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Sun Up Sun Down

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AR uiz No 18895 EN NonfictionAccelerated READER UIZ INFORMATION IL LG BL uiz Information IL "LG BL AR Pts 05Accelerated "BL AR Pts 05Accelerated uiz Type Information AR uiz Types RP VP I enjoyed reading this informative book as an introductory lesson to directions for my first graders They were able to express the difference between the north south express the difference between the North South and West after this read aloud This book Simple language and bold illustrations make this S a very informational book about the sun that is great for middle aged classroom 3 5 Sun up Sun down is very detailed with illustrations that go right along with the author s thoughts about how the sun HELPS THE EARTH THIS BOOK WOULD BE INCLUDED IN the Earth This book would be included in science or agriculture lesson if the teacher is talking about the solar system or how lants grow in agricul. Fun and informative book about the sun “Add thi. Ture Some of the vocabulary in this book may be a little advanced for young readers hence the level that I chose 3 5 I Rated
this book 
Book 5 book of 5 star Gail Gibbons is an awesome author for educational urposes she does an awesome job of depicting and creating useful learning books that are informational for students It can tell you about how far is away the. S one to rimary grade science shelves” Booklist. ,

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