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This is a great introduction to the basics of tax policy Covers a "Lot Of The Economic "of the economic necessary or consideration in proposing reform Don t bother if you ve taken a class on revenue theory if you needed any additional evidence of my abject dorkiness here you go this book is awesome This should be reuired reading but maybe I think this because I love tax policy it should at least be reuired reading Freaky Facts about Spiders for people who have opinions on tax policy and like to vote and alsoor people who make tax policy worst review ever Any text that talks about taxation without emphasizing it social benefits and its egalitarian necessity is not worth without emphasizing it social benefits and its egalitarian necessity is not worth time spent on reading it and in general any ECONOMIC TEXT THAT FAIL TO PLACE AT ITS CENTER text that O Doido e a Morte fail to place at its center impact of its promotions on real people and their interactions outside itsormulae is inherently biased against broad based relevanceTo claim that taxes make us poorer is to ignore how infrastructure Rd public education essential services police military and so on enrich our livesTo claim that taxes infringe on innovatio. To The Rude Buay Trilogy follow the debate over US tax reform the interested citizen isorced to choose between misleading sound bites and academic treatises Taxing Ourselves bridges the gap between the two by presenting in clear non technical language the key issues in US tax reform who should pay taxes how taxes affect the economy and whether to reform or replace the current tax system The authors discuss ,

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S problems with current taxation scheme The US Because Of Its Misrepresentation And US because of its misrepresentation and of some related issues such as the positive aspects of tax collection in a democratic context this book can be left unread except as a cautionary tale with respect to how NOT to design a tax system or economic policies in general I read the ourth edition published in 2008 This book was surprisingly easy to digest These two gentlemen advise us that the best overhaul or the US tax system is to start resh with a VAT and wage tax or some Awoken (Viridian Saga, form of consumption tax rather than an income tax It gets complicated with economic models and shit What is unreal and I can t believe I m going to put in writing is that Trumps tax plan really wasn t so bad It was ballsy actually and is putting us on the path toward an improved tax system Bleh Bad taste in my mouth I m not lookingorward to sweeping tax changes as an accountant but I think it ll be Taking Flight for the best I prefer we get it right rather than continue to put bandaids on a bleeding artery Here s to theuture. D edition of this popular guide has been extensively revised and updated to cover all changes in US tax laws through to May 2003 and to reflect the most recent research and relevant data It also provides new or expanded treatment of issues in the current debate including tax cuts and whether they stimulate the economy savings incentives double taxation of corporate income the estate tax
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Taxing Ourselves A Citizen's Guide to the Debate over TaxesN is to ignore the evidence showing that when taxation was at its highest in the US productivity and growth achieved rates 50% Than With Lower Taxes than with lower taxes late 40 and early 70 of 20th century tax rates were 91% and both growth and productivity at 3% since taxes were lowered to about 35% and both growth and productivity are hovering around 2%As to the arguments or consumption taxes try to imagine the potential havoc and civic unrest that would be unleashed by taxing every corner store purchase by 30% 50% tax every time you buy Bread Milk Or A milk or a bar every day of the year if people consider evasion when aced with government might consider the length they would go to when Heartlands faced with a store teller The amount of policing expanses reuiredor enforcing such a tax alone would eat up any advantage such taxation might have had In addition since the rich have access to means of production that the poor do not taxation on consumption would actually exacerbate class distinction and tensionsAll in all despite the length to which the book expose. Arious alternative proposals in detail including the Alan Ford (Superstrip Alan Ford Trobroj flat tax and the sales tax but they are not advocatesor any of them; instead they provide readers with the knowledge and the tools including an informative overview of the US tax system and an invaluable voter's guide to the tax policy debate to make their own informed choices about how American citizens should tax themselves The thir. ,

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