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Up with the fake couple actually falling in love It was uickly clear that there was a twist on that theme The primary couple that there was a twist on that theme The primary couple going to be Ivy and Daniel OK so like many other reviewers have said this story has potentialUnfortunately the story uickly devolved into alternating between the actions of two people who couldn t control their baser urges and the mental gymnastics of one or both of them lamenting either guilt or the impossibility of the situation This carried on for too long and the story lacked much besides carried on for too long and the story lacked much besides there are for too long and the story lacked much besides there are too few scenes of witty dialogue between Jack and Ivy So I finally said Enough DNF uit almost at the half way pointMature themes besides the ruthless blackmail there is also a lot of sexual situations ranging from sudden isses to actual bedding Theses scenes are mildly explicit but very suggestive Review also found at I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The expected publication date is November 24th 2015 This story was fun for me A romance that must be ept a secret Of course in these situations it only makes the attraction stronger Add to the mix a fake engagement to someone else and let the story begin Although this story does not offer any surprises or plot twists it delivers exactly what it promises in the synopsis A secret romance some steamy scenes and some good supporting characters and scenery Overall a nice way to pass the time Hmmm Maybe I need to create a Slush bookshelf I ve been struggling to sustain my reading this year This was uick and I liked it Did not likeIt was probably partially my fault I had read this author before and enjoyed her clean romances I thought this was clean as well I still read it but the Heroine to me was weak the Hero was heartless I will sleep with her but don t want to hurt her so I will say cruel and cold things to her for her own good Then finally there are other ways to show emotion without taking the Lord s name in vain So hard pass for me I will continue to read this author work I will just make sure I choose her sweet romances l Super fun and cute can t wait to read the second book. ?t sabotage the plan by claiming the tempting waitress for himself Oh yesIt was supposed to be a business only arrangement But in the magic of the Tuscan countryside neither Ivy nor Daniel can fight the attraction building between them In the world’s most romantic setting the line between business and pleasure is one that begs to be crosse.

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Really no point I missed how Daniel and Ivy go from sexual attraction to love I couldn t see the relevance of the Italian countryside escapade and by the time I got to the happy ending I was disappointed with the book So yes the idea is good but I didn t like the way it was put into practice so I can t bring myself to actively recommend The Accidental Engagement Meh Didn t really get any chemistry between them he s blackmailing her into pretending to be the doting fianc of his business partner DNFAfter reading the setup for the premise I was so offended that I closed the book and considered whether to continue However I have said many times that in the Romance genre that it is often necessary to suspend any demand for reality sometimes than others In this case it wasn t reality I WAS CONSIDERING SUSPENDING BUT RATHER I THOUGHT was considering suspending but rather I thought perhaps would just on past the setup and try to forget itWhy was I offended This book was written in 2015 before MeToo really took off I m don t always agree with how far MeToo is taken but I wholehearted believe it is time for men to change their attitudes and how they treat women especially men in power My reservations have to do with how they treat women especially men in power My reservations have to do with any accusation regardless of uestionable or lacking supporting evidence Well as I thought about it this situation didn t exactly fit MeToo because it seems to lack the element of sexual assault or harassment It also lacks the lewd acts that have so often appeared in our headlines But does it lack the element of sexual harassment Jack issed Ivy without permission but then that has nothing to do with what was about to happen to her In every other way besides the element of sexual assault Ivy becomes the victim of male power leading to blackmail Her powerlessness and the injustice of it is just as appalling as if she had been sexually harassedI was also offended by the statement that that she did have a choice in response to her statement that she didn t Technically she had a choice But practically she did not have a viable choiceWell against what should have been my better judgement I read on This story is not your usual fake engagement story which usually ends. Ion Uh ohJust when cutthroat venture capitalist Daniel Gladwell thought he’d never close the deal with an Italian conglomerate a simple mistake becomes the perfect opportunity All he has to do is convince Ivy to pretend to be Jack’s fiancée while on a business trip to Italy to offset Jack’s bad boy reputation As long as Daniel doesn?. ,
Great book light reading I really liked the premise of the story and it started out funny Unfortunately Daniel behaved like a total jerk through most of the book he was just not very likeable I m not a fan of jerk y heroes no matter how chiseled their chins abs or other body parts Like other reviewers I d have liked to see Ivy get together with Jack who seemed like the nicer guy of the two Though I now he has a book of his own which two Though I now he has a book of his own which will read in the hopes that he will not pull a complete 180 and turn into a jerk too I ve read and liked other stories by Maggie Dallen and I have some on my TBR list so I m not giving up just because there was one guy I didn t like much I RECEIVED AN ARC FROM NETGALLEY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEWA great debut Dallen writes very well especially in setting up the locations in Italy and in juggling the complicated plot and characters The hero and heroine Daniel and Ivy are well characters The hero and heroine Daniel and Ivy are well and their romance is sweet It may be a little confusing at first that Jack is not the hero when he s first to enter the book and he s so charming but that gets cleared up fast and it makes me eager to read his and Holly s book next there s a tantalizing snippet of it at the end In the meantime it s easy to fall in love with Ivy and Daniel and the writing just sweeps you along I highly recommend it I like the idea behind the book and I think it is funny in places and well written Unfortunately in my opinion there are too many holes in the plot for the story to be realistic and coherent First it is unbelievable how business decisions are made in this book how anyone could ever create and sustain a multi million dollar company that way not that we ever really understand what the business is about other than something to do with electronic gadgets which in the book actually come across as toys Then there are those details that really help the author to move ahead with the plot but that lack a rational explanation For example if Ivy and Jack are supposed to be acting like an engaged couple why are their hotel rooms in different floors while Daniel is conveniently just down the door from herWell I could go on but there is. OopsIt started as a regular night for New York City restaurant hostess Ivy Sinclair until a rowdy customer turned out to be world famous playboy Jack Everett Thanks to the paparazzi now the world thinks they’re a couple which couldn’t be farther from the truth But when a brooding sexy businessman offers her a simply irresistible proposit. ,
The Accidental Engagement Chance Romance #1

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