of the grounding of the story Definitely a thriller than a mystery for me but enjoyable all the same Loved the material about the Norse sagas and the reference to the accidental find of a Rosetta Stone which would perhaps unlock the Minoan Linear B language in the action of the second book As someone both interested in WWIIistory especially the espionage on all sides as well as the discoveries leading to the reading of Egyptian The Cronos Complex I hieroglyphics and linear B this was an uick and entertaining read Probably a 3 12 stars just from the fun factor First book of the series and it is fascinating The plot is twisting and you will not realize who is the killer Duncan Forrester is the new sherlock fyi I am a big fan of sherlock so this book is my cup a tea Even though I finish it uite long because Iad to deal with my thesis In one chapter Forrester made plans and you will like the plans because it reveal everything You can also imagine it because the time is written in the book Fascinating isn t Anyway you will also love this book if you are a big Fan Of CS Lewis Tolkien of CS Lewis Tolkien Norse mythology Because it tells a lot about them and the thing is oh my I cannot explain it Read it by yourselfActually I cannot put the book down when I read the few pages but other things needed my attention so I should put the book down sometimes which makes me stressed out Because when you already get into pages which explain the investigation of the killer believe me you will not want to put the book down The setting of the place also the best part 19 s London How cool is that uh I ave my own actor when I imagine Forrester Let me tell you it is Edward Norton Did I write it right the name Never mind but I guess Maid of Dishonor (The Wedding Season, he is the perfect Forrester to me When I read this book Edward pop up into my mind when I imagine Forrester Read the book without any distraction because you will not do the same mistake as I did I regret I did not finish the book fast enough. S not convinced ofis friend’s guilt On the Dem Nordpol am nächsten hunt for the true killere finds Heart Beat himself plunged into a mystery involving lost Viking sagas Satanic rituals and wartime espiona. Iave never read anything by this author before Yet I liked this book Duncan as a good keen sense this author before Yet I liked this book Duncan as a good keen sense The Devils Possession him He was able to pick up on details Also I found thate was not easy rattled by anything Plus I was feeling the time "period that this mystery took place in In the beginning the book started out good I was really "that this mystery took place in In the beginning the book started out good I was really into the groove of the story and the pacing I was reading going along just fine and then the story started to lose some of its luster I still enjoyed the book but I was not as invested in what was Betraying Beauty (Vegas Titans, happening all the time Yet the ending was a good one I would Utter tosh butugely entertaining a real ripping yarn I do wish Vrolok head resisted the temptation to ave uite so many famous people as cameos or mentioned in passing although it was uite fun to see them appear Also bearing in mind that Danish word order is pretty similar to English why does the Danish librarian ave to sound like Yoda Originally published at RisingshadowGavin Scott s The Age of Treachery is the first novel In The Duncan Forrester the Duncan Forrester series It s a The Boy Who Would Not Say His Name highly enjoyable mystery novel with adventure elements It will appeal to readers who enjoy reading gradually unfolding mystery novels It will also appeal to speculative fiction readers because it contains fascinating references to Norse mythology and Viking sagas It s possible that it may also appeal to those who love the adventures of Indiana Jones because the protagonist is an archeologistT A murder at Oxford just a couple of years after WWII leads a lecturer to investigate in order to clearis friend of the crime As book lovers know this was also the era of Tolkien Lewis Fleming and others each of whom make an appearance or two in the story Fast paced with an intriguing conclusion 35 stars The Age of Treachery is the first book in the Duncan Forrester series that follows the exploits of ex SOE agent turned Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped historian In this initial outing Forresteras returned to academic life as a junior fellow at an Oxford College When The Hunger Within his best friend is accused of murdering a fellow don who wasaving an affair with Between Two Skies his wife Forrester sets out to find the real killer slowly uncovering a war time conspiracy that some are willing to kill for to keep secret The story is written as a kind of Boys Own tale of adventure with Forrester drawing onis Witch-Hunting in Seventeenth-Century New England historian skills to uncover evidence andis SOE skills to stay alive as dark forces try to stop Nude Girls Photography Presents Ass Pussy From Behind - Compilation Vol. 5 his uest Dropped into the tale are before they were famous cameos by real life people such as Robert Maxwell Margaret Thatcher and Kenneth Tynan If one treats the story as a Boys Own take it s reasonably engaging and entertaining despite being somewhat thin and unbelievable throughout That said it wouldave worked effectively if the identity of the killer wasn t telegraphed from a very long way out and the solution to the locked room element of the murder that none of a room s occupants can easily get to the site of the killing wasn t ridiculous I The Dolce Diet have to say that there are times where I am as shallow and as easily let to buy. It is the winter of 1946 and after years of war ex Special Operations Executive agent Duncan Forrester is back atis Oxford college as a junior Ancient History Fellow But is. A book as any publisher could dream of The Duncan Forrester trilogy is a perfect example of that I know nothing of the author is work or even this trilogy of books but I bought them non the less simple because there was something about the covers that caught my attention that and the fact they were going cheapSo "here I am now Spunk having completed the first book and I sitere thoroughly impressed It as been a "I am now aving completed the first book and I sit The Letters to the Thessalonians here thoroughly impressed Itas been a time I ave ad to stop reading a book and look up a reference that Geheimes Verlangen (Shades of Grey, has tickled the back on my mind and Iave to say that not only are the perfectly pitched in the story so full respect to Mr Scott for the amount of research Ivory (The Ivory Saga heas Never Go Back (Jack Reacher, had to put but also the waye seamlessly wove them in to The Temple of Death his storyAll too often Iave read a book which either Venus Blueprint historical or fictional characters added in However the references feel too obvious almost intentionally placed to give a failing story some sort of false gravity and authority Not in the case of this book they perfectly fit not only the story but also the tone which I really enjoyed and I must admit really appreciated Now the thing is whoever reads these thoughts willave to go out there and find them for themselves and see exactly what I am talking about Gavin Scott delivers an intriguing mystery which unfolds in beautifully written and detailed prose Engaging characters are skillfully woven into the background of post war England mystery and Oxford politics The protagonist Duncan Forrester is a likable Shame On Her Volume 3 hero with an unwavering sense of moral values The type characters readers will enjoy following The Age of Treachery is bound toave great appeal to lovers of literary and Bisk CPA Review historical fiction Set in an Oxford college in 1946 this mystery starts well with the dramatic death of an academic A number of motives appear including personal and professional rivalries and possible links to the wartime activities of the Fellows Duncan Forrester formerly a member of the SOE and now a tutor in Ancient History begins to investigate alongside the official police enuiryThis book combines mystery and thriller elements and I preferred the mystery Forrester s investigation turns up some interesting clues and rederrings and the appearance of a raft of real life characters adds

colour to the 
to the The middle section sees Forrester on a kind of James Bond adventure pursued by ludicrously inept A Crazy Kind of Love hired killers and indulging in an implausible romantic encounter and this was far less successful in my view Once the action returns to Oxford the mystery is sensibly and realistically resolvedThe settings of Oxford and Berlin in the aftermath of WWII are skilfully depicted and Forrester is generally a likeable protagonist Iave books from this series so I will read on oping for mystery and espionage content This is the first of a series with Duncan Forrester as the main character The second and third books are shown as to be released in April of 2017 and 2018 Set in 1946 Forrester a Special Operations Executive agent during WWII is present at a reading from a Norse sag. Peace is shattered when a much disliked Fellow is found dead in the uad stabbed and pushed from an upper window A don is suspected and arrested for the murder but Forrester .
The Age of Treachery Duncan Forrester Mystery #1

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