CopyThere s really only one Thing To Say About This to say about this uality is greater than uantity Lately I ve been reading a number of graphic novels that ust haven t drawn me in or been very satisfying At first I wondered if it was because I m used to reading Japanese manga where they re masters at flow beautiful drawing styles and storytelling mixed into one Manga only produces an average of 18 pages a week or about 32 pages a month depending on the series so mangaka the creators have to master how to balance art and story within those "Limitations Graphic Novels Tend To "Graphic Novels tend to you a bit leeway when it comes to the pages and many times the artists and authors don t take full advantage There are issues with flow art proportions and keeping the story engaging Storm Born has thankfully been one of the series that doesn t suffer these short comings In my review of volume 1 I said that I wasn t blown away by the art but I must admit that it s now growing on me It certain has an exceptional uality about it compared to what else is out there and again the coloring is beautifully done I m liking Eugenie and by the issue and I love love love her expressions now that I m becoming attached to the character The storyline picks up exactly where Volume 1 left off and as the story progresses there are naturally even uestions There s definitely to her new beau Kiyo than meets the eye so perhaps it was a little than fate that drew then together We shall see I do like that things don t seem to be dragging on for too long and Eugenie actually makes decisions instead of leaving things on the back burnerThe pages are short but the story is rich and engaging Eugenie starts out doing her ghost busting thing but it evolves into a deeper plotline A teenaged girl has been kidnapped and into a deeper plotline A teenaged girl has been kidnapped and to another realm by the Gentry the PC form for Fairy Eugenie is her only hope and will need to travel to that realm to save her I am not familiar with Richelle Mead s other works but I m assuming that these fairies aren t the friendly Disney kind Because this is an on going series the major plot points are ust beginning So while there s no resolution I can say that I am definitely. Reatures Those who try have The Dark Swan to contend with But Eugenie's about to cross into. .

Richelle Mead ↠ 1 SUMMARY

Looking forward to the next issue There s always room for good urban fantasy and I "look forward to what Storm Born bring to the table "forward to what Storm Born can bring to the table it s carving its own niche in the genre originally posted here likeloveadore comics They can make us the readers picture easier our favourite characters and if we get to talk about Dark Swan main characters then you hit a good spot We can see on the cover the famous shaman Odile Dark Swan Eugenie Markham I m not sure who published this comic who draw and colored it but i can simply say it s amazingThe characters from this book series aren t that easy to draw Eugenie has like a dozen of tattoos everyone trickier than the other and an interesting appearance note the hair in each scene her face s expression lights and shades on her hair and eyes with that not so normal indigo colour her clothes and maybe the most important things her weapons Then Kiyo who s face and mood sh 35 stars 4 12 stars After a lovely time spent in the arms of her new lover Kiyo Eugenie awakens to discover an icy beast has invaded their space Before she has time to react Kiyo is up and kicking its butt like a pro while still deliciously naked I might add She finishes the elemental off but not before it says her real name and makes disturbing comments about spreading her soft legs I m still not sure what is up with that but theses sexual innuendos from beasties are getting mighty uncomfortable and I m starting to fear for EugenieThis volume again hooked me from page one and features the same beautifully expressive artwork and bright colors that really grab the eye It s sexy suspenseful and sarcastically humorous It doesn t answer any of my nagging uestions Who is this Kiyo He is definitely much than an extraordinary looking veterinarian Why are creatures suddenly calling Eugenie by her real name and threatening to get all sexy with her What is lurking in the Otherworld Why is a creepy fox in suburbia Why aren t her sex induced scratches from Kiyo healing I don t know any of the answers but I m anxious to see where all of this leadsThis is a fabulous graphic novel so far and I m looking forward to devouring the entire thing. The Otherworld alone to rescue a girl that nobody else will Will she make it back across ali. .
Storm Born #2Originally Reviewed by Jennifer atMotherGamerWriterRating 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source Sea Lion BooksPlease Note Issues 1 and 2 were reviewed togetherNormally I m pretty choosy about the graphic novels I read and even those are few and far between But when I stumbled across Storm Born I was hooked Storm Born started out as an urban fantasy novel by bestselling author Richelle Mead in 2008 Because of its enticing plot line and uniue view of the paranormal world it was made into an eually enticing graphic novelStorm Born Vol1 stars Eugenie Markman a shaman for hire known to the supernatural world as Odiel Her arsenal includes a gun two athames and a wand which she uses to either kill or banish her enemies back into the Otherworld After working a normal case Eugenie s world begins to take a drastic turn as members of the supernatural world learn her real name Things only worsen when she is approached with the case of rescuing a missing girl from the Gentry known to us as fairiesStorm Born Vol 2 begins exactly were Vol 1 leaves off After a world wind night with the perfect stranger Eugenie s night comes to a halt when she once again attacked by a creature from the Otherworld In lieu of this our heroine continues to consider the case of the missing girl and the puzzle continues to unravel from thereThough the plot was incredible the artwork in this particular story is what truly drew me in The pictures do "not have a high end hang me in a museum feel to them that most books turned graphic novels "have a high end hang me in a museum feel to them that most books turned graphic novels While I am a fan of those this work is detailed yet grungy It looked exactly like a comic book shouldOverall Storm Born issues 1 and 2 are one action packed kick butt start to a great series It starts with a bang and ends with the same high spirited momentum There is magic mystery and a lot of flare So whether you have read the previous novels or not you can still fall in love with the Dark Swan story and it s interesting yet lovable characters Eugenie is a smart sexy tough as nails intelligent heroine and her story is one that fans of Richelle Mead should not want to miss Many thanks to Sea Lion Books for providing a review. Eugenie Markham is a freelance shaman guarding our world from the invasion of Otherworldly

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