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as a of our English Literature I used to skip ahead of the class and finish the stories beforehand The vivid narration by Mr Bond is so captivating that ou don t wish to stop It still remains one of the finest books I read as a kid From the time he was a boy living with his grandparents in Dehra surrounded by an assortment of odd animals people and relatives to when he gets sent away to school then makes his way to London and becomes a writer Rusty s had adventures than we can count The Adventures of Rusty features the early days of The Ideal Muslim Society young Ruskin Bond The book starts with the author s relatively carefree childhood but gets gloomier as it progresses into hisouth Even the later parts aren t without their light moments though Rusty s childhood with his grandfather is full of hilarious incidents involving a mischievous monkey a python in love a tiger named Timothy and musical frogs His grandfather and father s interest in natural history played a major role in shaping his life and views His grandfather predated modern environmentalists by recognizing the important role played by trees in the ecosystem even in British ruled India The charm of the book lies in the tales of a gentle life that follows a much slower pace than Linux Networking Cookbook you and I are unfamiliar with Through Rusty Bond gives us a humourous and non judgmental view of the different kinds of people he encountered throughout his life The book offers fascinating glimpses into his extraordinary childhood where he was taught to treat trees and animals like friends It also offers a poignant mix after his father s death him being shuttled between various relatives and guardians and the resulting loneliness of a nomad s life A large part of the book talks about the various friendships the author made throughout his childhood andouth The book is a great read which concludes with the author returning to his hometown to discover that it wasn t his old home that he missed but his childhood In the introduction Bond mentions about a group of school boys from Udaipur who asked for his autograph as Rusty That s what conceptualised this bookHad this belief earlier that the publishers cheat by publishing the same Bond stories under different names But this one seems to be intentionally done by Mr Bond himselfFor instance in this collection the story CALLED HILLS AND BEYOND 106 PAGES Hills and Beyond 106 pages 50% of this book And realised it is a revamped version of Vagrants in the Valley as the main plot throwing in other stories as reminiscences within this one Face in the Dark Tunnel LeopardThe stories are in seuence on how Rusty grew up struggling to be a writer And am sure this comprises than 50% of Lone Fox DancingIt was like a forced re reading of many tales but somehow I still enjoyed it erdict Skip this and go for Lone Fox Dancing instead. An encounter with a leopard; life as a oung writer in faraway London; and the return home to roots that were always loved and never forgottenAn evergreen classic of children’s writing in India Rusty’s stories will be enjoyed like never before in this omnibus editi. .
Akes ou feel absolutely at home absolute India with his writings and the best part back then and even today is that ou do not need a dictionary to read his stories and books I so much love his simplicity and the straight from the heart stories It never feels like a guy with that kind of a foreign name and background is writing them it actually feels like these are our own childhood stories as narrated by our own Grandma to us and nothing else The as narrated by our own Grandma to us and nothing else The fruits birds hills train journeys the India and the way he covers life in here is simply out standing It actually kept me smiling throughout and even made me laugh out loud big time other than a Wodehouse no book so far has achieved that I actually rocked the chair I was sitting and laughed that hard but Mr Bond has that magic in him watch out for the chapter dedicated to his Grand Father and his histrionics right at the very start I am sure if ou have read any of his works or this one Amok you will surely agree Rusty as I said is nobody else but him and what a heart warming storys this is with him being a mere tenear old kid to his adolescent And a Bottle of Rum years struggling with the loss of his father at uite aoung age broken family a step dad and his end from one relative to another and then losing out on the last of the family members living the recluse life still working hard to fulfill his dream and finally achieving it This is his childhood stories with him in school and the adventures that Rusty had with his friends in toes he makes so many friends and relations while going through all that that it tells so much to us about Bond s character Although the reader needs to be a bit careful of the timeline and do the math himself but it simply is too good What I loved most about the book and the stories was that they no way feel his they rather feel my own one way or the other Bunking school going for movies running away from home going broke finding friends discovering the village town cities even country on his own I guess we all have done that at that age and his adventures were no different but simply too good I Had Such A Great Connect With The such a great connect with the and it s so many loving characters and so many of them stand out that I will never be able to forget them ever If Crochet you have read this or any of his other works do let me know which one isour favorite But if Playhouse you haven tou better get it ASAP and read them too And I am sure uite a few of us must have met the man in person too as he is so easily accessible to public at a book store in Mussoorie and his home at Dehradun Looking forward to meet the man one day in person Now I am too keen to read his Autobiography A Lone Fox Dancing which gets a little mention in this book Best for a teenage audience that is at the threshold of the the high school and poised to begin the college life It s simple and amazing book for the teenager audience Cherish our childhood days Sent away to school then makes his way to London and becomes a writer Rusty’s had adventures than we can countThe Adventures of Rusty brings together his best funniest most exciting escapades In these pages there’s Toto the monkey that travelled in a bag in a train;. .
Wonderful You can feel the warmth smell and the vegetation surrounding an Indian summer At the same time the book is heavy with memories from a cherished childhood The smell of mango jackfruit and bazars linger on even after decades This book is continuation of the earlier two books on Rusty This one is of the later ears of Rusty after he runs away from his guardian and starts living with his friends Somi and Ranbir in DehraGives a glimpse of the simple life led by the author in all innocenceA very good read indeed This is a book of 278 pages It has been published by Puffin Penguin Random House India The cover has a very soothing effect at first glance The language too is
"simple and lucid "
and lucid narration is very beautiful At no point of reading have I felt that I was reading a book Rather I felt myself sitting right beside the writer who was narrating me about his early days The story is awesome Good book for kids aged above 12 The interesting journey of a boy named for kids aged above 12 The interesting journey of a boy named who lived in hills It is the story of storyjourney about the writer himself I wanted to end fast to know what happened in the end These book gives our childhood memory and carefree hangouts with friends The writer wonderfully narrate about the nature The end is kind of emotional and i wanted to know about Rusty s other friends like Goonga Devindra and Sudhir which is missing We the Pune Raccoons did our own short and sweet Secret Santa amongst a dozen members collected at one of bigger hearted Raccoons place and rocked the total evening exchanging books and eating the delicacies some prepared by our host some brought in by members and what not You can just imagine what happens when a dozen odd book readers collect at one place and exchange what happens when a dozen odd book readers collect at one place and exchange covered with wrappers and no names on them and this is the book that I received that day I still do not know who was my amazing Santa that night But whoever ou are just know that ou are super Kool and I am totally glad to restart my Ruskin Bond journey with this superb book totally loved it The last that I had read of Ruskin Bond was way back in early 2000 when my nephew was studying in a Boarding School in between Dehradun and Mussoorie We used to visit him alternate weekends compulsory family visit from Delhi and I was the official driver thanks to my love of driving and since I had nothing much to do during those breaks but read a book or two while his parents my cousins meet him Now at that time any book store in Dehra as well as Mussoorie were full of his books I had no idea why till I read that he actually used to live there he still does and my journey of reading his books and dreaming to come across the man himself started Till today that dream isn t fulfilled et but after reading this collection of stories about Rusty himself philosophy and part biography I really want to see him once if not meet Ruskin Bond is one name that Rusty the boy whose stories have charmed and entertained children for ears brings together his best adventures in one volumeFrom the time he was a boy living with his grandparents in Dehra surrounded by an assortment of odd animals people and relatives to when he gets. The Adventures of Rusty

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