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We, the People: Of Earth Elders oOnnection while still taking its time with development and just the right amountf tension As the WOW what just happened hereI was going to give it a 35 to 4 stars as it was good but I expected greater not so smooth from these authors and then I reached 80 85% and BANG the world turned n its axisI never saw it coming and this is brilliantSo 5 stars it is and I won t "tell anything about the story to keep the surprise Just read it and do it until the very end even if "anything about the story to keep the surprise Just read it and do it until the very end even if think it s too sweet and perfect for these authors sometimes in your read because it s not what you think at all Holy good grief and have mercy n me Just color me mixed up and completely upside down with nowhere to go in my it s hard to know how It s hard to even know how review the situations involved with this style مترو of plot and book Yes it s mesmerizing and well written but I m still feeling a bitf disappointment in the ending To be completely honest I really prefer a completely resolved ending than readers will find here Not much that I can add without giving up spoilers Although I really love Jamie McGuire s books and her writing style this ne missed its mark with me and was not anything like I expected The ending is SHIT and that is why I gave it 2 stars WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ Jamie McGuireyou know I already love you to death for giving me Travis but with this book you really utdid yourself because this novel is in another league The Windy Season of it swn and I justThe book starts pretty Oldies but Goodies okwith Avery and. Acles too Justne glimpse A Month of Sundays of him was all it took In the next lane at a stop light was the man I would fall in love with and marry People talk about the kindf love that takes time love you fall in to We were like a crash and burn and when Evangeline, a Master For Tonight Companion Novel our lives intertwined I would never be the same He was the man I would cherish the restf my life who would father my children In an ins. .

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678JUST TAKE ALL THE DAMN STARS FOR THIS BOOKI spent the last 20% bawling my eyes Beneath the Jolly Roger out Jamie McGuire and Teresa Mummert can writene hell f a story Beautiful Tragic The feels Maybe I can write a better review when my heart doesn t ache for What the hell I m so angry right now I had so many expectations from this book and I m so disppointed This book was rushed It was like a car race Now they Josh and Avery were strangers and car race Now they Josh And Avery Were Strangers Avery were strangers 5 minutes they were together I won t say because I don t want to write any spoilers I really didn t like this couple Actually I didn t like anything about their relationship I liked Deb and Uinn Anyway I Read Other Books Written Anyway I read ther books written Jamie which were so beautiful but this ne was so simple It felt like a kid wrote it A lot f details were missing there were things I didn t understand the ending was a mess Don t get me started with the ending because I will curse a lot I feel like at least two chapters were needed before this book was finished But no It was like Just use your imagination Cristina But no It was just blank Damn it CAN T WAIT TO READ THIS 3 3TEASERS 2 annoying starsIt was Pig ok till the end thenI felt like I read the book for sweet nothing Sweet Nothing was nothing like I expected even while reading I found myself a little stupefied by the end a lot stupefied It startedff so strong I felt a connection to the story but also a strong involvement with the romance The pacing Scipio Rising (Scipio Africanus of Avery and Josh s relationship was perfect an instant It is enough to break any man watching what could have been my future slip away before it was ever in my graspThe possibilityf losing someone I loved before she was even mine is something I never would have imagined Certainly nothing I'd ever wish n anyone I go to her every day and wait Wait for the impossible for a sign for her to look at me hoping sinners are granted mir. Josh s story f how they came together and their life as a couple I have to be honest that at moments it was kind f boring and if it as a couple I have to be honest that at moments it was kind f boring and if it t for the author I would have DNFed it at about 60% I didn t understand why such a big part f the story was DNFed it at about 60% I didn t understand why such a big part f the story was told but there was still pretty much left from the book Or why there where some part important in my Conversations From The Neighborhood Ice Cream Shop: 8 Keys To Rediscovering Lost Dreams And Finding Your Life's Calling opinion that where leftut It felt a little confusing at timesBut nothing could prepare me for what came after 85% I was likeIt didn t take long to wrap my
Head Around What Was Going 
around what was going and power finish this book because I was dying to know how this was going to end And the ending wasI understand there where some people that didn t really get the ending and that s why No Time for Sergeants onef the authors felt the need to explain things a little but that is just the beauty f itit ends however you want it to end but without a cliffhangerand with the chance that I m repeating myselfIt may seem like I m not making any sense and that s all right because this is a story you just can t explainit just has to be read and lived with the charactersand if you can power through some less thrilling parts it will be so worth it at the end D 45 penny for your thoughts STARSIs it possible to love a story and be confused at the same time Going to reread and ask around n what thers got from the ending Perhaps I ll see if there s a support group some where ut there For now though I loved the ride enjoyed the writing and adored the charactersimage erro. Tant ur life together began and in an instant it would end The late nights; the excuses; the lies And in the blink f an eye it was like we never were For the first time experience a heartfelt jaw dropping novel by #1 New York Times bestseller Jamie McGuire and New York Times bestselling author Teresa Mummert When you think you know what's happening you're nly half way ther. Sweet Nothing

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