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You know Isabel she said sometimes I want to die Isabel Jacques Prevert retied a shoelace light headed Theoom seemed to get brighter for an instant then faded to normal again Maybe that was a sunspot The sea oiled as the sunspot blazed overturning a ship sailing over the sea past the farm where she and Ann lived Why she said staring at the seaIsabel s mother pressed her long fingers into the corners of her eyes sueezed her eyes shut shaking her head I just do she said I just want to die Tea a ealistic fiction novel by Stacey D erasmo is one girl s fascinating exploration of love art and independence as she #Struggles To Find Herself And #to find herself and free from her past In 1968 eight year old Isabel Gold s mother has always seemed sad It is not long until she takes her own lifeAfter this Isabel grapples with connecting with people and putting her life together Tea follows her from ages eight to twenty two through many elationships and friendships that never seem to last Tea is so beautiful and yet so simple The characters are flawed and flawless ordinary yet incredibly extraordinary at the same time It is one of those books that you ead slowly because you don t want to The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party reach the end It is not only plainly one of the best books I have everead but also one of the most intriguing Every thought is so How to Write Essays real so genuine and so honestTo me Tea seems like. On a spring day in 1968 eight year old Isabel Gold prepares tea for her mother certain she will drink it andecover from her mysterious sadness But the tea emains untouched Not. In best friend who calls God on her shoe PHONE AS THEY RE ENACT SCENES FROM GET SMART as they e enact scenes from Get Smart her ealization that she is frightened that her mothers mood will wear off on her if she touches her The middle of the book deals with Isabel s coming of age ealizing that she is a lesbian and finding her way through life in the 70 s and becoming an actress At the end of the book we find Isabel living in Manhattan struggling in her elationship with a depressed girlfriend who eminds me of her mother when she is in her dark moodsI guess it would be like glimpsing different aspects of any ones life #Isabel Seems Extremely Ordinary To #seems extremely ordinary to Sure she had a tragic childhood event but the est of her life seems pretty mundane When she was 8 she buries notes and things in yards so that in the future people will dig them up and know about the people who lived where she is sort of like this novel glimpses of her mundane life thrown together in a book I thought that the the death of her mother would make of an impact but it was just a blip on her adar It doesn t even eally seem to come up except at strange moments like on her birthday when she imagines what her mother would have given her as a gift If you like character analysis and not plot driven books than this is one for you Personally this was not one that will make my list of ecommended books. N finds her falling in and out of love with various women but it is not until Isabel learns how to each deep within herself that she begins to listen to the truths of her own hea.

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