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Er books I ver read and the first books I remember falling head over heels in love with and in love with the characters I remember thinking Violet was so grown up Sleepless (Bird of Stone, eight years old and wanting to be just like her I remember adoring Sprite withverything in me I m 21 now and I don t think these books have seen a re read since I was about 7 but there s still scenes I remember with perfect clarity from the first book right through to the last Basically top notch children s literature I don t ven know if these books are still in print but I really would recommend them for young readers 5 8 maybe depending on the kid and their parents This is the series that started it all for me My love for the written word grew with very captured pixie and clever trick It s been over 14 years since I read this book and the nostalgia is overwhelming This book is magic and adventure and so sweet I was just shy of 8 when I read the series and I related so much to Violet shy of 8 when I read the series and I related so much to Violet didn t have an annoying cousin Leon though This Is The One Series I the one series I to hold onto from my childhood it might be falling apart but I m so glad I can still call it my own The adventure and xcitement are just as real now as they were 14 years ago. Have fun and play games The problem is he can trap someone into playing with him forever and ver Can Sprite and Violet beat Pix at his own gameSpecial Book of Tricks inside with StickersCover art by James Bernardin. .

This book is all about violet whom ones was playing a marble and then a toad appeared at once and take away the marble by hoppingshe tried to catch it but couldn t after that a fairy named as sprite help her to take it after a long time violet and sprite became friend and they tricked a pixie named sporty Like many others in the reviews these books are what really got me into reading I remember when my mom would read me a chapter Invisible (The Curse of Avalon every night I would sometimes read ahead when she wasn t home and not tell her because I thought it would hurt her feelings It was the first time I picked up a chapter book and read by myself Seriously a great series for any young reader i don t remember when i read this series lastit was so long ago it was my first series and i loved them SO much for young children they bring out imagination and put the right amount of adventure out I wished i had met a fairy when i was small so i could go through what violet goes through it was such an adventure fourteen fairies have beenscaped and They Are Causing Trouble In are causing trouble in so sprite a good pixie was sent to arth to tricks them all and sent back in otherworld so sprite said violet for a helpin this story they tricks Pix the. Alt cover ISBN 0439172187Violet Briggs just met someone who's really out of this world He's a fairy named Sprite and he has a huge secret Fourteen fairies scaped from the Otherworld and they're causing all kinds of. ,
Fairy who loves to play but his fun can get out of hand Now Sprite and Violet have to beat Pix at his own game or he will never go back to the Otherworld uick read Lottle too young for me Too simply written Had to force myself to finish it I like how she met the pixieA frog ate her favorite ball and hopped into the big tree And
As She Was Crying 
she was crying the pixie gave back her ball and told her about all the vil pixies let loose and how they need to bring them back I absolutely loved Pixie Tricks as a child It was one of the first books I ver really got into It was Deep Listening easy to read fun adventurous witty and I loved the characters As a little girl who doesn t love fairiesespecially mischievous fairies Plus as a bonus there are stickers inach book so you can keep track of all the fairies that were caught throughout the series I suggest this book to read on second thought it is such a simple book they could probably read it themselves to your kids younger siblings grandchildren niecesnephewsand any child with a love of books or fairies Note i accessed a digital review copy of this book through Edelweiss And so in 5 year old Cossette a baby fangirl was bornNot much to say These were the first chapt. Trouble It's up to Sprite the Pixie Tricker to catch the fairies but he chapt. Trouble It's up to Sprite the Pixie Tricker to catch the fairies but he Violet's help Will Violet and Sprite be able to trick the fairies into going home before it's too late Pix is a fairy who just wants be able to trick the fairies into going home before it's too late Pix is a fairy who just wants .
Sprite's Secret Pixie Tricks #1

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