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Well the writing in this book is actually bad The problem here For Me Is Sort me is 2 pronged though one of the prongs may be mufti pointed First this book is very oung in some ways With this plot it has to be and that s the other problemI just couldn t get my head around a 14 Besser Php Programmieren year old super spy I know I know I like Harry Potter and I liked the Ranger s Apprentice books as well as other books withoung heroes But those are set in fantasy universes where magic exists and so on If I can accept wizards then a wizarding SCHOOL ISN T A STRETCHAND LETS FACE IT THEY isn t a stretchand lets face it they kids in school The Ranger s Apprentice was an apprentice Here we get a story line that will reuire a much beefy set of suspension of belief muscles The idea of MI6 recruiting a 14 Călătoria unui fiu risipitor. Eseu romanţat asupra neizbânzii year old is just a bit much for me To be honest though as I said below in a conversation when I was 14 and heavily into The Man From UNCLE James Bond and other spy fi I d probably have loved itSo there is some good action writing here some daring do with ouroung hero at the heart of it and so on The writing isn t bad and I suspect that Things for the Surgeon younger readers will eat this up For me the picture of a 14ear old spy just kept intrudingsorryNot for me but if it s for The Carpenters you enjoy All the way back in 2007 I randomly decided to borrow the audiobook version of this book from my local library I d heard about it before the movie adaptation was mentioned in Nintendo Power magazine but didn t seem to stay in cinemas very long Still when I listened to this book I was enthralled and soon sought out the rest of the series mostly via the berries in my areaThat wasears ago though I read the newer volumes a few Los Hijos del Orden years ago I figured Why not start from the beginning I found that I enjoyed it I d forgotten a lot of what happened and I found myself remembering the film instead of the novel though the latter is vastly superior Maybe I m just a kid at heart but I had a blast with this oneand I can t wait to read the seuels again Why do I like Alex Rider and similar books such as Jason Steed CHERUB and Young James Bond To start with they are all about my age a little bit far fetched but a great place to escape too Both Alex Rider and Jason Steed are intelligent than most of the adult around them and can drive a variety of vehicles This is book 1 and one of my favourite books I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is plot and action heavy and the pace is fast The chapters are short and punchy and there isn t a great deal of philosophy or serious emotional stuff going on here The book starts with the assassination of Alex s uncle the man who has been his guardian since he was a baby and Alex copes with his loss remarkably well The story just speeds forward onto the next action seuence and the next It is written very much like a computer game one problem gets solved the next one immediately springs up and it is generally one which reuires a great deal of physical action and not a terrible amount of anything elseIt is a relatively uick read which I think is also an enormous part of the appealIt turns out his uncle was a spy And so we are on what has become a great series a film and now to be TV seriesThe writer successfully sets the scene for use during the whole book Especially during his training as it makesou feel like Why Place Matters your there The way he goes into detail about the characters also makesou have very strong views on them The film for Alex Rider was not great it was just OK the New TV series I hope is good but they have a 25 To Rabbittown year old playing Otto Farrant a 14ear old boy that will be unbelievable At least in the Film the actor was actually 14 at the time I guess TV producers think they know bestBack to the book I would recommend it and others I have mentioned if Commentaries and Cases on the Law of Business Organization, 2009-2010 Statutory Supplement you like fast exciting teen spy books Stormbreaker Alex Rider 1 Anthony HorowitzAlex Rider is a series of spy novels by Anthony Horowitz about a 14 15ear old spy named Alex Rider The series is aimed primarily at teens and Stygiophilia young adults The series comprises eleven novels as well as five graphic novels three short stories and a supplementary book The first novel Stormbreaker was released in the United Kingdom in 2000 and was adapted into a motion picture in 2006 starring Alex Pettyfer Alex the main character is recruited by MI6 after discovering the truth about his uncle s life and death He is sent to complete his uncle s latest mission To investigate a multimillionaire named Herod Sayl. They told him his uncle died in an accident He wasn't wearing his seatbelt they said But when fourteenear old Alex finds his uncle's windshield riddled with bullet holes he knows it was no acci. Dad are dead he lives with his uncle His uncle Ian Rider takes him all sorts of adventure holidays and also gives him karate lessons What Alex does not know is that he is actually being trained to be a boy spy I will not spolit it The Moth Diaries you need to read itou will like it even my dad liked it I read this book because it is so popular with my students I can see the appeal espionage a kid caught in everyone else s plans having to take care of himself while saving the world Action adventure violence The boys eat this stuff up I just wish Horowitz had written it with his readers in mind as the Misconduct (Birmingham Rebels, young impressionable audience that they are I hate all the label dropping Do we need to know that our character wears Nike and Gap Absolutely not Why feed into this consumerist crap especially for aoung audience that is already so consumed with having to have what is cool And the car details Give me a break Most of the kids and teens reading this have no clue what the differences between engines are And then there is Alex himself who appears to me to be an arrogant showboating hotshot who thinks he can do anything on his own Such a bad role model This book left me very conflicted as a children s librarian My elementary students like the books I think the first one I cannot testify for the rest of the series as I haven t read them is full of all the things that I do not want to promote in the collection for which I am responsible violence consumerism and a disrespectful protagonist They get enough of this is every other form of media However kids who don t like to read will read Alex Rider It has reluctant reader appeal So do I add it to the books to be discarded and face alienating my students with my conservatism Do I want a library full of classic novels that no one will read Or do I continue to buy and shelve books like the Alex Rider series and Wimpy Kid series which are immensely popular but set bad examples for their audience Alex Rider series and Wimpy Kid series which are immensely popular but set bad examples for their audience could read this book over and over again I grew up with a fascination with spies most likely triggered by the amazingly entertaining TV show Totally Spies I used to watch repeatedly with my brother I still remember asking my mother with hearts in the place of eyes Do spies really exist You see I thought being a spy was the coolest profession one could have I shouldn t have been discouraged by my mom s reply but because I am who I am my heart immediately deflated when she said They certainly do but it s very dangerous to be a spy If she hadn t known me so well she would have lied and told me they do not in fact exist because who really encourages their children to choose secrets violence and murder instead of the uiet office job But she knew I was reasonable even at the age of eight Maybe this is why I love Alex Rider so much He knows the danger he is in Actually he refuses the mission at first He wants to live a tranuil normal life Why should he put himself at risk and end up killed like his uncle Of course in the end he doesn t really have a choice any In the book world we would totally matchBut he s also daring He is a reasonable person but one who does not hesitate to put himself in danger if it means saving lives in the process He is smart and uick on his feet ualities necessary to face unpredictable events I love this book and Alex partly because my fascination with spies is still awake somewhere inside me and partly because it is so damn fun I mean not uite realistic but who cares Spies belong to the fictional world than they do to the real world anyway I don t know about Hollywood Education you but I don t know as many real spies as I do fictional ones Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin You re never toooung to die c Killing is for grown ups and Steps Through the Mist you re still a child cI have been reading it in minuscule installments since when the universe was stilloung and hot and the dinosaurs were frisky et At least it feels so I have no idea why I kept coming back for A glutton for cheese maybeThis is cheesy enough to need a cheese cutting wire I was amazed to actually see it provided in the plot Very thoughtful on the part of the author cheersIt was only the glint of the sun and the sight of the grass slicing itself in half that revealed the horrible truth The two cyclists had stretched a length of cheese wire between them Alex threw himself headfirst flat on his stomach The cheese wire whipped over him If he had still been standing up it would have cut him in half Lex must outsmart the people who want him dead The government has given him the technology but only he can provide the courage Should he fail every child in England will be murdered in cold blood. ,

E and his creation the revolutionary and newly developed computer called Stormbreaker which Sayle is donating to every school in England Alex later discovers that the Stormbreakers contain a deadly virus and that Sayle is planning to kill British schoolchildren In the end Alex foils his plan and succeeds in his first mission 2010 1387 205 9789642980642 21 6 You know how there are those books that ou see everywhere in every library in every bookstore and then one day ou just break down and pick and then one day ou just break down and pick up This is one of those booksAnd I should have just left itThe first few pages were fine I was all prepared to get sucked into this book I mean I d seen it EVERYWHERE after all It had to be good right It happened with the Pendragon books it ll happen here too Dudo of St Quentin yeahAnd then everything after those pages was complete nonsense I was immediately disenchanted But before I go into large scale issues I d like to mention that these are the paragraphs that immediately set me against this book We can t just send in another agent He ll be expecting a replacement Somehow we have to trick himWe have to send someone in who won t be noticed Someone who can look around and report back without being seen We were considering sending down a woman She might be able to slip in as a cleaner or a kitchen helper I kidou not this is actually in the book The whole novel had this sexist voice and the worst of it is that this is set in the current time Really She can slip in as a cleaner or a kitchen helper Also a thing of note the only PoC in this book was the villain The whole book was empty Empty motives propelling empty actions I couldn t even tell Drittes Reich und Zweiter Weltkrieg you what Alex s character is like He s just a cardboard vessel that the plot throws around Not to mention that I was shaking my head at each new twist because they were all impossible and completely ridiculous I can t even tellou how many times I ve had to close the book for a moment to groan and try to surpress the urge to throw the thing at the wall it might have been the fact that it s a library book that saved itDialogue was sometimes laughable and way out of character Alex a 14 Locas year old boy saying Nor can I or something along those lines Really Does that actually happen or Oh and I wouldn t want to leave out this lovely example expressed by the villain You ve done well Alex I congratulateou And *I feel Smoking Lovely you deserve a reward So I m going to tellou everythingWooooowThis is great literature right hereIt s *feel Second Sight you deserve a reward So I m going to tellou everythingWooooowThis is great literature right hereIt s Horowitz is trying to reinforce the assumed notion oh kids are only interested in violence and action and BOOMS Everything else is dispensableBecause at the end I think I counted at least 4 5 huge mushroom explosions That were completely unnecessary But OH GOD EXPLOSIONS MAN He s trying to TRICK HIS READERS INTO THINKING SOMETHING his readers into thinking something is happening when it s really something trivialI d advise everyone against reading this book It may keep Forbidden Mate (Holland Brothers, young readers turning pages but there s better literature out there that ll do the same without the cheap effects and gimmicks Being a teenage spy is something I ve never experienced but Stormbreaker really makes me feel like I have This book is about a boy named Alex Rider who has been a regular boy all his life until he is called by M 16 the British secret service to be on a secret mission to investigate a computer called the Stormbreaker This book is full of good guys bad guys and of course its full of suspense adventure and action The person in this book that really drawsou in is Harold Sayle the inventor of the supercomputer the Stormbreaker That computer makes M 16 very suspicious because hes sending one Stormbreaker to every school in England so they send Alex under cover to be the first kid to try the Stormbreaker But all hes really doing is looking for anything suspicious Many of the characters in this book are pretending to b nice but really be mean or being generous but really trying to take over the world That is one of the thigs that makes the book so great This is one o the best books I ve ever read an i would suggest that ou should read it along with all of the other Alex Rider adventures in the series One of the greatest spy books I have read I saw the film on TV and wanted to read the books The book was better although I used the image of Alex in the books it helped I now read much book I like the Alex Rider series the Jason steed series and I have just started reading Cherub seriesAlex mum. Dent What he doesn't know et is that his uncle was killed while on a top secret mission But he is about to and once he does there is no turning back Finding himself in the middle of terrorists ,

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