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Yaratma Cesareti gAli Smith wordsmithAli Smith poet of hope Ali Smith magicianAli smith thereat connective The air lifts It s the scent of commencement initiation threshold The air lets you know uite ceremonially that something has changed Pr Ali Smith is our oracle Spring is the third instalment in Ali Smith s Seasonal uartet of novels which examine the current state of Britain through the lives of everyday people By writing as close to publication as possible Smith transforms your news feed into something deeply humane and essential To me they are balm for the soulA few things you might like to know about the series These books can be read in any order but the publication seuence is probably best keeping the seasons in their natural order They re not difficult books They might sound high minded with so many references to literature and art but they are very accessible I ve never read Rilke or Katherine Mansfield and only small amounts of Dickens and Shakespeare certainly not Pericles which Spring invokes and this didn t diminish my enjoyment one bit Smith is clever really clever but her intelligence is so warm and The Astral Codex generous her writing never intimidates or alienates the reader She invites us in as euals to be an active part of this project and its shining ideas They re political books but it s not the terse abstracted politics of most journalism these days Spring is compassion it is life it is the human face of political discourse the way only fiction can be It s the antidote to antipathy The four novels will form a larger work I m sure it s no accident that each of the books is divided into 3 parts just like the movements of Vivaldi s The Four Seasons Only when Summer is published next year will the full scope of this project be revealed While I ve loved all three Spring is my favourite so far In this third book Smith s techniues are honed to a fine point What appears to be a meandering narrative dovetails into a perfect story arc in the most satisfying way Every tiny detail resounds on multiple levels not least the references to poetry art depicting clouds It s a perfect metaphor with its layered evocations of spring showers cyclical Nature transience clouded as in obscured muddled or murky data clouds overhanging darkness and maybe silver liningsComparisons to Dickens are apt Each book begins with a riff on a famous Dickenisan intro and they share a playfulness with language especially names In Spring there s Florence flora spring foreign Brit Britain also brittle Paddy Ireland Alda Auld Alba Scotland Last names are important too Heal Lease new lease of life Smith forger someone who makes and repairs There are differences of course Smith dispenses with the huge casts of characters the broad caricatures the mawkish sentimentality It s not so much Dickens style but his role that Smith has adopted as a chronicler social critic and moralist wielder of words and the novel as toolvehicle for social conscienceSmith speaks withreat urgency about the moral uestions of right now while also reminding us of the Here There Be Witches grander sweep of history and that nature s clock is epochal But somehow highlighting our temporal insignificance strengthens her message of connectedness and the imperative to act Compare this to the pessimism of Richard Powers Pulitzer winning The Overstory in which our human efforts appear puny and futilitarian instead Smith s zoom out zoom in approach allows us the space to see our moment clearly In doing so she restores us to hope in hac spe vivo From the story of a dancingirl in pagan times who refuses to become a human sacrifice to a young Story of the Liberty Bell girl whose persuasive abilities verge on Jedi mind tricks from the battle of Culloden to the secret underground network known as the Auld Alliance rebellion marks every page of Spring like an explosion ofreen life breaking free of icy winter With characteristic wordplay Smith implores us to revolve We ll begin again We ll revolveYou mean we ll evolve Brit saysNo I mean revolve the Fake Mustache girl says As in revolution We ll roll forward to a new placeYou mean revolt Brit says You re talking about revoltingI mean revolve theirl saysNo you don t Brit saysI do We ll turn it round the Desert Rose and Her Highfalutin Hog girl says We ll do it all differently This book about humanising the machine reminds us that time s factory brings the renewal of spring after darkness In this hope we live I d like to apologize foriving Spring only 5 stars because this rating still fails to reflect the book s enius In the third installment of her seasonal uartet after Autumn and Winter Ali Smith writes about the human longing to be seen to have a home in the world and in other people Once again the book shines with its exuisite ability to intertwine the personal and the political to show art as life force as real as human relationships and the natural seasons and all of that is conveyed in a perfectly orchestrated story written in the most poetic powerful and innovative prose Wow Ali Smith how the hell do you achieve this Spring has two main narrative threads We meet Richard an elderly director who just lost his beloved best friend and collaborator Patricia Paddy and falls into a deep depression people who read the first two parts of the uartet should pay close attention who Richard s daughter is Feeling like he lost his emotional home and dissatisfied with his current prospects on the job market he boards a train and heads north to Scotland with no specific destination The other storyline concerns Brittany whose name refers to the French region but she is called Brit like the people living in you know Britain if you want to find out how clever this is check out the history of the French region Her naming is especially relevant considering that she works in a detention center for migrants Damn This was so ood I considering that she works in a detention center for migrants Damn This was so Hey Wait a Minute! Five Rough and Reluctant Sex Erotica Stories good I inhaled it How do I even begin to write a review for this incredible novel I am unworthy and unskilledAli Smith is aenius A creative very humane Drawing Straws genius I am absolutely blown away yet again This was magical touching surreal and so contemporary As it was the case with the previous instalments of this uartet Smith introduces the reader to another female artist who has been forgotten This time is the New Zealander writer Katherine Mansfield whom I plan to read Other famous artists are mentioned such as Rainer Maria Rilke Charlie Chaplin Beethoven and other contemporary such as Noname Florence The Machine I adore herThe way Smith interweaves the old with the new the art and the current social issues is remarkable At the core of this novel Ali Smith is in deep trouble How in the world is sheoing to top this with the next instalment of her Season s uartet This is easily the best novel I have read this year For me it is almost a masterpiece I adored Autumn and didn t think that any of the next three could be as ood I thought Winter was tremendous but still not as ood as Autumn and then Smith ives us Spring This book covers the zeitgeist of a fragile England Brexit and immigration and at times the reader feels trapped in a melancholic miasma However there is a strain of hope that courses through this miasma threatening all the time to lead the reader out to freedomRichard Lease is a director of television programs who has just lost his soulmate Paddy Paddy was his scriptwriter who he had worked with for years and he finds himself lost directionless on a sea of doubt after her death He eventually finds himself at a train station on the tracks lowering his head onto the rail before he is stopped by a young schoolgirl named Florence With Florence is a woman named Brittany Hmmmm who works as an named Florence With Florence is a woman named Brittany Hmmmm who works as an at a detention centre The reason this unlikely pair are together turns out to be that Brittany thinks that Florence is the young irl who walked into her detention centre spoke with management and somehow miraculously ot them to clean the toilets Florence has taken on a form of mystical presence for Brittany Then before Brittany realises what is happening Florence has enlisted her help to find a location on a postcard in Scotland The conversations that ensue between the two are uite brilliant they talk about borders climate change Brexit racism but it is *all hidden in metaphors and allegory Richard accompanies them on this trip *hidden in metaphors and allegory Richard accompanies them on this trip they all hitch a ride with a woman named Alda who suashes them all into the cab of her coffee truck Smith does a wonderful job with this road trip with the conversations that take place and the multiple perspectives of the four For instance one chapter may be Richards perspective of a conversation he is having with Alda and then the next chapter will jump back in time and provide the reader with the same conversation but from Brittany s perspective listening to them It works a charm All the characters as with the other characters in Autumn and Winter are such a joy to read Florence even though Richard is the central character for me is the star of the book sensationalThis is a book about politics with politics seeping into just about every story but the way Smith has written this novel you never notice you are focussed on the personal level of the current story and there are some ood ones I particularly like the one about the tribe who sacrifice a young virgin each year to compel the Elizabeth Cady Stanton gods to start the new cycle of life Hints of feminism as theirl refuses to be sacrificed Why does the sacrifice have to be a woman It could easily be argued that a man could be sacrificed in place A man s seed starts the cycle of life as well There is also a reference to a movie where the male star is remembered but nobody remembers the female leadSmith masterfully fits so much into this amazing novel There is a short chapter in there devoted to online bullying which Smith just throws in there and pulls it off I might add I admit that there are parts that I have not After the End grasped completely but will be than happy to return to it again to try tolean a deeper understanding Favourite book this year easily 5 stars With Ali Smith s final volume Summer due this week I hope for those who want to read Summer without revisiting the first three that this serves as a valuable resource The third of Ali s Smith s seasonal uartet. 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S a story There is no story He s had it with story He s removing himself from story specifically from story concerning Katherine Mansfield Rainer Maria Rilke a homeless woman he saw yesterday morning on a pavement outside the British library and over and above all the death of his friend The death of his friend refers to a long term collaborator lover and intellectual soulmate the script writer Paddy Heal he later discovers she is n e Patricia Hardiman mother of two twins the twin and the other twin and in a recent past section of the novel Spring 2018 dying of cancer The novel also takes us to the 1970s when they first met when she instantly ives him the name Doubledick which he optimistically hopes is sexual innuendo but actually a reference to the Dickens s The Story of Richard Doubledick We also learn that Lease s wife disappeared from his life in February 1987 taking his 2 year old daughter with her and throughout the novel Richard maintains a dialogue with his imaginary daughter the person he thinks she may have Nightbane World Book One grew up to be continuing a suggestion made by Paddy that he visits places egalleries to which he might have taken his daughter In one such The All New Jonah Twist gallery he encounters the work of Tacita Dean including her stunning The Montafon Letter and she is the novel s foundation female artist albeit here her work rather than her life is key A view of the Highland mountains that recalled Dean s art is what prompted Richard toet off the train at that particular station rather than travel all the way to Inverness The dying Paddy and Richard discuss a project on which he has been asked to work with a rather less skilled writer Martin Twerp based on a novel April by Bella Powell literary he says Second novel by Nella something Bella A lot of language Not much happens This fictitious novel is based on the real life coincidence of Katherine Mansfield and Rainer Maria Rilke both being in possibly the same hotel in Switzerland in 1922 unknown to each other 1922 is of course as Paddy proclaims famous as the Year when anything in literature fractured Fell to pieces On Margate Sands the last a reference to TS Eliot s The Wasteland But Smith chooses to focus on the outliers of the modernist revolution Mansfield and Rilke The stories Mansfield wrote in Switzerland were her best And him about to finish the Elegies write the Orpheus poems the seminal remakers of forms they were using There in the same room at the same time And what they write it changes everything They break the mould They re the modern The likes of Zola and Dickens pass the baton to Mansfield and Rilke the two reat homeless writers the reat outliers Mansfield s letters play an important role The one that opens my review is not uoted in the novel but a line from another forms one of the novel s epigraph a letter found unsent in her blotter on her death in January 1923 and assumed to be written days before I am looking for signs of spring already Her words are consciously echoed by the dying Paddy to Richard The simple flowers of our spring are what I want to see again she says Both fail to live long enough to fulfil their Legon Ascension (Legon Series goal Paddy dying in August 2019 And Richard himself has an erotic dream inspired bizarrely by another letter from Mansfield this one to William Gerhardi an aspiring author 1922 is also when Michael Collins was killed and PaddySmith point out the obvious parallels of the political developments of the time to Spring 2019 with the Brexit deal mired in the Irish border backstop Ireland in uproar Brand new union Brand new border Brand new ancient Irish civil unrest Don t tell me this isn t relevant One of Paddy and Richard s most successful collaborations was on a film called Andy Hoffnung the title coming from a comic misunderstanding when a stranger sitting next to Paddy at a Beethoven concern seemed to utter those words which she assumed was his name but which was actually a reference to the piece An Die Hoffnung Those words of course have echoes of Pericles motto in the Shakespeare play a key foundation text for the novel and also uoted in the epigraph He seems to be a stranger but his present isA withered branch that s onlyreen at topThe motto In hac spe vivo Paddy never does find the stranger s name but retains a lifelong love of Charlie Chaplin inspired by his enthusiastic advocacy when they PMS go for a drink afterwards But the reader recognises him as Daniel Gluck from Autumn and Winter The above narrativeradually explains Richard s opening remarks his despair a combination of an absent daughter a dead soul mate and lover and indeed Twerp s proposed treatment of April that turns Mansfield and Rilke s lack of an encounter and its artistic significance into a tawdry TV bonkbuster The second strand of the novel starts around the same time with Brittany abbreviated to Brit Hall an employee of the ubiuitous SA4A working as an detainee custody officer in a needlessly high security Immigration Removal Centre I m a DCO at one of the IRCs employed by the private security firm SA4A who on behalf of the HO run the Spring the Field the Worth the Valley the Oak the Berry the Garland the Grove the Meander the Wood and one or two others too she said We also meet Brit s rather dotty mother although wedded not to junk TV as in the euivalent characters in Autumn and Winter although we do later The Two of Swords get some The Apprentice bashing but now in a reflection of the times to the 24 hour news channel I wonder what will happen now her constant refrain as she watches the unfolding developments entranced The Centre is visited by a mysterious 12 year oldirl Florence of non British descent indeed possibly the daughter of an immigrant held there She is verbally elouent intellectually precocious and mysteriously able to bend others Derren Brown style to her will a sort of cross between Elisabeth from Autumn and Lux from Winter An odd rumour has it that she was able to walk into a seedy and dangerous brothel and persuade the male customers of the error of their ways Sinfully Damaged (Master Mistress, giving us another clue that the foundational Shakespeare play here is Pericles this episode echoing Marina s time in the brothel in Mytilene Another clue is the motto on her school blazer Vivunt Spe More relevantly for the plot she has a similarly transformative effect when she somehow makes it to the office of the director of the Wood embarrassing him into at least having the facility thoroughly cleaned after asking him a series of pointed uestions I am a twelve year oldirl asking you uestions I am way old enough to read and comprehend books and things published on the net and I ve been reading up a lot about these things partly because they touch my life personally but also because I am curious about them anyway and some of the things I ve read made me want to ask some uestions to the people responsible and you are one of those people On a personal note I am ABCs of Baseball going to hope or pretend that passage may have been inspired by an encounter when my 9 year old daughter asked Ali Smith how Autumn would have differed had the UK voted Remain Magically Florences persuades Brit against her will and political instinct to team up with her Florence and the Machine and travel with her to Scotland as she is like Richard mysterious drawn to Kingussie station in her case prompted by a postcard Postcards also play a rather key role in the plot as indeed they did in the writing careers of Mansfield and Rilke The postcards this time don t include a print of Boubat s Girl in Leaf Dress the key link between Autumn and Winter but that doeset an implicit mention in a comment on refugees Children with clothes as ragged as suits of old leaves Kingussie is known for the MacKenzie Fountain Outside there is a humourous encounter reminiscent of the Post Office photo saga but this time with a coffee van run by the town librarian Alda Lyons which turns out to be a pseudonym based on Auld Alliance and inspired by the be a pseudonym based on Auld Alliance and inspired by the Hoffnung film The coffee and lemonade van appears to have neither beverage nor indeed anything else an echo of the over catchy Duck Song except here it s the lemonade stall owner who is infuriating And the four embark on a road trip to Inverness and Culloden together which enables SmithLyons to educate us about the enclosure of the common lands and the almost ethnic cleansing of the Highland Clearances in the aftermath of CullodenIt wouldn t be a Smith novel without interspersed present day politics although Trump and his fellows are mentioned but largely off screen uite deliberately so as Richard refuses to speak of them never do anything a demagogue narcissist might Long For Us To for us to And indeed there is an underlying sense of optimism this too shall pass Spring arriving after Winter that these disruptive figures will ultimately o the way of all flesh It ll melt away like snow in MayThe end of the novel jumps back and forth between October 2018 and spring 2019 although without attempting to forecast how Brexit might have one The Pericles link might hint that Florence may prove to be Richard s long lost daughter but the ages doesn t match up his daughter would be in her mid 30s Another *Clue To Her Identity *to her identity first name is Elisabeth and she using her mother s maiden name has an unusual surname she may well have been hiding in plain sight to the reader at least but in another season all along Pleasingly a full house on my Ali Smith bingo cardalbeit with a stretch for the compulsory Wimbledon link I could claim the Smith Sumi encounter above or perhaps that another of Mansfield s letter inspired the title of this poem made blueprints nearly built a wholeworld all churches and cafes like inWimbledon Village like we always dreamedwe always dreamed but i couldn t do it aloneBut some uestions where help would be appreciated the significance of Paddy s maiden name Patricia Hardiman the Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too! girl who is looking at the Montafon letter artwork in theallery was this a scene from a previous novel the postcard that led Florence to Scotland the ingredients for my mother s soup in Tesco the Rise my Daughter Above notebook Florence and the dedication from her mother And 5 stars for another wonderful novel I can t wait for Summer 2020. 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After Autumn and Winter A book I started at the beginning of Spring in the UK and finished 24 hours later at the beginning of Autumn in Australia Interestingly at one point Richard r Ah you re reading the book with the Hockney tree image again The branches have lots of new leaves I see Yes yes YES This is the third book in the series I m very excited Can t turn the pages fast enough Slow down no need to rush No one s calling Time No one s saying Read up Read up You re right you re right I need to be calm and savor every budding idea every blossoming image That s it nice and easy It s only early April after all And you have so many other books on your book pile Eliot Tokarczuk Ovid How s Metamorphoses If the Magic Fits (100 Dresses, going by the way Too MeToo for me Too many rich dicks manipulating the powerless Think of Philomel And too many changed women Think of Daphne I love trees and leaves but to be detained inside a tree for ever Not even a Hockney tree would make that ok And what about Eliot and Tokarczuk Madame Sosostris meets Blind Teresias meets Cassandra That describes my book pile right now It s as if all four books I m reading are linked Ah April is the cruellest month Too many books not enough time Not enough time to slow read to deep think to follow the links especially betweenTokarczukand I didn t catch what you said there I was just musing to myself about Ali Smith and Olga Tokarczuk two powerful twenty first century writers who share their year of birth 1962 But they share than that their themes and writing styles overlap uite a bit though they haven t met as far as I know There s always absence in their work missing things unsaid things the neighborone but where the man with the hollow core the hole in the tree trunk the bite out of the piece of chocolate loose button holes people imported exported pulled and pushed across borders missing persons persons missing I feel the weight of the untold in their work like pain in an amputated limb Why do you always live books so intensely If a character has a certain dream you have the dream too Your reading skin s too thin Is there nothing in your head but I know I know O o o books morph in my mind like in that old Shakespearian rag Orpheus with his lute made trees and the mountain tops that freeze Tell you what You need to do something different maybe watch a movie Reading these books is like watching a movie I feel I m the camera that I have a birds eye view I m flying high over Eliot s Wasteland clods of cloud floating by full of all the deleted stuff in the world photos documents lost people forgotten verses Frisch weht der Wind Der Heimat zu Mein Irisch Kind Wo weilest du Sounds like you re high alright Have you been eating magic mushrooms Not mushrooms just air and water up here Though air and water like mushrooms can mean different things to different people Depends on whether you re imprisoned or free living or dying Somehow you ve ot me thinking of death by water You always mess with my head when we discuss Ali Smith And this Tokar chick s just as bad Oh yes Olga Tokarczuk deals with ways of dying too Her work and Ali Smith s intersect in so many areas cloud photography heroes who are humble folk humanitarian causes morphing with fairy tales malefemale Agnis and Aldas merging like day and night orange post nuclear wastelands with no seasons Yea even unto the bones of the dead Cheerful stuff no doubt about it Ah but there s light peeping out from behind the dark clouds Do you know what the most important element that unites these two writers is Tell me Both are dedicated to Hope my English breath in foreign clouds by Tacita Dean Artist Ali Smith has set herself the task of writing these four seasonal novels uickly To help achieve this she uses the same scaffolding in each of them She begins with *a play on the opening line of various *play on the opening line of various Dickens works the reat British critic of social injustice She Decadent (Wicked Lovers ghosts in a Shakespeare play someonesomething all us Brits can all be proud of In each book she offsets the present day with a distant decade of the 20th century She incorporates into each book a sinisterovernmental corporation SA4A And she filters in the works of a relatively unknown female British artist In Spring she calls upon the photographer Tacita Dean But here she also drafts in as artists in residence Katherine Mansfield and Rainer Maria Rilke I haven t read the letters of many authors In fact apart from Kafka s letters to Milena and Virginia Woolf s letters the only books of collected letters I ve ever read have been Mansfield s and Rilke s I lived next door to Rilke s brief home in Florence for a while and so was very curious about him Both have a special place in my heart So this should have been exciting Instead I found the role Mansfield and Rilke were called upon to play in this novel When Digital Becomes Human gratuitously madcap and dissatisfying Ultimately Mansfield and Rilke are called upon to represent the 1920s and mock the sensationalist nature of modern television productions The lead character in the early part of the novel is a filmmaker and called upon to make a film about a non existent love affair between Mansfield and Rilke Smith has fun mocking contemporary TV but there s the implication that television used to be challenging and sophisticated a premise that is dubious at best and ironically saddles Smith with a form of the make believeood old days nostalgia that prompted so many ageing Brits to vote for Brexit When at one point the scriptwriter maintains the irish problem has to feature in the Irish problem has to feature in film about a 1920 s meeting of Mansfield and Rilke my eyebrow lifted in further bafflement Mansfield and Rilke after all have no connection to Ireland than they do to Iran or Kenya Ultimately I felt Mansfield is too close to Smith to play such a bit role Mansfield like Smith continually sought a lost innocence in her work Like Smith she saw the ood in people and cleverly juxtaposed it with the corruption of daily life Though Mansfield rarely if ever mentioned the first world war it was ever present in her work as a kind of impassable divide She was raging against it much as Smith rages against the machinery of modern lifeThankfully the second half of Spring was much coherent and engaging Smith s rage now comes to the fore We re introduced to Brit and her pernicious indifference to the inhumane treatment of the refugees she oversees every day in a detainment institution If Smith s depiction of how these people are treated is accurate and there s every reason to believe it is it s the kind of state apparatus the Nazis wouldn t disdain Smith deploys another of her magical females Florence in this case to argue with Brit I m not sure I entirely understood the BritFlorence dynamic Usually Smith s innocents help the understood the BritFlorence dynamic Usually Smith s innocents help the see the errors of their ways In this case Brit just carries on regardless which made the ending for me a bit of a juiceless lemon There s a sense that Brexit and the various cans of worms it opened was the best ift Ali Smith as a novelist was ever De-cluttering Your Closet given It siven her preoccupation with the corruption of innocence an entire nation as a stage For me Brexit has flung open shutters on how much there is to be ashamed about in our country in the 21st country Therefore I m thankful to Ali Smith not only for addressing these ills but also reminding me how much there is to celebrate in life and take optimism from 42 stars For me better than Winter but Autumn is still my favourite Structurally it was the most cohesively clever But I m looking forward to reading them consecutively to see how much I ve missed Another near masterpiece from Ali Smith s seasonal uartet in some ways I think this one is the best yet Once again she weaves a number of strands in a way which can seem almost random but the further you De Brandende Brug (De Grijze Jager, get into the uartet the the whole seems planned and everything is there for a reason I am notoing to write a long detailed review I recommend these from Gumble s Yard and Paul Update 11 April I also recommend these from Neil and Jonathan This time the foreground story has two main parts Richard is a TV producer best known for his BBC Plays for Today in the 70s which were written by his friend Paddy Patricia who has recently died Paddy is a wonderful creation erudite and perceptive Richard has been asked to produce a sexed up travesty adapting a novel set in Switzerland in the 1920s about Katherine Mansfield and Rainer Maria Rilke who lived there at the same time but probably never met incidentally Mansfield was also the subject of a story in Public Library and Other Stories so the links with Smith s earlier work Humanizing Big Data go further than the earlier books in the uartet Paddy explains the various reasons why the adaptation is risible nonsense and Richard attempts to escape the project After her death he takes a train to Scotlandetting off the train at Kingussie on a whim view spoilerThis section ends with Richard s attempted suicide by lying in front of a train from which he is rescued by a young Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, girl hide spoiler I shall belad though when Spring comes Winter is a difficult time A letter in 1922 from Katherine Mansfield to LM Lesley Moore her nickname for Ida Baker her companion and confidant Spring is the brilliant 3rd instalment of Ali Smith s seasonal uartet and comes with the usual beautiful wrapper on the cover featuring a picture from David Hockney s The Arrival of Spring Mess up my climate I ll fuck with your lives Your lives are a nothing to me I ll yank daffodils out of the Scoring Points ground in December I ll block up your front door in April with snow and blow down the tree so it cracks your roof open I ll carpet your house with the river But I ll be the reason your own sap s reviving I ll mainline the light to your veins After a trademark Smith prelude about the state of 2019 politics including the death and rape threats to female MPs the first strand of the novel opens in October 2018 with a film and TV producer Richard Lease sitting in a deserted Scottish rural railway station having decided to to walk away from his office and travel from London Kings X to Inverness the furthest a train from here too Why is he hereThat s the wrong kind of uestion It implies there. 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