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This book is Tango and it is an action adventure The author is Eileen Beha This book is the book for you if you like action It is with animals and they talk to each you if you like action It is with animals and they talk to each So keep reading and see what adventures are going to happen to Tango There is this dog named Tango And these see what adventures are going to happen to Tango There is this dog named Tango And these see him caught in a lobster trap Tango has his eye lids frozen shut because of the cold water he was in Then he feels this n Tango is he was in Then he feels this n Tango is Yorkshire Terrier who is sed to the good life doggy massages fancy grooming an expensive silver collar and charm special shoes for his daily walks and being shown off at luxurious parties Tango has it madeuntil his owners take him sailing A fierce storm strikes and Tango goes overboard After a while at sea Tango now freezing starving and sick washes The Greek Tycoons Mistress up on Prince Edward Island a long way from his home in New York City No one knows his name or where he s from They don t even know if he ll survive but Tango is determined to make it back to the home he once knewMcKenna Skye is a girl without a home She lives in a shed behind herncle s house but she knows that even that small comfort is temporary She needs to save Tikki Tikki Tembo up enough money to get to Toronto where her favorite foster mother now lives But how With some much needed help McKenna begins to make and sell enchanted candles and the money starts coming in Will McKenna make enough to get her where she wants to go Or will she finally find a home that she s always neededAugusta Smith is a retired schoolteacher who is set in her ways but fate has brought two beings into her life that will force her to change a bit A little dog When a Yorkshire Terrier washesp on the shores of Prince Edward Island his adventure is just begin.

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Ho is fighting for survival and a girl who has never had a true home will make Augusta or Miss Gustie As Everyone Knows Her Rethink everyone knows her rethink life Maybe she does have room in her life for a little dog and a runaway girl But can she hold on to these two souls who seem so determined to go on their ways Can Miss Gustie show them that she needs them as much as they need herRead Tango The Tale of an Island Dog by Eileen Beha to learn how one small dog can change the world around him Will he make it back home to New York or will he find that a new home was waiting for him all along The only good thing about this book is that it wasn t as bad as the bronze bow i thought it was a very good book it was about well very good book it was about well me just go through itit was a litter of yorkie puppies born fore of them three girls and one boy the puppies had golden and black fur lethery black noses there eyes where as dark as pich black darkness they wher one of sadies finest litters sadie is the moms name they wher taken away to be sold the girls where all sold on the frist day but the next morning the boy was sold the woman was named marcellena and the husbans name was diego they came in and marcellena fell in love with him so diego had said yes diego they came in and marcellena fell in love with him so diego had said yes paid the store owner and left then they got him a little coler and heart shaped idenfacation tag they decided his name was tango then a few weeks later they went on a boat to a far away place they got caut in a storm and tango fell over bourd and some how got tangled p in a lobster trap and when fisher men pulled him out of the sea they thought he was a rat when they relized it was Ning Tango–the privileged pet of a Manhattan couple–will have to adjust to life in a rustic fish.

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Tango The Tale of an Island DogDog a lady named agusta said i will take the dog in and care for him and nures him back to Helth Then Tango Did Not then tango did not his coller was gone mikenna found a silver chain in the sand and nigle the cat found the heart in the end there was soppose to be a fight but in the be a fight but in the middle it the place started to flud the rat got away that was to fight and tango got his heart back and then he gave it to mikenna and she showed agusta and she said i know the right thing to do and before morning tango took the heart and burried it in th back yard becuse he wanted to stay there with agusta and he did and lived hapliey It was a great kinda sad book I thought the part where Tango got seperated from his mother was really sad I thought the part where he flew off of Marcellina s and Diego s boat and got caught in the lobster net and rescued by Augusta was really sad The part where Tango met Burea and Mckenna I thought that lightened his spirits But the part where Tango went in to fight Malachi I thought he was gonna die for sure The part where Tango had his identification tag and Augusta saw it I began to cry because I felt bad because Augusta and Mckenna and Burea grew attached to him And the part where Tango looked into the candles flame and saw Marcellina and Diego with other dogs to replace Tango made me feel sad for him and it made me feel happy because he went out and buried his identification tag so they couldn t return him I thought the end was really sweet because Augusta adopted Mckenna and they raised Tango and Tango and Mckenna and Nigel and Burea findly found a place they could call hom. Ing village make friends with a tribe of feral cats rescue a runaway girl and find his way home agai. ,

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