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However the story comes to an end uring the period of Christmas where a boy who goes by the same name as Wolstencroft but just like Wolly has kept his name Sten for short Rancher Daddy (Saddlers Prairie, decides to take Wolly homeThis story will teach children to acknowledge that everyone isifferent but The Tycoons Very Personal Assistant despite howifferent one is everyone in this world must be treated with love and respect It will also teach them to value their names and their identities and not to feel singled out I really enjoyed reading this book because it was rather emotional Wolstencroft just wanted to be loved and it was sad to see him be left alone by himself for so long This book touches on many ifferent important subjects such as a person s or bear s identity hope and friendship I would highly recommend this book to others because it s a heartwarming story with excellent pictures This story is about a bear called Wolstencroft who longed for someone to give him a home He had been on the shop window since christmas time although he like christmas time with all the ecorations and nice music to keep him company however all the bears got new homes and he *was left all alone Not long christmas easter infact three new rabbit teddies joined *left all alone Not long after christmas easter three new rabbit teddies joined side him on the shelf They could not understand why he had not got a home yet as he was a very handsome bear Then one of the rabbits suggested that his name might be to long for people to say As two of the rabbits also went to new homes he began to wonder about his name The other rabbits whos name was Rita suggested that they look at a book of namesthey looked through all the names in the book but he The Amazing SAS didnt like any then Rita came up with an idea that the bear could keep his own name and just shorten it They bothecided wolly would be the best name for him so Rita went and got a marker and scribbled out Wolstencroft and wrote wolly instead However by changing his name it still The Conquerors Lady / The Mercenarys Bride / His Enemys Daughter didnt get him a new home and christmas had come along again Then one frosty evening a little boy came into the shop his name was also Wolstencroft but he called himself Sten for short Hisad noticed him and the bear had the same name the boy jumped with excitement and couldnt wait to take him home for christmas The little bear was the happiest he had ever been when the boy hugged him so tight as no hug is to big for a bear I really enjoyed reading this story as there was a lovely happy ending There was nothing wrong with the bears name he just had to wait for the right person to come along and take him home I think children would love this story as they could recognise that everyone is Broken Prophecy diffferent however itoes nt matter how ifferent you are someone will always love and want yo. MISSING THE LAST BUSTRAPPED IN A CAVECAUGHT IN A LEAKY BOA. .

The Adventures of Wolstencroft the BearWolstencroft the Bear is a story about a little bear
who was left 
was left the top shelf of a toy store never to be sold or so he thought He even wants to change his name because he is convinced that is the reason noone wants him This book is good for students who feel the same about their name It is also a good book for those who feel lonely They can see that there will always be a place for them It can also be used to teach patience I read the version of this children s book where the stuffed bear sits on a store shelf for years because his name is too long that no one wants to buy him It makes him very sad but eventually a young boy with the same name comes in and buys him because they both have the same long name It was a really sweet story that takes place uring the holiday season so it was perfect to read right now The Adventures of Wolstencroft the Bear is a book about a bear in a Christmas store named Wolstencroft Wolstencroft never gets bought He makes friends with some bunnies that tell him he nee The Adventures of Wolstencroft the Bear is a great book telling the story about a bear in a Christmas store The bear s name is Wolstencroft and he never gets bought In the store he makes friends but they encourage him to change name so that it would be easier for little kids to pronounce his name He ecides to change his name but is saddened until he changes it back and is bought by a little boy He then realizes that he is loved for who he is I thought this was a wonderful book with a strong moral and lesson that children can relate to Wolstencroft the Bear is a nice story It is about a little bear who sits on the shelf in a store along with someother bears at Christmas time waiting to be sold to a nice family who will take them to a new home The Christmas period passes and the bear is upset as he is the only bear left he begins to feel like there is something wrong with him as he wonders why all of the other bears are being chosen over him When Easter time arrive there are some bunnys that are placed on the shelf with him One of *The Bears Comes Up *bears comes up the idea that maybe he hasnt been bought by a new family because of his name being Wolstencroft she says it is hasnt been bought by a new family because of his name being Wolstencroft she says it is long and maybe ifficult for people to say She convinces him to shorten his name to Wolly in the hope that it will help him to find a new home sooner The bunnys all get boought and he is still left there alone by the time the next Christmas comes along A little boy who happens be to call Wolstencroft also comes into the shop with his The Wedding Challenge (The Matchmaker dad He notices the bear and that he and the bear share the same name The little boy was starting to alsoislike his name and his name had been short. Six exciting stories starring our favourite teddy bearWOLS. Ened to Sten Sten begs his Quadruplets On The Doorstep dad for the bear and is soelighted to have a new friend for life Wolly is also very happy in the end as he now has a new family that bought him because of what he thought was preventing him from being sold his name The story has a good moral that no matter what there is always someone that cares for you and everyone is Luke different thatoesn t mean that you have to change to be accepted This book would be good for guided reading and also for inspiration for creative writing for KS2 as it is very The Hero Next Door (Lighthouse Lane descriptive and can help them with ideas It is also a good book to be read to a child in foundation stage or KS1 It has a good message behind it as well as just being a nice story tale Great story about adoption This book is about a bear who name is Wolstencroft This bear is very soft and cuddly but also intelligent andignified Wolstencroft finds himself sitting on a epartment store shelf While all of the other stuffed animals are being taken off the shelf and given to a good home Wolstencroft sits there A stuffed animal rabbit tells him that he needs to change his name to something shorter and #easier to say He ecides to change his name to Woolly Another whole year goes by and he is still sitting #to say He The Witnesses (Lancaster Burning decides to change his name to Woolly Another whole year goes by and he is still sitting the shelf Woolly starts to give up hope he is never going to find a good home Just as he starts to think that a little boy with the same name as Wolstencroftecides to take the bear home This was a cute book with an adorable story behind it I would read this book to children in their earliest years because most of them have teddy bears or a favorite stuffed animal I would them have them raw a picture of a teddy bear they would like have them raw a picture of a teddy bear they would like have them right a escriptive paragraph about what their bear looks like why they rew it the way they id and what the bears name is I remember reading Wolstencroft The Bear by Karen Lewis which I felt was a lovely tale and one that played an impact on me Although it s uite long and may be suitable to read uring independentguided reading or nap tap it will still interest children *And Perhaps Teach Them Something The Story Revolves Around Wolstencroft *perhaps teach them something The story revolves around Wolstencroft bear who is rather upset and feels unwanted as he watches other stuffed animals go home with children or their parents and uestions why no one takes him He becomes friends with a new bunny bought to the store for Easter who suggests that his name is too complicated for people to pronounce and that he should change it This upsets him as he feels his name is part of his identity but the bunny encourages him to shorten his name to Wolly and only then he ll find someone who ll take him home however this oesn t work out as still no one wants him. TENCROFT THE BEARLOST IN THE PARKLOCKED IN A HAUNTED HOUSE. .

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