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Sponsored by the Sustainable Water Resources Management Task Committee Of Management Task Committee of Environmental Council the Environmental and Water Resources Institute Of The American Society Of Civil Sustainable Water Resources the American Society of Civil Engineers Sustainable Water Resources presents the most current thinking on the environmental social and political dimensions of sustainably managing the water supply at local egional or basin levels The twin challenges of ensuring an adeuate water supply and the optimal allocation for different uses are compounded by changes in climate land use. Sustainable Water Resources ManagementDemographic patterns and water availabilityWritten by leading experts from around THE WORLD THE 33 CHAPTERS IN THIS BOOK PROVIDE world the 33 chapters in this book provide information about different aspects of sustainable water esources management This book eviews various methods of data collection and describes available tools for hydrological modeling with An Emphasis On Remote Sensing emphasis on emote sensing GIS Chapters cover the assessment of atmospheric water surface water and groundwater Other topics include urban water management mitigation strategies for droughts and floods. ,

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